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  1. That seems like an actual bait and switch, Blue Hair Byleth won the poll, the unit is Green Hair Byleth dressed as Sothis. It’s a different and more egregious situation than Old Tiki won, and the unit is Old Tiki dressed as Young Tiki. I’m not feeling this analogy because Miles and Peter are different people. That said, I strongly doubt Young Tiki would have worn her own clothes if she won, as that would be the same as her ordinary version. Most likely the clothes Old Tiki is wearing were picked specifically because Old Tiki won.
  2. I honestly don’t understand why Brave Tiki is even a controversy. If she was drawn like Lachesis was, sure, but she’s clearly her older self. It seems like people dislike her younger self so much that even seeing an outfit similar to hers is too much? It’s a shame that people are motivated by jealousy over what other characters “get” instead of joy of what their favourites “get”.
  3. That’s true as long as there is a reason for it, which I don’t think there is for every such case. I think it’s a good argument because “divine” also has multiple uses, and doesn’t always refer to godliness. They are, so I guess it is as you say.
  4. Personally, I’d prefer a Sothe/Sothis Harmonic.
  5. I am not disputing the concept. I am arguing in this case, given the precedent, the wording used to determine who qualifies as Mythic, and the characteristics of the characters who have qualified, that the criteria is neither strict nor exclusive. It’s only a title, it’s like saying if someone is called “Doctor” it means they have a medical degree. IIRC the weapons are created by humans, and their wielders are definitely humans. That’s a good point, they are called “Divine” but they are not actually gods, unless you consider Duma/Mila pre-retcon. Letizia’s qualification is even stronger than I thought. Edit: on second thought, aren’t Askr and Embla dragons and so aren't technically gods either? I haven’t paid much attention to the plot.
  6. But if you can’t say who will be a mythic hero, you can’t really say who won’t be a mythic hero because there’s no consistency. Arguably it has already happened with Elimine/Bramimond, who have no connection to any kind of god. Their category is only included because otherwise there’s no explanation for why they are considered “gods, etc.”
  7. But doesn’t that mean your categorisations of who qualify as a Mythic Hero aren’t accurate? If both Duma and Nifl are god-tier dragons, and only Duma is a Mythic, then Duma is not a Mythic because he’s a god-tier dragon.
  8. In FE lore, the closest equivalent to Tolkien-style humans would probably be beorc. Given Nifl and Muspell, and Ylgr versus her siblings and F versus M Grima, I don’t think IS any strict criteria as to who qualifies as what type of hero. It’s just whatever they feel like doing.
  9. Mareeta truly is brilliant. Not only did she create the first speed-based evasion technique, but she also created a speed-based special attack that can be learnt by anyone (who is an infantry melee weapon user). People come from far and wide to study under her and make her skills their own.
  10. @Xenomata What Ice Dragon said is correct. I figured by “alternate potential” Jotari meant non-canon weapons.
  11. I think seasonal units fill that niche already, and there’s a lot more of them (even counting Legendary units which are essentially the same concept as Ascended characters) I don’t disagree that other characters deserve representation more, but she’s not just a swordmaster in gameplay. Her goal is to master the sword. Power creeping herself is the perfect way to capture that concept.
  12. They’re not joined at the hip but they are both fairly important characters in each others’ arcs. If somebody is interested in Mareeta as a character just through Heroes, Forging Bonds will almost certainly provide context for who Galzus is, and they will form some sort of opinion on him as a character. It may possibly be a negative opinion but in that case, it has nothing to do with colour sharing. If they’re just interested in Ascended Mareeta in gameplay, the spark system guarantees they will get her and limits the amount of orbs they need to spend and the pity rate they could build, so I don’t see anyone getting so salty that they would hate Galzus.
  13. @Medeus Then I don’t think understand why you think anyone interested enough in Mareeta to consider merging her would not also be interested in Galzus. She can be sparked for completionist purposes, and as others have said, I don’t see anything objectively interesting about her.
  14. A lot of people don’t understand the appeal of Mareeta. It’d be just wrong for her not to have a sword in a serious alt. @Medeus do you know who Galzus is?
  15. I have no idea what Eitri’s motivation was. She cared about Niddlevir (sic) and condemned Askr for its summoning… so she let Otr devastate the country and almost kill the real heir, and built her own summoning gun and repeatedly experimented to perfect it?
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