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  1. My players cannot shut down an encounter in one or two rounds though, and I often utilize enemy reinforcements, so the party have to be careful with resource management and going nova accordingly. A lot of GMs say they balance their encounters, but they do not actually balance their encounters during combat when it needs balancing intervention the most. I guess since I come from Fire Emblem and played a lot of Left 4 Dead, using reinforcements feels natural to me, and balancing an encounter as it happens is far easier than trying to balance an encounter before it happens. And what makes L4D particularly satisfying across all difficulty levels is that the AI Director does not just generate a map and randomize zombie placement before play, the AID also actively reacts to the players as they play, and the AID intervenes during play with special zombie spawns and item spawns to further balance the game to make the game feel like the right difficulty. The old Surprise rule will always be there though. Unless you are playing AL where you have to follow all errata and updates, if you are at your own table, all the old rules are still available to you along with the new rules, and nothing is cut unless you decide to cut them.
  2. The old Assassin will still work with the new Surprise rule, since Surprised enemies will likely have not taken a turn yet with disadvantage on initiative rolls, it just might not work as well since Surprised enemies with disadvantage can still potentially roll a higher initiative and take a turn before the Assassin. And the new Assassin will work even better with the old Surprise rule, since Surprised enemies skip their first turn entirely. Personally, I like the idea of running both Surprise rules in tandem, as it makes Surprise more enticing to plan for and set up. While there are a lot of spells that are being reworked, there is nothing wrong with having both old and new versions of the spell being available at the same time and treat them as different spells. My players have not made any gish characters yet, but if they did, I would let them pick either the pre-errata Green Flame Blade/Booming Blade or the post-errata one (I imagine most would pick the old one as it is just better). Old content definitely work with new content, or at least with the stuff in the YouTube videos so far, and I am not sure why people see old and new content as an either/or thing when we can have both at the same time. ¿Por qué no los dos? As a GM, I paid for all the books, so you can bet my ass I and my players will use as many options as we can, or at least all the fun options (we ignored the boring logistics rules like life style expenses, food and water, etc.). Hell, Wizards even said in the DMG that GMs are referrees and we can change rules as we see fit, so I am definitely utilizing rule zero to the fullest extent and milk every ounce of fun out of all the rules, options, and books I paid for.
  3. Yeah, I agree I do not see any compatibility issues in the YouTube videos so far. They have not really done anything to the core mechanics, so I do not see any compatibility issues with mixing and matching old and new stuff. All the new stuff just gives players more options. It is basically just 12 new Optional Class Features, or 12 new classes. The most notable change is Surprise, with the old rule have Surprised enemies skip their first turn, while the new rule gives advantage/disadvantage on initiative checks. Since the old and new Surprise rules do not mechanically interfere with each other, you can even use both Surprised rules at the same time too if you cannot decide one which to choose, which is pretty neat.
  4. I wonder how they will handle the Wish-Simulacrum wombo-combo. You can already spam Wish with Epic Heroism rest along with Spell Recall and High Magic, but Wish-Simulacrum takes into a whole other level by offloading the risk to the Simulacrum, and you can spam Wish without needing Epic Heroism rest.
  5. I am just wondering if there is a lot of overlap between fans of Fire Emblem and fans of D&D. If you thought Fire Emblem is niche, D&D is way more niche. I have not met a lot of people who play Fire Emblem, but I met even less people who play the table top role playing game D&D. I have met only two people who played D&D that I have not personally introduced D&D to; the first person I met talked about D&D at work, and then I read about D&D and got into it; the second person is another coworker at a different company, and we have similar hobbies and interest. I think it will also be interesting to talk about D&D in a non-D&D forum/social media/community. I think it might be interesting to have a more outside perspective. And for those who are into D&D, how do you feel about the new core rulebooks? I feel happy about them, but I do not feel the same excitement that others feel. I mean, I do feel a little excited, but that amount of excitement is about the same as I have for supplement books that regularly come out. There are a lot of new additions and changes, but it still feels very samey. Maybe it is because I am a game master so I read a lot more D&D books and am more familiar with the variety of variant rules, so all the new stuff in the Player's Handbook (PHB) feels pretty peanuts in comparison. Maybe I will feel more excited when they talk more about the new Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG) after the PHB releases.
  6. Huh. Both Krises got the exact same Weapon, just in a different Weapon class. Feels like they should have both gotten the Refine at the same time to speed things up. If I recall correctly, both Robins got their Refines at the same time.
  7. Has Celica: Of Echoes made Aether Raids more difficult? Super tanking seems really risky since she can warp to your back line. Save tanking is not always viable either since Embla can shut it down.
  8. Yep! Emblem Engages work just like Sacred Seals, so you can lock them into a team, and then switch Engages right afterwards, but the locked team will still have it. Very useful for Arena Assault, and I think Aether Raids too.
  9. Having high stats is definitely nice, especially for Galeforce Dancers/Singers, but they do not need combat performance. Old Dancers/Singers might not have the stats, but they still got the slots to run modern skills. Personally, I value skill slots a little more than stats since providing support is their main job. I want all Dancers/Singers to be in the game. I want all games to have at least three Dancers/Singers. Makes it easier to tackle PvE content, and gives people more options in PvP content too. My dream unit would be a Dancer/Singer with Galeforce on all their skill slots.
  10. Awakening already got four Dancers. I mean, more is always nice, but she is pretty normal, compared to the Dancers from Heroes. I do not think any game is lacking Dancers/Singers right now except TMS who got none. Shadow Dragon, Sacred Stones, and Engage only got one Dancer/Sing each, so they need a Dancer/Singer more than Awakening does. Echoes, Binding Blade, and Path of Radiance got only two Dancers/Singers, so they should get another one too.
  11. Olivia: Wavecrest Dancer seems pretty tame. She does not have an exclusive Weapon, and as a colorless tome unit, she does not have a lot of options for Inheritance either. She is kind of gimped in that regard. Gullveig: Glittering Sunlight is a nice triple Galeforce queen.
  12. I was browsing Reddit yesterday and I thought I came across leaked screenshots of a new Fire Emblem game. My excitement quickly died a little when I looked closer and realized it is anime movie about the Lord of the Rings. I am still excited since Lord of the Rings is cool and the art looks really nice, but yeah, I would have been more excited if it was a movie about Fire Emblem. Haha. But seriously, the art style is so remininscent of Fire Emblem it is uncanny. https://www.reddit.com/r/lotr/comments/1ddhw8w/three_images_from_the_war_of_the_rohirrim/
  13. It is a bit of a stretch, but it would be nice if they can do some re-Refines too. Oboro's Spear is not going to make a dent in armor units these days with armor effectiveness alone, and that Close Def is not going to save her either; unconditional all stat+6 and flat damage reduction will help with survivability in general, and armor effectiveness with Scowl should help her deal damage against them. Stahl's Panther Sword and Sully's Bull Spear could definitely be upgraded, like having Cancel Affinity, inflict Triangle Adept on foe before combat, and Meister effect if there is any ally within two spaces.
  14. Sharena: Pillars of Peace and Lapis: Mighty Bride are great for Galeforce teams and compliment Galeforcing Edelgards very well. I think Sharena: Pillars of Peace is the undisputed Galeforce queen now, since she got two non-Special Galeforces on C and Duo, more than the one non-Special Galeforce that Edelgards' typically have. Edelgards' Galeforces are a little easier to trigger though, since they do not have any conditions.
  15. With the recent release of Gambit, Magic Gambit, and Laguz Friend, while you still ideally want to trigger Specials as often as possible, these new skills allow your units to be less reliant on Special triggers for performance. Gambit and Magic Gambit work best with high cooldown Specials, and ideally, you do not want the unit to have Slaying effect on their Weapon since it reduces the effect of those two skills. Even better, or at least alternatively, you want the unit to have Blade tome's and Lightning Breath's effect that slows Special trigger, so instead of Aether, you can run Ignis or Glacies that can deal more damage when they do trigger (and also assuming the unit has enough Def/Res for that). However, the main issue with that is that those are the only two categories of Weapons that slows Special triggers, and both are quite outdated now. Blade tomes are nice, but raw power alone is not enough these days, and units with exclusive Blade tomes lost the effect that slows Special trigger, and their Def/Res are not particularly high either to take full advantage of Ignis and Glacies. I think Nowi is the only Hero with an exclusive Weapon that slows Special trigger, but there is no Dragon Gambit yet for her yet, and even if there is, her exclusive Weapon is pretty dated by now, and she will probably be better off running an Arcane Weapon with Dragon Wrath to simulate Gambit.
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