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Lissa as a pegasus knight?


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Her stats:

Level 20 cleric---> Level 1 Pegasus knight

8 strength---->12

15 magic----->14

15 skill-------->20

14 speed----->18

17 luck-------->17

7 defense---->10

17 res--------->17

She'd beat my other two peg knights in just about everything so I'd get a good flier...but I'd lose a healer. I have Serra and Maribelle though; I never find myself wanting more than one healer at a time anyway.

What do you guys think? I'm playing normal mode in case difficulty makes a difference.

Should she go troubadour instead?

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If Lissa become a Dark Flier she can learn Galeforce which is one of, if not the most, useful skill/support skill in the game. This skill should be passed down to Owain too.

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Even on Hard Mode I changed her into a Pegasus Knight as soon as she hit level 10. I had Maribelle available as a healer, and didn't sweat a chapter until Chapter 9 (the second desert chapter), which was only because she could barely move. Luckily, that's where you get Libra, so I didn't have too long to go without a healer.

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It's closer to my plans for making her a War Cleric: I might reclass her as a "-->Peg. Knight-->Falcon Knight--> War Cleric" because those three classes share the same 40% Strength growth so a few 20 levels will be enough get up to shape for rocking those axes or not making her son depend solely on his father for Strength.

Alternatively, for those times one's willing to train Owain as either an Hybrid or a Heavily Magic-oriented unit, going "-->Troubadour-->Valkyrie-->Sage" is also a good choice for the small boost they all share in her Magic growth. But then again, in Normal Mode there's no need for efficient reclassing...

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