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"Gold Saint" theme team

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Hello everyone!!

I completed the game a couple of times on classic mode, and now I want to try the maddening difficulty. Thing is, I'd like to build a team inspired by the gold saints from the Saint Seiya series; I'd like some suggestions on how to do that, from the character+class+ring pairment to skills and weapon+engraving of choice (my runs so far were almost casual). Some restrictions I'm giving myself:

  • Each gold saint has to be represented by a character whose birthday comes in the right time of the year: e.g., the Aries gold saint has to be born between march 21st and april 19th;
  • One for each class, tops. And if possible, no cavalry or flying units (for the lore);
  • I'm using the DLCs, since I have them and I'm afraid I'd be ruined without every leverage possible.

Some units are almost there, for others I have little to no idea on how to give them justice for the lore, and they still are useful in the run.

  1. ARIES (mar 21st - apr 19th) [candidates: Diamant, Jean, Madeline]
    The Aries gold saint is a supporter at heart, his main moves are a protective barrier and teleportation; this calls for a staff user, and since I was thinking to give him/her Lucina (Bonded Shield is a great way to protect your allies) a Qi adept would be ideal but I need martial master for Acquarius... So sage will do. WoC a tome, like Bolganone or Thoron? I have no idea on that, nor the engraving. As for the skills I think Canter should be one, for better positioning, but I don't know about the other one. Jean is great as a sage, isn't he? Or in a maddening run he gets overpowered too easily?
  2. TAURUS (apr 20th - may 20th) [candidates: Boucheron, Chloe, Seadall]
    The Taurus gold saint should be just like a charging bull, fast and strong; Sigurd's Override is perfect for that, so the ring is taken care of. Both Boucheron and Chloe sound good for a lance user, maybe a halberdier? I was thinking something of a dodge build with Avoid+ and Speedtaker, and a Javelin as a weapon...?
  3. GEMINI (may 21st - jun 20th) [candidates: Anna, Bunet, Hortensia, Lapis]
    Ring of the twins on this one, Twin Strike is a nuke almost like the galaxian explosion; the Gemini gold saint should be an attacker, someone capable of taking down most foes with a single hit. Maybe a lance cavalier (Mage Knight), to build on the properties of the ring... I was thinking Lapis, I don't know Bunet and Hortensia that well to know if they could pull this off. A flame lance as a weapon, with something similar to what I did with Taurus for dodging (Avoid+) or offensive skills such as Lance Power.
  4. CANCER (jun 21st - jul 22nd) [candidates: Goldmary, Lindon]
    The Cancer gold saint has this special technique, Tsukishiki Meikaiha, which sends all the opponents to... Let's say the shadow realm. Ike's Great Ether is something like that, so I was thinking a Berserker with a silver greataxe to do deliver this blow the best we can. I don't think Lindon can be a good Berserker, so Goldmary is the way to go; Pair Up to avoid getting all the assist damage while charging, and maybe something like Hit+.
  5. LEO (jul 23rd - aug 23rd) [candidates: Alfred, Yunaka, Zelkov]
    The Lion gold saint should be another hitter, this time a bit more on the bulky side since usually Leo gold saint die hard (and that's perfect with Roy, the young lion!). I was thinking Hero as a class, with a silver blade to do lots of damage with the Blazing Lion and in general. Dual Assist to make him/her help his teammates as much as he/she can, and Lifesphere to keep up the hit points? I'm thinking Alfred as the gold saint, Yunaka is also great but maybe not that much as a hero... Don't know about Zelkov.
  6. VIRGO (aug 24th - sep 22nd) [candidates: Gregory, Mauvier, Timerra, Veyle]
    This should be another support unit, since Virgo gold saint usually have skills that incapacitate their opponent... and since they usually sacrifice themselves, Micaiah sounds like a good fit as the ring. This one should be loaded with status staves, and can be any class thanks to Micaiah's staff mastery. Since Great Sacrifice leaves the user to 1 hp, I was thinking a Reprisal+Vantage build with a 1-2 range weapon to manage the enemies who get too close; no idea on which class, or which weapon; I'm guessing, depending on the class, any of the four above are believable candidates?
  7. LIBRAQUE (sep 23rd - oct 22nd) [candidates: Alcryst, Etie, Merrin]
    The Libraque gold saint should be another hard hitter, and an expert on most kinds of weapon; Edelgard's ring gives axe, bow and lance so that's a good start... and Houses Unite is a nice hit, almost as good as Rozan Hyakuryuha. Some kind of sword unit, or dagger unit, to round up the weapons; a Wolf Knight can give both of those? Folkvangr as the WoC, it's weird to have just a sword at this point, Lunar Brace to do more damage and Canter to repositioning. As a candidate Merrin looks good and already is a Wolf Knight, Alcryst and Etie are good hitter as well though.
  8. SCORPIUS (oct 23rd - nov 22nd) [candidates: Citrinne, Ivy, Louis, Panette, Zelestia]
    The Scorpion gold saint is someone who likes to toy with his/her prey, with a skill that weakens the foe with every hit and slowly kills them. Daggers are perfect for that, and we can go with Thief as a class, but that's as far as I go for this one. Of the five candidates Panette looks the most reliable thief, so we can try a Brute Force+Wrath build, with Leif's ring and a Steel Dagger to get high critical chances? That's for Panette's personal, as well.
  9. ARCITENENS (nov 23rd - dec 21st) [candidates: Celine, Jade, Vander]
    Arcitenens is the sagittarius gold saint, so someone who with his bow of light can hit from wherever the opponent. I believe Lyn's ring with a Sniper is quite optimal, to really hit from across the map. A Longbow as a weapon, to still have range, and offensive skills like Lunar Brace and Weapon Sync for extra damage? I believe Jade or Vander are fit for this build, as Celine is a mage... But I have never used Vander so I'm not sure.
  10. CAPER (dec 22nd - jan 20th) [candidates: Kagetsu, Pandreo, Rafal, Rosado, Saphir]
    The Caper gold saint has arms sharp as blades, and his main skill is Excalibur as if he hits with the power of a legendary sword: I'd say Swordmaster fits the bill on this one, with Marth's ring to pile on the sword theme. Kagetsu sounds like the ideal Swordmaster but I don't know much about the other ones... Weapon Sync to pile on damage, with Silver Sword or Brave Sword? Maybe a Wo Dao/Killing Edge build could work as well, I haven't used Marth much.
  11. AMPHORA (jan 21st - feb 19th) [candidates: Amber, Fogado]
    The acquarius gold saint has ice powers, and uses the ice to hinder enemies; more of a supporting role, all things considered. A Martial Master with Corrin's ring does exactly that, and being a Martial Master means we can also use the Freeze staff to stay in theme (and let's be honest, I'd be lost without healers). Both Amber and Fogado sound weird for this role, so I'm leaving it to you guys... Flashing Fist Art as a weapon, with Canter and Avoid to stay out of the fray if not necessary?
  12. PISCES (feb 20th - mar 20th) [candidates: Clanne, Framme, Nel]
    The pisces gold saint is roses/poison themed: the last bastion of the twelve, so to speak. Camilla's ring creates thorny vines when used by an armored unit. It could be a Mage Cannoneer with a Venom Blast, or a Lance General (Nel can be the only one on this class, since he's the only one of the three who can use Venomous as a General); in any case I'd give him/her defensive skills like Pair Up and Gentility.

I haven't mentioned Alear since he/she can cover every zodiac sign, depending on the birthday given; so I count him/her as someone beside the twelve gold saint; I was thinking a support build to make the other ones do most of the job, as a Divine Dragon with Byleth's ring to Goddess Dance for a refresh and a boost on everything. Avoid and Canter to stay out of trouble, Liberation as the WoC.

There still is a fourteenth slot, usually; it can be used for a 13th gold saint, since in some series the Ophiucus is referred as a gold saint on its own. So for this one we can go with a meme unit, like Enchanter Anna with Tiki's ring, Luck+ and a damage skill like Lunar Brace to deal the finishing blow to enemies and possibly farm some gold? I tried something like this in a casual run and it worked fine, don't know how well Anna can do in a maddening run with a build like this one.

To summarize, what I'm missing and what I'm (almost) sure of:

  1. Aries:        Jean                Sage                          Lucina             Canter/?                                          ?+?
  2. Taurus:     ?                       Halberdier                Sigurd              ?/?                                                   Javelin+?
  3. Gemini      ?                       Mage Knight            Eirika                Lance Power/?                              Flame Lance+?
  4. Cancer:     Goldmary        Berserker                 Ike                    Pair Up/Hit+                                   Silver Greataxe+?
  5. Leo:           ?                      Hero                          Roy                  Dual Assist/Lifesphere                  Silver Blade
  6. Virgo:         ?                      ?                                Micaiah           Reprisal/Vantage                           ?+?
  7. Libraque:   ?                     Wolf Knight               Edelgard          Canter/Lunar Brace                      Folkvangr+?
  8. Scorpius:    Panette         Thief                          Leif                  Wrath/Brute Force                        Steel Dagger+?
  9. Arcitenens: ?                    Sniper                        Lyn                  Lunar Brace/Weapon Sync           Longbow+?
  10. Caper:         Kagetsu        Swordmaster            Marth              Weapon Sync/?                             ?+?
  11. Amphora:    ?                    Martial Master          Corrin             Avoid/Canter                                  Flashing Fist Art+?
  12. Pisces:        ?                     ?                                Camilla           Pair Up/Gentility                            ?+?
  13.                     Alear              Divine Dragon          Byleth             Avoid/Canter                                 Liberation+?
  14. (Meme)       Anna              Enchanter                 Tiki                  Luck+/Lunar Brace                       ?+?

Any suggestion or correction is more than welcome! Especially on engravings, I always have given them almost randomly (with a bit of thought behind, but nothing much) and it worked well for classic difficulty but I fell that I'll need everything for a maddening run.

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Saint Seiya mentioned in an english forum? count me in

i really like your character-emblem pairings overall, so I want to focus more on the character who best fit their Saint Seiya counterpart:


Aries Mu is generally a neutral character, he rarely takes action unless danger is (literally) knocking at his door
sadly, none of the Engage aries units are quite similar to Mu, who focuses on energy-based attacks (which I imagine can be translated as magic in FE terms), so my pick would be Sage Diamant


Taurus Aldebaran is a gentle giant, someone who tests the main characters only to see how far their resolve could potentially take them
THE gentle giant in Engage is Boucheron, there's no debating this. Aldebaran is a tank who is capable of blocking and landing hits at the speed of light depending on his stance: while this is of course hard to translate as a FE class, I'd say Berserker is more than fine, or even Hero if you feel like


Gemini Saga and Kanon are absolute monsters in terms of destructive power, they are by far the most powerful Gold Saints in combat, but they also posses mind-control techniques and "status" abilities such as the Another Dimension, the Golden Triangle and the ability to remove all 5 senses: Hortensia would fill this role very well. problem is, she doesn't really match Saga nor Kanon in terms of personality, actually none of the Engage gemini characters do, so Hortensia it is


Cancer Deathmask is a vile, cruel, sadistic individual who loves to fill his chambers with the "masks" of all the innocent people he killed, to the point even his Cloth refuses to be attached to his body: of course neither Goldmary nor Lindon are anyway similar to this, but i'd say your suggestion can work


Leo Aiolia is brash and impulsive, but also very just and faifhful to the ones close to him and he mainly fights physically, so I'd say Alfred is the most fitting pick


Virgo Shaka is... complex: he believes he's right until proven plainly wrong, he's pitiless and has a distinctly spiritual personality, being the human who's the closes to the gods. none of the 4 characters are similar, so I guess any is fine?


Libra Dohko is a physical tank similarly to Taurus, except he's on steroids due to his Cloth. he's the wisest of all Gold Saints being 261 years old. none of the 3 libras in Engage fit, so my pick would be Berserker Etie (Boucheron would be a Hero to avoid class repetition)


Scorpion Milo is quite similar to Aiolia in terms of personality, but he fights very differently, as he doesn't prioritize damage, but rather directly killing his enemies with his Scarlet Needle attacks. Citrinne and Panette would be both fine picks, and I like the idea of a crit build.


Sagittarius Aiolos is probably the most faithful, just and heroic Gold Saint, but we also never actually see him fighting for... obvious reasons
Vander is the most fitting imho, not much room for debate.


Capricorn Shura is very faithful, but when his trust is broke he has no mercy, although he still has a kind heart and he's able to understand and atone for his mistakes, as we see with Shiryu. he fights with his lightning-speed sword arm (limbs actually) Excalibur: Swordmaster Kagetsu is the one.


Aquarius Camus is calm and collected until he faces personal matters, in which cases he becomes very passionate despite his stern and distant attitude. the two aquarius dudes are the complete opposite, but I like the idea of Martial Master + Corrin.


Pisces Aphrodite is someone who identifies strength with justice, similarly to Deathmask. I always imagined him as a thief/assassin, but Framme and Clanne definitely aren't anything like Aphrodite. I haven't played the DLC yet so I only have to hope Nel is even slightly more similar to Aphrodite than the twins.

Let me know if you liked my ideas.

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Yours are fine suggestions, indeed!! Especially since the connections between personalities, I didn't think about that at all and I like your picks very much!

As far as personalities are concerned, I'm thinking about the gold saints from lost canvas to try and fill in the gaps... luckily the Libra position is already covered, since it's the same guy 😄

Virgo Asmita is blind, that's irrelevant, has a strong sense of justice that is initially misplaced since he fights the Pegasus protagonist as soon as he encounters him; once he get to know the bronze saint better, he has a change of heart and even gets to sacrifice himself to help young Tenma. Maybe Mauvier can be the one, in some aspect is quite similar to Asmita, being a betrayer himself and all.

Acquarius Degel is calm and collected, very similar to Camus so the two candidates are still way off the mark; we can go for Fogado, since in a side story dedicated to Degel he's referred almost as a ladies man?

Pisces Albafica has venomous blood so tends to stay isolated from everyone, avoiding physical contact. Of course that's just because he's forced to do that, he's kind and quite sociable once he opens up... Nel can be the one closest to this description, Clanne and Framme are adorable but too extroverts for this role.


Do you also have suggestions about skills to get, or weapons+refine to use? Sage Diamant with Lucina, Hero Boucheron ❤️ with Sigurd, Hortensia with Eirika can work well as a lance Mage Knight or is she better of with her unique class?, Warrior Goldmary with Ike, Alfred with Roy (he can also use his unique class for the potential extra defence of the skill, I guess?), Mauvier with Micaiah (he could go as a High Priest or a Mage Knight?), Berserker Etie with Edelgard, Thief Panette with Leif, Siper Vander with Lyn, Swordmaster Kagetsu with Marth, Martial Master Fogado with Corrin and Mage Cannoneer Nel with Camilla... No idea on how to build them so that everyone does something useful.

Anyway, grazie mille!!

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yeah, considering the Lost Canvas saints is a good idea, and also I'm glad you liked my suggestions, so grazie a te!
in this case you could also take the Next Dimension and Omega saints, but that actually wouldn't change things that much, except for a few characters

as for what skill sets, I honestly can't remember any of them, so I can't be of any help with them

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That's ok, you helped a great deal anyway!! I did some tinkering and research on my own, to come up with the team skills and weapons... I don't know if that will work, be efficient or anything really.

  • Aries: Enchanter Diamant w/Lucina, Canter+Knife Precision with a silver dagger (I think Enchanter suits quite well with the Aries gold saint, since he's able to repair cloths and getting them stronger)
  • Taurus: Hero Boucheron w/Sigurd, Dual Assist+Reposition with a javelin
  • Gemini: Royal Knight Hortensia w/Eirika, Avoid+Lance Power with a flame lance
  • Cancer: Warrior Goldmary w/Ike, Pair Up+Speedtaker with a silver greataxe
  • Leo: Halberdier Alfred w/Roy, Canter+Quick Riposte with a silver lance
  • Virgo: Mage Knight Mauvier w/Micaiah, Reprisal+Vantage with a levin sword
  • Libra: Berserker Etie w/Edelgard, Canter+Hit with a tomahawk
  • Scorpio: Thief Panette w/Leif, Brute Force+Wrath with a steel dagger
  • Sagittarius: Sniper Vander w/Lyn, Lunar Brace+Weapon Sync with a longbow
  • Capricorn: Swordmaster Kagetsu w/Marth, Alacrity+Weapon Sync with a brave sword
  • Aquarius: Martial Master Fogado w/Corrin, Canter+Lunar Brace with the flashing fist art
  • Pisces: Mage Cannoneer Nel w/Camilla, Divine Pulse+Draconic Hex with loads of venom blasts

Still no ideas on how to give the engravings, guess I'll go with a bit of common sense to fit the idea behind every build...

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