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Lurker turning a new leaf!

Click This

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Hello, people of Serenes Forest!

My name is Click This, and I've finally joined the forum after lurking and using the awesome resources you guys have for god knows how long. I'm an Asian American from New York. English isn't my first language, but I can say by far English is my most proficient language.

I've been a big fan of Fire Emblem since Sacred Stones came out stateside back in '05, and I've played and owned all games in the series save for the first five. I can safely say Sacred Stones is my favorite game and Lute is my favorite character, but I may be biased for nostalgia reasons. :P Outside of Fire Emblem, I'm interested in Skyrim, your odd visual novel, and, well, good games. I don't have a preference for a music genre or a band; I just pick songs I like, get FLACs of them, and put them into one nice big playlist. I'd like to say I'm good at computers, and I do computer repair to make some side money.

I've always been a big fan of aviation and the age of sail, and economics interests me as well. I'm also into roleplaying and writing, so if there's space, I may be joining a roleplay on here!

So yeah. I look forward to seeing you guys around, and I apologize if it looks like I'm writing with no coherent string of thought; I'm posting quite late in the night. Bad habit of mine, haha.

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I can imagine waking up to see what you have posted at 2 in the morning for some reason. Expect to also get a lot of profile views with that username..

Anyhoo, welcome to the forum and all that stuff. :D

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