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FE3: Stat Boosters


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Not sure how serious FE3 can be taken, considering it's pretty easy. But I figured why not bring some discussion back to the fun classic?

For those of you who have never played FE3 or are unfailiar with it, stat boosters in this game are hilarious n that instead of +2 to a stat, they give +5. Considering caps for stats except for HP are 20, this is an absurd boost. Yet paradoxically, enemies in FE3 (or at least in book 1) are so laughably easy pushovers that stat boosters almost seem useless aside from like a Dragon Shield (lol +5 Def). It's probably the only game where a Goddess Icon is actually useful, considering Crit=Skill, and the game loves to throw early promoted enemies at you, like Heroes and Snipers.

So, what do you guys do with these boosters?

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I give secret books and manuals to Barts and Kashim respectively because they're the only worthwhile characters who really benefit from them. The boots usually go to Marth, but I may give them to other characters if I feel like it. I give the rest of them to Jeigan or Alan for the hell of it.

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