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Rate the Unit, Day 17: Forde

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Dat Rules

- Ratings are assumed to be on Difficult Mode.

- Votes need some explanation regarding their gameplay performance to be counted (unless they fall into the general parameters of the average rating, but reasoning is still strongly encouraged on those even if you just wanna quote people) — incredibly low scores or high scores without proper justification will not be counted. Don't put in some random text thinking it'd count as justification. Put in at least a little thought and give REAL reasoning.

- Numbers for votes, please - not something like "Marcus/10", etc. Proper justification will be determined by me and whoever decides to help, whether it be Integrity and Integrity again or sometegrity else.

+/- ≤1 point extra regarding personality/appearance is okay, but no more.

- Votes out of 10, or something proportional to it. Makes it easy to calculate, please and thank you~!

- Every ranking phase ends whenever I get out of bed, between 0700 and 0800 EST. Do the math for your timezone, Brits.

- I will insist you do not use the "Not X" reason on any character, where X is another unit. If you do, your vote will be thrown out.

- Ratings for characters should always assume the gameplay route they're best on. If I see "1/10 doesn't exist on ephraim" for Innes your vote won't be counted. If I don't like you enough, I'll throw it out if that reasoning is anywhere there.

Average Ratings

Neimi: 2.24

Gilliam: 3.27

Ross: 4.33

Lute: 4.80

Joshua: 6.02

Natasha: 6.27

Colm: 6.32

Garcia: 6.88

Kyle: 6.89

Moulder: 6.89

Artur: 6.92

Eirika: 7.34

Ephraim: 8.13

Vanessa: 8.16

Franz: 9.32

Seth: 9.91

kyle was a rounded 6.89; moulder was a solid 6.89

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Tee hee~!

It's Forde, actually... I prefer him over Kyle in terms of personality and stat-wise since I tend to like characters who can double often.

Like said above, he is Kyle with a bit less STR but with more SKL and SPD.

I shall rate him...

7.0, but with bias powers due to him being an artist and a red knight paired with combat flexibility like Kyle and being on a pony shall knock him up to


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Very similar to Kyle functionally, so I'm also giving him a 7.5/10. I sort of want to take off a point because I don't like how so far he's going to be doing way better than Kyle, who I like more as a unit, but then as a character I like Forde much more than Kyle, so I guess I'll leave it at.

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Take Kyle, drop some muscle, add some agility, and you have Forde.

I prefer ReliablebAS and avg Str over the opposite. Low dmg can be mitigated by silver wpns. Low spd can't be mitigated by gear.


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that, and I like making it hard for you :P

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I like him less than Kyle, but I can't honestly rate him much worse than Kyle because Red/Green Cavalier is usually a matter of who turns out a little better (or who gets screwed). So I think I gave Kyle a 6.75, which means I'd give Forde a 6.5/10, for basically similar reasons. I just value STR more than SPD if a unit will get enough of the latter to be fine. Kyle generally is, but if he's not, Forde is okay instead.

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Not as fast as Franz and not as tank/strong as Kyle. Isn't really as fast as his archetype suggests anyway. Still has a horse and can hit things and maybe kill them. Still can rescue. Not as good as Kyle IMO but not by a major margin. 7/10. Same score as Kyle because I wasn't gonna take off more than 1 point in comparison so his ponytail makes up for that <1 point.

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I gave Kyle a 7/10 so I'll start with that.

Forde has slightly less defense so -.25

Forde has more speed so +.875

Forde has less strength so *.9

(7 - .25 + .875) * .9 = 6.8625

So my rating for Forde is:


Win, right there.

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Bet you 10 bucks General Banzai has never even played the game and is basing himself on some GFAQS FAQ right now.

Anyway, the better of the usual red/green cavalier pair in my opinion because he has a better start and they finish more or less the same. I usually do rounded scores but in this case I feel it wouldn't make sense to give him an 8/10 so I'll be giving him a 7.5/10

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Bet you 10 bucks General Banzai has never even played the game and is basing himself on some GFAQS FAQ right now.

I've played the game over 10 times and I have a Creature Campaign file with over 200 hours in which I've maxed every stat of every playable unit. I've beaten both Eirika and Ephraim Hard Mode multiple times and I've used every single unit with every single promotion path at least once.

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Eir's route gives this guy three chances to do something about his stupid Strength. Kyle only gets one opportunity to do something about his stupid Speed.

I like Forde's laid-back personality better, BUT he was screwed far harder than Kyle when I used him for a draft. Putting bias, personal experience (STFU, this is important to me), and a random number in there, I get. . .

7/10, which is the exact same score I gave Kyle.

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I don't think I've ever really had a good Forde but trying to separate personal experience out, his stat spread isn't as good as Kyle or Franz's but it doesn't look unworkable, and he still has all the advantages that being a Cavalier entails.

I think Kyle-1 is a fair score for Forde so he gets a 7/10.

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Kyle, but pretty much trades 10% STR for 5% SPD, among other "winning" deals. Plus, he's a level higher with only one more Speed than Kyle! Still pretty useful, but the worst of the cavs overall.


Kyle would have gotten an 8.5 if I was around to rate him

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