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Horrible Idea PMU


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So yeah. 5 units only, normal mode. I'm not taking Lyre, Vika, Fiona or any part 4 joiner (as in first appears at part 4, Tormod is fine as long as I have another part 1 unit to duo with him). Not taking Haar/Tirania/Sothe because I want a challenge. I need at least one part 1 unit, and one part 3 unit, and at least one unit has to be assignable to each path. If I don't have any units or a chapter is impossible with only that unit (like 1-2 with laura only) then I'll obviously use other dudes. I'll probably end up using meatshields depending on who I end up with. I'll use the BK for when he's around.

1. Brom

2. Meg

3. Rolf

4. Gatrie

5. Soren

Get at me.

Since this caused confusion there's no free Ike or Micaiah.

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Skipping summaries of earlygame, I just played pretty quick to get Meg a lot of BEXP

1-4: 60 turns

Yeah. 60 freaking turns man. In base I forged a +5MT +15Crit Iron Sword for Meg named Falchion. I also gave her up to .99 bexp, and ripped Cancel off of Leo, which procced a whole twice in all of those 60 turns. She also chugged the Drop and the Draco from earlier chapters to have a prayer of surviving.

Meg spent the first 30 backed into a corner with Sothe (and Micaiah rescued) behind her. She didn't get strength or defense until level 8, but then she went crazy. Like, 5 levels in a row. She started doubling Tigers. Then cats. Then ORKOing the Cats. It was glorious. I snagged all of the treasure on the way around, heading up right to get that boss first. I got kind of unlucky and kept missing, but then Meg got to 16 speed, meaning she doubled him. And the sucker keeled over and died soon afterwards. Then Meg went and ORKOed his best friend. Yeah, ORKOed. All it took was one Falchion crit followed by a regular hit. Then Sothe raided treasures and stuff, and Meg killed the last kitty.

1-5: 6 turns

Bought a Wind Edge and Arms Scroll in the Bargain shop. Volug/Micaiah Sothe blocked the left edge while Meg took the right with the Wind Edge. Meg got to level 20 after the Chapter with BEXP and then I master sealed her. The game is not ready.

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