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So do we ever know just who Radd fell in love with?

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He and Caesar both are trying to "save her" in Shin Monshou, according to the fanslation... Radd's SD ending said he "fell in love during the war", so it could be someone in Marth's army. Do we get any hints as to who it could've been, possibly?

Then again, considering Frey and the fact that Castor just turned out to be a swindler instead of actually having a sick mother it's disputable whether SD is supposed to be absolute canon at all.

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I think it's Caesar's sister.

i havent finished fe12 (thx for spoilers)

but this was going to be my guess after the sidequest chapter intro dialogue, since they both teamed up to try and save caesar's sister

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That's a terrible misspelling of MU.

Radd/Caesar get their own convos if you deploy them both, so I'll see if it makes any more mention of Caesar's sister. Their first convo has nothing to do with her.

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