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Gecko Codes on Dolphin

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I have read many forums on Serene and solutions; however, I am still unable to get some of my gecko codes working for Dolphin.

I have the calculator and have been trying to use it to get codes to work.

Certain codes have worked for me such as number of playthroughs (hard mode is enabled)

But I am still unable to enable characters codes that change to 99exp, ect

I am also missing the ability to enable codes such as change crit to 255% and those item codes

I was wondering if I could remove the activators? However i do not know how to identify the activator buttons.

Any help is appreciated

I'm fairly noob at using the codes, but I'm trying my best to learn


the codes i have are from the wii database online

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This might be useful to you. Basically, the character and item data is in a different location compared to the console, so you have to account for that in the code. You shouldn't need to use the button activators as you can manually activate the codes in Dolphin. I would assume that is the problem, if not it might be that the characters weren't in the same locations as for whoever made the codes. In that case, just mess around with adding or subtracting increments of 0x3F0 until you get the right character.
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