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    Please do not PM me about modding stuff. I'm no longer part of the community and am not interested in discussing stuff related to it. Also, I can't give permission to use X thing of mine in Y thing or anything like that. Thank you for your understanding.
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  1. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT MODDING STUFF. Simply put, I'm not interested. I pretty much stopped that stuff ages ago, and I'm really tired of people asking me about it, I'm busy. Also, I can't give permission to use X thing of some mod I worked on or such in Y thing of yours or anything like that. Please don't ask, it's been years since I left the community and is a bit frustrating to still have people take my time up asking me about stuff even though I've tried to hide my account and set my "Interests" to a message that said not to ask me about stuff.

    Sorry but people don't seem to get it when I try to say it nicely so I'm being a bit more blunt about it, thank you for your understanding.
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