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Hope Never Dies: Information Topic and Future Signup


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So this is the official thread for Hope Never Dies, an RP that is set during World War 2. But not exactly the World War 2 we know per say, I can't exactly spoil everything you know? Easily the most profound change is the fact that women are nearly no different from men in this universe, any position a man could fill in the war so can a woman, have fun with that.

[spoiler=The Plot]

This RP will primarily take place from the view point of a special coalition squad known as "Havoc" fighting on the side of the Allies. The squad is commanded by a brave Captain, almost like a father to all of his soldiers, along with his young and somewhat inexperienced Lieutenant. Despite what you may think Havoc Squad by no means a common fighting force, they operate under the radar. Fighting a main force, stealth attack, assassination, demolition, you name it and they kill it.

At the moment? It seems like dear Havok may just be about to enter into for the battle of their lives


I'm gonna be honest here. This part is still under construction and I'm sorry for that. This is going to be a stat RP in a way, but not exactly anything like Return of the Emblem love you phoenix! I'm working on it currently and I'll have this system up soon.

[spoiler=Character Creation]




Rank: NOTE, you are allowed to be a Private or Corporal unless I state otherwise. If we get too many Corporal submissions I will start refusing to accept any more of this rank


Description and Appearance:




[spoiler= System n stuff, not done]


Damage:The firepower of the weapon minus your cover is taken out of your HP.Run out of HP and you take a serious wound; roll a d6.

1-3 Minor Wound Fight on, on a single HP. Future rolls on this table during the battle will be rolled with a +1.

4-5 Wounded You are out of the fight, assistance is needed

6 Heavily wounded- The character needs assistance and will be unable to participate in the next battle unless a LUCK point is spent

Cover is the equivalent of armor Areas denoted as different strengths of cover on the map. 'Weak' cover, such as sandbags, gets weakened by 1 mitigation every attack that is fired towards a man inside it.Explosive fire directed at weak cover destroys the cover on that tile. Other, stronger cover merely gets weakened by 1 mitigation for every explosive attack.


You can move in lieu of an action every turn. You have three choices;

Cautious Move forward/backward 2 spaces, in cover.

Sprint Move 4 spaces, but attacks against you get a +1 to hit.

Charge Move 2 spaces and either shoot or attack, but the shot takes a -1 tohit and attacks against you get a +1 to hit.

Example of Weapon Stats

Standard Rifle

Accuracy:5 + MRK

Range:Medium (5)

Tommy Gun

Firepower:10 + (MRK/2)

Range:Short (4)


Firepower: 3 Range: Very short (3)

Explosive = More damage to cover




1 Melee weapons

2 Shotguns

3 Pistols and thrown explosives

4 Submachine guns and traditional ranged weaponry

5 combat rifles and launched explosives

6 Sniper Rifles

7 Mounted Machine guns and/or artillery (ie tanks)

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Description of Pvt. BROOKS, Paul James Enlistment for Havoc Squad


Age 23 years 4 months

Height 5 feet 8 inches

Weight 147 lbs.

Complexion White

Eyes Hazel

Hair Blond

Religious Denomination C of E

Place of Birth Auckland, New Zealand

Next of Kin BROOKS, Thomas (father)

Distinctive Marks

Small scar on left cheek

Two missing teeth from bar fight

Slight limp


Sergeant's Note

Hereby declaring Paul BROOKS competent with sniper weaponry, and fit for duty as a corps marksman.

Description of Cpl. ROCHA, Anthony Enlistment for Havoc Squad


Age 44 years 7 months

Height 5 feet 11 inches

Weight 176 lbs.

Complexion Tanned White

Eyes Blue

Hair Grey-brown

Religious Denomination Roman Catholic

Place of Birth Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Next of Kin ROCHA, Franca (daughter)

Distinctive Marks

Small scar on lip

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All right, added a work in progress system to the OP. Hey on the off chance anyone reads this that's a laugh feel free to suggest me stuff in the chat topic about what stuff I need help with

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