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Fire Emblem Font Types?


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I'm trying to figure out what fonts any FE games after FE5 used so that I can get .ttf font files for them. This includes FE5, the GBA FE's, GCN/WII, and the Various DS releases. The fonts I'm looking for include main menu fonts, dialogue screen fonts, tutorial-type text, and "narrarator text" fonts, though those might be the same as the dialogue fonts.

If anyone knows a few off the top of their head or even happens to possess a couple lucky .ttf files, I'd love to get them from you.

Edit: And yes, I am aware that some of them, particularly the GBA FE games, may be hand-created for their respective engine and therefore not a standard font. On the whim that this is not the case though, I ask this question.

Also, if anyone happens to nkow where I can get the "text blip" sounds from PoR and RD, that would be amazing. You know, the sound the letters make as they appear.

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Everything before GCN will be a custom bitmapped font. You get it by locating the graphic in the ROM, decompressing LZ77 etc. In some cases there isn't even a font and text, there's just one big bitmap (IIRC, FE6 chapter titles are like this, but FE7 uses actual lettering).

That said, it's certainly *possible* to design ttf fonts that *look like* the existing bitmaps, if you use them at the original size. Sounds like a shitload of work, though.

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