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Wrath/Vantage... On Rhys?

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As I was waking up this morning and doing my morning ritual (reading Cracked, using the restroom, and such), an odd notion popped into my mind. What would happen if I put Wrath and vantage on Rhys? I know it's pretty bizarre at best, after all Rhys is not a fighter and giving him Wrath/vantage is a patch for his combat at best as opposed to an actual fix, not to mention other units using it better. But what would happen? Would it be any good? So I did a bit of quick number-crunching...

First off, this combination couldn't happen until chapter 19 at the earliest (you get Wrath in 18), which is a hamper. However, by 19, assuming constant usage and such, it's entirely possible for Rhys to be promoted, so I'm using his 20/1 stats. Assuming he is wielding a Shine this gives him 26 MT (22+4), 31 if forged. Not amazing by any means and it's unlikely he'll be doubling even if the weight is reduced, but he *probably* won't be doubled. Anywho, I'll assume a forge and a Mia/Titania B for +3 MT bringing him to a total of 34 MT max (and for you nay-sayers, Mia/Kieran works just as well and is possible if Oscar goes Ike/Tanith). Well... Anyways... So what's the result?

Pretty good actually. Rhys's 34 MT, while not *stunning*, is roughly equal to a 20/1 Steel-axe wielding Boyd (slightly stronger than him) and manages to strike RES instead of DEF. He now has a 50% chance to insta-kill enemies and vantage allows him *some* durability on the player phase in the form of a 50% chance to kill enemies before they attack him, something which he can now do from 1-2 range. While I wouldn't call him durable, 'viable' is certainly a valid choice of words. I would throw him out there like a swordmaster (who have better dodge, are more durable, and get a crit bonus), or claim it's the best use of the skills, but an acceptable use of them? Maybe...

FYI, I'm not considering this solely for LTC. Regardless of my feelings for LTC, this would be more of a fall-back alternate at best and isn't an optimal use even for people who don't care for LTC. This is more of a hypothetical 'what if and how would he do' than something I expect to have bearing on any tier standings or anything.

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He won't die on the spot if you've bothered to take care of him. He might drop down to very low HP (which is why this isn't recommended), but if he has a tome forged so he doesn't lose AS, he should have enough SPD to not get doubled and enough HP to take a blow or two (unlikely to be three though).

As I said, at best this is just a novelty. I'm just interested in the general thoughts.

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^ Im pretty sure it would. I seem to remember someone explaining how to get Reyson 1st place in kills by giving him counter, so if Reyson can use the counter skill then anyone should be able to.

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