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Pairing for Miriel, Frederick or Libra?

Big Klingy


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  1. 1. Based on the information below, which woud you recommend?

    • Frederick
    • Libra

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Okay, so I've pretty much decided all my pairings... except one. The guys I would normally consider pairing Miriel with for story reasons (Ricken and maybe Vaike) are already paired off, meaning I kinda have to pull a "Pair the Spares", pardon my TV Tropes vocabulary. Here are the "eligable bachelors" I have left:


-Gaius (I'm pairing Panne with MU, he'd be with her otherwise)



Gregor is definately out, sorry pal. Gaius is probably out too, I'll only really resort to him if everyone here tells me the other two suck. So it's mostly down to Frederick and Libra. Let's weigh up the pros and cons:


Laurent base growths as a Mage/Sage: [HP, Str, Mag, Slk, Spd, Luk, Def, Res]

81 25 50 60 55 46 33 38

Laurent Cap Mods:

Str +3

Mag +2

Skl +4

Spd +0

Lck +1

Def +1

Res +1

Inherited Classes: Too many to list


-I like it better story-wise. (The two stoic/logical members. Plus Frederick is a closet pyromaniac and she likes disecting people, they're perfect for eachother)

-Both join early, so I can get started on the pairing quickly.

-Frederick needs to be doing something while I'm not using him

- Might make for a decent Dark Knight. (Though I'm REALLY starting to like Nowi's growths as one now...)

-Inherits a LOT of classes, lots of potential skill combos.

-Physical reclass options don't suck.

- Better Def


-No really "great" cap additions, except Skill (probably the least useful one too.)

-0 Speed cap addition. (A REALLY big deal)

-Not as good a Dark Knight as Nowi

-Mag could be better


Laurent base growths as a Mage/Sage:

76 20 58 61 55 48 28 41

Laurent Cap Mods:

Str +1

Mag +5

Skl +3

Spd +2

Lck +0

Def -1

Res +2


-Much better Mag and Res

-Better Cap Mods overall

-It makes Laurent inheriting Secluded Lady make more sense


-I like it less story-wise, and with no supports up for them I have nothing to go on.

-Inherits almost NO classes, and the only real new Skill he gets is Miracle. (Which I'm not too fond of as it requires you to put your character in a situation that could kill them)

-Joins later, so no getting started on the pairing for quite some time.

-Frederick has to sit on the bench doing nothing all game

- Terrible at any non-magic class

Now, I know it seems like Libra has very few pros, but those two pros are very, VERY big ones. Especially the cap mods, that's the main thing that worries me about Frederick.

So basically, the choice is between Laurent being an only "decent" mage, but versitile, or being a really good mage who can't do anythiing else for the life of him.

Random Note: I've said many times before I don't like reclassing and never plan on using it, but I'm making a partial exception for this game. Partial meaning I'm going to reclass enough to unlock everyone's skills, but then I'll go back to their starting class and keep them there, for the parents at least. For the children, since I want variety in my team, I may pick another class as their "main" class if their actual starting class is too similar to a 1st gen character. What this means is a Frederick-fathered Laurent's class will most likely be Dark Knight. Libra's may have to stay as Mage though.

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Since you've already thrown aside the 'story' options, you might as well go for raw power.

A man once said that specialisation was for insects, and that a true human being should be able to do anything. That man never played Awakening.

Go with Libra, is what I'm saying.

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This just answered my own question about who my Miriel should marry, and that is Libra. Since Postgame Libra has the class changing options to create deadly sets unlike Fred and Laurent only needs the class options he has automatically. Since he's really meant to heal as a Sage.

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-Inherits almost NO classes, and the only real new Skill he gets is Miracle. (Which I'm not too fond of as it requires you to put your character in a situation that could kill them)

Not exactly: Libra also relieves Miriel of having to spend time as a War Cleric to pass Renewal (A good Defensive Skill for units like Sages who can't rely well on their defenses)...

Anyways, like OP said, a Frederick-fathered Laurent makes a great Dark Knight because the class flows well with the Great Knight's skills regardless of which branch he could promote from (Cavalier for Sword training, Knight for Sturdiness); but as the plan seems more to make Laurent into a Sage, Libra has the upper-hand: because if there's just one class branch that benefits Laurent as a Sage outside those he starts with, it's the Priest branch to give him an early start in Staff training.

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