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  2. Why would you want to buy a console for one game? You can't be in a situation where you a) have to think about spending your ressources and b) not having better places to spend them. Do not buy a Switch for a single game, that is kinda pointless. Save the money, buy the Dishwasher you rather need or buy yourself something you can enjoy longer. That said, there are some very good recommendations for the switch in this thread already, if you would inform yourself and consider that you could have more enjoy other games on the console, it is well worth a purchase.
  3. Due to the Genealogy influence, having Crests helds only by ennemies wouldn't be surprising. As for Anna, she may still ends up being a DLC character.
  4. Wolf sister is the final evolution of older dogsister and only get 10 speed. Younger catsister can evolve in god catsister for 100 speed. Man, Elona was weird as hell!
  5. I'm still optimistic but that was a negative moment for sure. Not that it matters, i have yet to resist playing a FE game *shrug* I Agree that the World Building looks way better and that it's not too cheesy. I'm starting to get too old for enjoying school settings *sigh*
  6. Maybe the Engadget one? They mentioned Fates a few times.
  7. But here is the thing, I really Like Gilbert as a choice. Linhardt is a complete no-no and Alois is a mixed bag (that mustache is just a bit too ridiculous, and he has such a Round face...) for me. (EDIT: in fact Dedue would most likely be the only other option i would be interested in...) Regardless of what is said, this is simply a matter of perception. I do not like, in the least, feminine men (Claude is someone I would not touch with a ten foot pole for example) when it comes to attraction. It's fine if you think differently but you (as in the people who are outraged about this) know people with different taste exist, right? A really wierd kind of "diversity" people are advocating for here.
  8. And the crest skill could be luck√ó2=percentage of getting 300G But who knows. Maybe some crest bearers are not playable at all
  9. He likely has a personal "Great Lord" masterclass that uses a Wyvern if the thani leaks are to be believed. May not have to worry about Lances at all.
  10. Lethe is best furry girl Lethe is a cat girl Lethe is not a wolf girl Therefore cat girls are better then wolf girls I win.
  11. What's the problem? Buy a Switch with Fire Emblem, enjoy the game, sell both the console and the game when you are "full". Nintendo products rarely go down much in price over time, so you will still get back most of the money you spent. Alternatively think about other games you might enjoy. If you are into turn based strategy games (so, similar to FE) there is a lot to choose from on Switch. Valkyria Chronicles, Into the Breach, Wargroove, the upcoming Mutant: Year Zero to name a few.
  12. I think her crest could be the Crest of Ploutus, because Anna loves money and wealth lol
  13. So the voice actors are slowly coming out of the woodwork today. Any word on Ashe?
  14. Yeah, tbh i only see complaints because Gilbert. Lets all hope for a support patch on the m!m house
  15. Anna having a crest would be neat since we don't know what the one on her outfit is at all but would be a waste if we can't see it in action.
  16. @XRaylets not forget that most people have now lvl 5 Defense fortresses, so it isnt as easy to fly by without the proper setup. Unmerged Vantage Reinhardt might have worked before excellent, and prolly still works. But lvl 5 offense vs lvl 4 defense fortress meant you basicly could run unmerged units that had basicly almost +10 merge stat bonuses (- the HP). Also more and more people are jumping on the panic-bandwagon and outfiting either a Healer with panic or placing their panic manor in such a way that sitting there with a Bladetome Vantage units means you get eaten by Panic and die. In that regard one has to either upgrade their unit (more cost involved) or change their gameplan when almost everyone is running lvl 5 Defense fortress. Since Sharena reruns alot in AR it is in my eyes more cost effectiv to invest into her with proper support instead of +10 merge units. She shuts down alot of defense gameplans, especially with Null Follow up or Null C-Disrupt and her Refine.
  17. I think it would have been best if Gilbert was replaced by someone like Sylvain or Dedue. That way you get a more broad range of guys. You then get the skinny girly kind of guy in Linhard, the though muscled young guy in Dedue or Sylvain and then the mature guy with facial guy in Alois. That way fans of every stripe get someone that caters to their tastes.
  18. Today
  19. Have you? Because all your posts read like your primary sources are hot take youtube video essays.
  20. The fact that I even remembered she existed surprised me. I'm.... I'm going to just keep out of this debate. Good thing I'm not modding, I just know I'd have been "no fun allowed" by no.
  21. Wow. This is genuinely amazing! 9.5/10 Megadimension Neptunia VII - Encounter of Destiny
  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBLdQ1a4-JI
  23. I can understand why Linhardt and Alois. But i think people would complain way less, if theyd switch Gilbert with a Student, doesnt matter if itd be Claude, Raphael, Fernand, Ashe or Iggy, as examples.
  24. A lot units need modifications to their vanilla kit to be competitive. Players will pull for skill fodder for their favorite units, so I think asking them to pull for skill fodder for game progression is not unreasonable. If skipping banners does not take discipline and normal players do not merge 5* exclusive units to +10, then players should have no excuse about premium skills being difficult to obtain. The game literally provides 250+ low effort free Orbs at us every month. The whole point of the Sharena super tank strategy is to be brain dead easy to use and cheap. Using any other unit would either increase the cost or be more difficult to use, which I will detail below. The issue I am addressing is the frustration players have with the mode and that some players want to progress to Tier 21 without spending a fortune. 80,000 Hero Feathers, 600 Divine Dew, and enough Orbs to summon two 5* exclusive units is the total amount to outfit an entire team, and as far as I know, there is not anything cheaper. Investing that amount will mean the player can reach Tier 21 relatively stress free. If the player is really short on Orbs, then the player can either run Nowi instead of Sharena or run a third M!Corrin instead of a second Eir, but that means other costs will go up and it might not be as stress free to use. If you have a cheaper net spend, then show it to me. Counter-Vantage Reinhardt is not cheap. 85 Atk is nice, but that is the bare minimum for Counter-Vantage units and 85 Atk is not enough to reliably defeat bulky units; 40,000 Feathers is not really going to cut it in my opinion with the high bulk of a lot of units. You also need to factor in the cost of Reinhardt's teammates. I think DehNutCase is the one who came up with Counter-Vantage Reinhardt, and he is also the one that introduced me to the super tank team idea of 2 M!Corrins and 2 Eirs, although the original idea used FV!F!Robin as the super tank because she was the Legendary Hero on rotation at the time. The post is getting kind of long, so I hope the spoilers makes it easier to read. Here is a break down of the cost (80,000 Feathers, 600 Dew, and ~300 Orbs) in relation to income: Why I recommend the units I recommend:
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