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  2. i just want to now what people think of dew . i think he's bad because after chapter 1 there are a lot of swords and lances
  3. Free pull on revival 2 is a 4* Silvia. Meanwhile, on the refining banner, I got a 3* Stahl.
  4. he probably the worst lord because he can't get through own game in one piece
  5. Oh yeah you’re right I checked again and I thought I saw him equip it but I was wrong. I’d still say it’s pretty probable
  6. Due to the fact that a Rolf x Elincia (and then Mia) smutfic exists, i'd assume Ike x Mist exists too. Seriously, WTF INTERNET? Why is Rolf so adorable?
  7. Not that I care about using the term "lolicon" in the first place. It's just a euphemism for pedophilia. That's it.
  8. Do we? Dedue changes shields, but I can't see anything on Ignatz...
  9. you can't really ask for general opinions, and then pretend that people won't express their thoughts. might as well change the thread title and make it only for loli-lovers.
  10. I didn't know about talents at the time, I'll try it out. If you marry Corrin with troubadour to someone, thats a bonus character with troubadour. Maybe later I'll try to create some other mono armies (Probably gonna be terrible tho)
  11. On the topic of reclassing, is there a way to get any unit to any class (that has supports) excluding special classes? If you want a skill on a unit, do you have to get it from the logbook or is there an easy way outside of A+ and S supports that I don't know of?
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  13. I mean, by hacking I just meant powersave, and I probably wouldn't even have been able to kill Garon on any higher difficulty, since this is my first FE game and I play Normal Casual. Next time I play through Birthright, I'll make an effort do beat Garon early to see if it is possible for me to do it. Also, since Birthright was the easiest of the three routes, of course Xander's chapter can easily be finished in one turn even without Corrin, because of locktouch. It would be so much more interesting if Xander was stronger in that chapter and you had to go all the way around and beat his retainers to enter the room and beat Xander. But the game is not going to get anymore changes at this point, so Xander's chapter will remain a one-turn chapter forever. But I really should have mentioned the hacking.
  14. In general I neither like or dislike loli's. I nothing loli's. Characters being a loli never interested me, I'm far more interested if they are a good loli or if they are handled tastefully. I really like both Sakura and Nino but I like them as good characters who just happen to be loli's. I do think this can be something of a weak link in Fire Emblem. A lot of times the loli's very easily fall into classical loli archetypes in ways the shota's typically don't. The shy one, the childish one, the overly happy one, the bratty one. In general I think the writing team might rely a little bit on the popularity of these character type carrying the characters. There is a little bit of an elephant in the room when it comes to loli's in Fire Emblem, namely that some of them run around half naked and can get babies. Things like that kind of taint the archetype as a whole which is probably why wedding Sanaki got more flack than she might have gotten if the archetype had been used a bit more tastefully before. But these scenario's should be really easy to avoid. There's a reason why Lissa getting a son was fine but Elise and Sakura getting kids being problematic. Lissa doesn't actually get pregnant as a loli but the little sisters do. Likewise the devs telling the character designer to put Nowi in some clothes would make that less awkward for people. As for Sothis. I'm not bothered by her being a dragon loli. At this point I would be far more shocked by the absence of one then their inclusion. Her resemblance to Tiki shouldn't be a problem either since Fire Emblem has always recycled archetypes. Gerik looks like Ogma and Eldigan looks like Camus. It comes with being in an archetype.
  15. Hong Kong for the past week is protesting Chinese interference and encroachment. During the British hand over of Hong Kong to China in 1997, Hong Kong was guaranteed to keep its system of democratic government for the next 50 years, so they coin the term "One Country Two [political] Systems" to describe the difference in governance between high autonomy areas and low autonomy areas. Basically, unlike Chinese citizens, Hong Kongers in general have about the same rights as those in Western democracies, but one of the most important differences is that they cannot choose their leaders (Beijing chooses for them), which means there is practically no effective mechanism to prevent an erosion of democracy inside the government. To further undermine Hong Kong's autonomy and end One Country Two Systems, the pro-Beijing leader recently is trying to get an extradition law passed that can be abused by Beijing to extradite political dissidents from Hong Kong to China to be tried under opaque Chinese courts, and this extradition bill is what lead to recent protests. The Hong Kong government is essentially representing a foreign power rather than representing the local populace.
  16. With one of the primary characters in three houses being what many would consider a loli, this has lead to some backlash by some members of the fanbase, now, I personally like lolis and am appreciative to see one in a major role since sacred stones and I also think that sothis is shaping up to be a rather intresting character so far. So, I guess where I am going with this this question, why do you hate or love lolis and how would you change them to make them better in a general sense? Also, please refrain from the mention of lolicon and removal from the series outright, this adds nothing to the discussion, also don't forget to be respectful I know that this can be a touchy subject with numerous opinions on it. For me, while I like lolis, I do get a bit annoyed that there is always such a dependence on tiki which leads to reused designs and personalities, despite the fact that sothis look to be a real deviation from a typical loli, her design is still very close to tiki especially given that she uses a similar palette.
  17. Although unleashing all that power at once means they can often avoid eating any counters. And 40 attack is enough to down most level 1 units at full HP.
  18. For a split second after Ignatz steals tge shield, you can see it on his model so yes I’m pretty sure they will
  19. Oh god I hope my luck doesn't go sour in Lucina's banner in now four weeks time. The revival banner netted me fodder and the new power a five star Oscar for my free pull with completely neutral IVs. I'm not going to complain, I'll take it, just please, please don't fuck with my luck for the Lucina banner, PLEASE!
  20. rincess Zelda's new hair style
  21. Got jebaited into trying for Elincia with 8 orbs, since I wasn't about to split the 3 reds offered. 4* Athena 4* Hana 3* Chrom Onto the weekly, don't care so much for this one, I never use my Celica and Delthea, and while I have no Genny, she'd just be barracks clutter (since I wouldn't fodder my only copy). Moot point, 3 reds and 2 greens. 4* Lon'qu On the one hand, I feel bad for spending orbs when I should be saving. On the other hand, all this saving is starting to get depressing because it essentially is the act of voluntarily opting out of the only part of the game I can still enjoy. Tricky decisions.
  22. I have the American one preordered. This release is something I’m really hyped for and I generally don’t allow myself to splurge on special editions. I really wanted the art book and CD, plus that sweet steelbook case. Calendar is ehhhh but that’s fine.
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