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Fire Emblem: Oracles song(Title pending)

Yosuke Hanamura

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This is sort of something I came up with due to a dream induced by multiple hours of playing FE7/6 and Elsword but its basically an alternate version on things(as well as a few pairings)

"Long ago on an Island Kingdom named Oracia, there was a great war that arised due to disputes over the land as well as money. At this time the land was without a ruler to quell the fighting so the war was to continue on for twelve long years until a young man had stepped up and announced himself one visited by the deities in his sleep. He told the people that they passed unto him a message for the people to stop the fighting and live as one, united under the rule of the prophet-the one that they gave this message to bear-upon hearing this, tensions were quelled as they listened to the words of this man and agreed to once again live in peace as they feared what'd happen if the deities offered another message. They had also decided to crown this man and his family as the rulers for generations to come-which was never regretted throughout the lifetimes-as well as the family to bear the title of "Oracle" which meant one that could predict. Now, 200 years have passed since that day and now the generation focuses upon a young boy named Kai who is now getting fitted into his role as the next Oracle, however the arrival of a suspicious Fortune teller begins to cause problems that no one even seems to notice-that is, until it's too late.)"

This part is kind of cliche-ish and bland so I'm still redoing it a bit, but I've already have the first chapter thought out(I plan on making a hack out of this if I can.). Anyway heres whats changed.

The final battle did occur but Nils and Ninian didn't ave to return back to the otherside.

Lyn now joins in on Eliwoods and Hectors sparring matches on occasion.

Oracia exist on the map as a small island continent.

Oracle is a class that functions as the trainee class.

Tell me how it seems so far and if you want to know more.

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Alright. You'll want to break up your sentences, because while it sounds really cool to fit a lot of things before one period, the person on the other end has to take it all in and process it which can be tiresome if there's no relief in the form of a sentence stop nearby. Second, why did the people listen to some random kid who claimed to hear deities? I'd expect mockery and/or a quiet execution.

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