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[FE11] WiFi battle tourney Draft thing!


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So SB had this great idea ((And I got stuck with the task of thread posting!! Harumph.)) to do a short FE11 draft for some people where we'd all have a WiFi tourney with our teams afterwards. The premise is that we all draft 5 units and then all play a mini WiFi tourney with our teams at the end. We can use anyone ingame, but only these five characters in the tourney. All chapters must be completed within 20 turns or else you will face some penalty that we haven't even defined yet. Probably a fate worse than death, you know. Also braves are superb&. SB: +3MT +15Hit +10Crit are forge maximums. These are how the teams turned out:

Refa: Shiida, Est, Tiki, Gotoh, Xane

Breezy: Abel, Castor, Merric, Maria, Etzel

SB: Cain, Catria, Doga, Gaggles, Norne

Jedi: Wolf, Hardin, Sedgar, Roshea, Biraku

Horace: Midia, Astram, Dolph, Big Mac, Tomas

Darros: Barst, Frey, Darros, Athena, Elice

CR: Palla, Cord, Minerva, Linde, Ogma

Best of luck to all the players!

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I started the comic fad you'll see coming up in this draft.


Have a sneak preview.


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Originally I was going to post the entire playlog as one comic/drawing/whateverthefuckthisis but decided not to.

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