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  1. On the one hand, I want grail casting so I can burn embers. On the other hand, I'm not looking forward to rolling FP gacha like crazy to get servant coins, which is going to be a massive chore. (Should've rolled a bunch on Nobukatsu for coins, maybe, but I was too lazy.)
  2. Grail Front was quite fun, and it kind of plays like an actual board game. Kind of wish it was more obvious what you needed to do to field multiple servants (or at least told you beforehand which servants would participate if you started a fight), but I guess since there's not many maps it'd be kind of a waste of time to give a tutorial on mechanics.
  3. Murasaki ended up steam rolling the new CQ thanks to Castoria letting her loop. Turns out a spammable AoE buff block is kind of stupid good. I should really get her NP2 one of these days.
  4. Archuria finally got a rerun, so I just need to wait two years to get her at NP6... On the plus side, at least I can stop rolling on her banners during lucky bags.
  5. I think I'm going to pull on the July 2018 - June 2019 banner for the small chance at NP6 SS Artoria... The things the new append skills make me want to do. Anni synching up with Fourth of July is pretty neat, though, since google play is doing a x4 point thing for it, which is basically 4% off.
  6. Erice's first NP during the CQ insta-killed both of my wavers . Also, bringing ST sabers into the fight was hell, but fortunately after the first NP she didn't proc any more instant kills, so I slowly whittled her down. (It helped that turn 15 or smth was her first NP, since double waver just kept gauge downing her.) If I was going to do the CQ again I'd run an AoE Saber instead, or maybe summer musashi. Also wish I had a MLB CE. Also, by revive do you mean the 3 command seal revive? That's allowed?
  7. So 17 million downloads campaign is coming and so is the SSR selector ticket. I'm probably going to pick up Osakabehime since she's the only one I want out of the ones I don't have already---the other option was picking a dupe of someone I like. The Mystic Code + QP CE is kind of uncomfortable---even if I didn't have all my Mystics Maxed I doubt I'd ever bother farming the QP dailies at this point when I get the vast majority of my QP from events. And I'd probably use some of my CE slots for damage rather than QP for events, since QP tends to drop from moderately difficult quests---and in the same vein I'd probably want to use a max level'd Mystic Code to farm more efficiently. I'll probably roll for Musashi, although I don't see myself using her much.
  8. Finished Olympus, hardest fight was due to me taking 3 attempts to figure out that maybe I should run a def ignoring CE if I'm running into a boss that spams def up. (Did like 2 or 3 attempts without running buff removal or def ignore for some reason.) Dioscuri felt pretty strong, they were quite good even at 8/8/8 level 80, which was more or less the limit since I couldn't farm mats until finishing Olympus.
  9. Going in blind in the CQ didn't work well since I didn't realize: Assassins basically don't have class advantage, and both my DPS were asssassins. The NP removes def buffs. Swapping in Super Orion (with bond CE Herc) meant everything ended up fine though.
  10. Went into the boss blind, but Eresh/Merlin/Waver happened to basically perfectly deal with the mechanics, so it ended up really easy. I was expecting the caster to be Murasaki, though.
  11. The QoL improvements sound great. (And I also wonder how the drop rate increase works, if the 5% means the average number of drops is now x * 1.05 where x is previous average, or if we just straight up get 1/20 of a dust either per quest, or per enemy which drops it.) I kind of miss FGO being the nightmare gacha that breaks your bank account if the gacha doesn't agree with you and you desperately wanted a certain unit. But making the game 'friendlier' is probably the best for everyone involved, since you have to be an actual masochist if you prefer things to be painful for the sake for things being painful.
  12. Finished the event completely now, I believe. Did 200 floors, all the raids, and the CQ. Edit: I fielded full teams every level, so it was very tiring to switch to a new team every floor. For the CQ Super Orion and Kama (Kama last, Orion in front) ended up doing pretty well, thanks to the fact that I spammed taunts and both of them have guts. I went in expecting a single target CQ so didn't run Hokusai. I was even using the event CE on Orion and Merlin.
  13. I kind of feel like maybe I wasn't supposed to blitz through 50 deliveries in 2 days. One of the benefits of a big roster, I guess, although I don't get to focus my bond gains. Edit: There's a guy on my friend's list with the MLB CE though, meaning they finished 100. Double Edit: The grail comes out of an amazones box, that's amazing. Haha.
  14. Don't remember what I did last time for the CQ that was re-run, but Summer Musashi + Ruler Artoria cleaned up without much problems. For the foreigner one Melt carried me.
  15. CQ took two attempts, the first attempt got owned by the evade buff. And it seems like there's permanent unremovable buffs if you leave people alive too long? I saw a 5 turn NP gauge up on my 1st attempt but didn't see it attempt two, possibly because Nightingale died early attempt 2. The mechanics feel like you're maybe supposed to do multiple attempts to figure them out, but just killing everyone ASAP seems to circumvent them, so *shrug*.
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