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Super Robot Wars R Draft

Wen Yang

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Credit for rules go to Sirius and Excellen

Drafting rules

This a draft for 4 players

You start off with a fresh save file, New game+ is not allowed.

The Banpresto Original units as well as the battleships are free to use the entire game

Every other unit has to be drafted to be used without penalty, though there will be a lot of exceptions to this. The penalty for using an undrafted unit is 4 turns

Undrafted units are allowed to persuade and sit their asses in a battleship. They are also allowed to cast skills like Strike, Alert, Focus, Guard, Accel and Wall if it keeps enemies from attacking them. All other skills are forbidden. They may not be used for support attacks or team attacks. They may also not be used for friendship, love, rivalry or command aura bonuses. You may not upgrade undrafted units. Equipping parts is still fine, however.

There are exceptions to this and this comes into play with forced deployment. You are allowed the use of any and every forced unit who can't retreat into a battleship. This exception only lasts till they can retreat into a battleship.

For information regarding Route Splits/Secrets, check here

Unit List:

Free Units: Excellence (all frames), all battleships.

All units are free for Stages 1-6.

Combattler V:

Combattler V


Daitarn 3:

Daitarn 3

GEAR Fighter Dendoh:


Valkyrie -> Valhalla

Cell Fighter


Shin Vs Neo Getter Robo:

Neo Getter -> Shin Getter

Texas Mack

Z Gundam:

Gundam Mk. II -> Super Gundam


Jegan -> Gundam Mk. III

Hyaku Shiki

Z Gundam

ZZ Gundam:

ZZ Gundam -> FAZZ

Quebeley Mk. II (Puru)

Quebeley Mk. II (Puru 2)

Char's Counterattack:

Jegan -> MP Nu Gundam


Nu Gundam


G Gundam:

Shining Gundam

God Gundam

Maxter Gundam

Rose Gundam

Dragon Gundam

Bolt Gundam

Nobel Gundam

Master Gundam

Fuun Saiki

Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz:

Gundam Wing Zero Custom

Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom

Gundam Heavyarms Custom

Gundam Sandrock Custom

Gundam Nataku


Tallgeese III

Gundam X:

Gundam X -> Gundam X Divider

Gundam Double X

Gundam Airmaster -> Gundam Airmaster Burst

Gundam Leopard -> Gundam Leopard Destroy




Lancerow's Custom Crouda

Enil's Custom Jenice Kai

Mazinger Z:

Mazinger Z

Great Mazinger

Diana A

Venus A

Boss Borot

Martian Successor Nadesico:

Aestivalis Akito -> Black Salena

Aestivalis Gai -> Super Aestivalis

Aestivalis Ryoko -> Aestivalis C Ryoko

Aestivalis Hikaru -> Aestivalis C Hikaru

Aestivalis Izumi -> Aestivalis C Izumi

Tetsujin -> Daitetsujin -> Alstromeria (Tsukumo)

Alstromeria (Genichiro)

Voltes V:

Voltes V

Zanbot 3:

Zanbot 3


1. Blazing_Soul: Dendoh, Aestivalis Akito, Shining Gundam, Aestivalis Gai, God Gundam, Nobel Gundam, Daitetsujin, Dragon Gundam, Gundam Heavyarms Custom, Ouga, Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom, Alstromeria, Fuun Saiki, Valkyrie, Cell Fighter.

2. Kopfjager: Gundam X, Gundam Leopard, Gundam Airmaster, Gundam Double X, Re-GZ, Febral, Tallgeese III, Gundam Mk. III, Gundam Sandrock Custom, Vertigo, Gundam Nataku, G-Falcon, Enil's Custom Jenice Kai, Lancerow's Custom Crouda, Kerot.

3. Daigoji_Excellen: Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, Aestivalis Hikaru, Aestivalis Ryoko, Zanbot 3, Aestivalis Izumi, Daitarn 3, Rose Gundam, Voltes V, Combattler V, Maxter Gundam, Bolt Gundam, Boss Borot, Diana A, Venus A.

4. FEAnon: Neo Getter, ZZ Gundam, Z Gundam, Nu Gundam, Gundam Wing Zero Custom, Quebeley Mk.II (Puru), Methuss, Texas Mack, Super Gundam, Quebeley Mk.II (Puru 2), Hyaku Shiki, Taurus, Hyaku Shiki, MP Nu Gundam, Master Gundam.

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I finished this draft a while ago but I forgot to post the turncounts.

Stage 1 - 4/4 Turns

Stage 2B - 4/8 Turns

Stage 3B - 7/15 Turns

Stage 4B - 6/21 Turns

Stage 5B - 6/27 Turns

Stage 6B - 8/35 Turns

Stage 7 - 10/45 Turns

Stage 8 - 7/52 Turns

Stage 9 - 10/62 Turns

Stage 10 - 8/70 Turns

Stage 11 - 10/80 Turns

Stage 12 - 6/86 Turns

stage 13B - 5/93 Turns

Stage 14B- 10/103 Turns

Stage 15 - 8/111 Turns

Stage 16A - 7/118 Turns

Stage 17A - 6/124 Turns

Stage 18 - 8/132 Turns

Stage 19 - 7/139 Turns

Stage 20 - 8/147 Turns

Stage 21 - 7/154 Turns

Stage 22B - 8/162 Turns

Stage 23B - 7/169 Turns

Stage 24 - 10/179 Turns

Stage 25 - 11/190 Turns

Stage 26 - 8/198 Turns

Stage 27 - 10/208 Turns

Stage 28 - 7/214 Turns

Stage 29B - 6/220 Turns

Stage 30B - 9/229 Turns

Stage 31B - 4/233 Turns

Stage 32 - 7/240 Turns

Stage 33 - 8/248 Turns

Stage 34 - 6/254 Turns

Stage 35 - 7/261 Turns

Final Stage - 9/270 Turns

Overall it was a pretty good one in my experience. The only disappointing units were Master Gundam and Sazabi but that was due to fact that they never got that much use due to joining late.

Early game was a bit trying since I only had two capable non warship units for a good while but I wound up overlevelled through copious amounts of Gain spam instead so I was using Valor since Stage 7.

One thing that I must note though, R is really skewed to the early joining pilots in terms of kill counts since I only had about 5 units that broke the 50 kill barrier by the end of the game.

My top three units for this draft are:


159 Kills

An overall beast from start to finish, the Gunner Frame was my go to frame of choice since it has comparable power to that of a super robot but with the range of a real. The Eternal Frame was just overkill since it had top tier stats in every category barring HP.

Neo Getter -> Shin Getter

144 Kills/43 Kills/2 Kills (189 Kills overall)

Probably the best unit in the entire game since it learns Valor from since LV15 which is easily attainable by Stage 7 if you use Gain on a couple of the early game bosses. Strangely enough upgrading to Shin felt like a downgrade in some aspects since it finisher suddenly gains a Will requirement and costs more EN than what you can regen per turn at max EN upgrades. The best about Getter though has to be its ability to negate 75% of the attacks it faces at 130 Will during the Getter 2 forms due to Bunshin stacking.

Texas Mack

89 Kills

This one was a big surprise for me since I never actually used it in my normal run. But since this a draft run I finally understood how good this thing really is as a sniper. It drops off late game when enemies start getting better really quickly but by that point in time, it does well as a Support Defend and a Gain/Renew bot.

Honorable mentions go to Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam for being good dodge tanks and damage dealers during the annoying endgame.

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