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ITT: I rank previous versions of myself in tiers


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I'm so bored I've decided to tier the versions of myself based on ages.


17-year old Soul (later half)

High tier

14-year old Soul

12-year old Soul

7-year old Soul

We're ok so far

17-year old Soul (first half)

10-year old Soul

13-year old Soul

Not THAT terrible

11-year old Soul

All the others not listed


15-year old Soul

16-year old Soul

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So that's how you work...

You try to post bad topics because you like making people think you're bad...

So as long as we like the topics you make maybe you'll change tactics!! =D

Oh, love this tier list btw

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View of previous self. You'll look back and be all: "17 year old me was such a faggot"

As a 19 year old, I can safely say that from ages 11-16, I was an immense faggot.

But there are two notable versions worth mentioning out of my 17-year old self. Which on are you talking about. :(:

Also what are you talking about, alot of previous younger versions of myself were pretty damn cool, like 7 and 12-year old me among others.

Does Type 03 Bio describe you?



I don't picture it, sorry. :x

zomg it's Quintesscence. :awesome:

You don't even say "hi"? :(:

you should add a little example next to each version that explains why it was chosen for that tier

Yeah, I thought of doing that, but I've preferred if people asked about it. And some of those reasons were shitty or personal.

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current to bottom since you're a giant faggot

I genuinely laughed. There was a real exhalation of mirth.

Anyways everyone always views their earlier self's behavior as stupid. I still cringe at some of the things I remember saying as a high-schooler, and even more recently.

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