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BigKlingy's Playthrough Log 2: Awakened

Big Klingy

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Hi guys. Warning, long post alert. Anyway, I'm not sure if any of you remember my playthrough log of FE12 when I first got it (in Japanese). I guess you could call it a text Let's Play, but it's more like me discussing my impressions on the game and sharing cool stuff that happens in chapters. Even less of you may remember my 'semi-blind' log of Pokemon Black when I first played it.

I decided to do a similar thing with this game. Of course, this one won't feature any translations, but if there are any story conversations you want to request involving my pairings or other things, go ahead. I might also post conversations I find interesting.

Okay, let's get to it!

First thing's first, what I know about this game going in. I've watched ShadowOfChaos' LP up to Chapter 11. Actually that's not entirely true. I skipped Chapter 9 because SPOILERS, and skipped most of the dialogue in Chapters 10 and 11, but watched the gameplay. (dat music) Now, that was in Japanese. Regarding English dialogue, I've watched footage of the demo, so I've seen all of P and Ch 1, and I've watched GameXplain's video of Chapter 4, but that's it. So I'm essentially 'blind' on the English localisation elsewhere. (Aaaaactually I've also seen SoC's Inigo Paralogue video, so I know that too. But that's all.)

Okay, this isn't exactly a blind run. I know all the characters, the children and who I'm pairing everyone up with. I also know a lot about the story, such as the identity of Masked Marth, Validar's connection to the Avatar (damn that being spoiled!), the Bad Future and that

something very bad happens to Emmeryn, though I'm not sure what, I can easily guess. I read her supports, so it was pretty much a given.

But still, I'd appreciate no spoilers please. And not just about story. Gameplay-wise I have no idea what the maps even look like past Chapter 11, and I want to be kept blind on that.

With that sorted, let's go to prelims, phase 2: my pairings.

NOTE: No debates please. These are my personal choices, and should not influence or be influenced by anyone else. These have been set in stone for me ever since that game's Japanese release, do NOT tell me to change any.

The first thing you should probably know is I pair for story rather than gameplay first and foremost. There's a reason I've always liked Levin!Sety and never used Levin!Arthur, and why I still support Holyn X Ira despite everyone telling me it's "sub-optimal", I just think it's sweet. (And I like Luna + Astra)

So that's my logic here too, very few of these pairings were motivated by gameplay benefits, although I'm sure the kinda will end up amazing regardless. So I'll go through each one and my reasons for it:

-Avatar X Panne.

Decided a while ago. The Taugel race needs to continue, after all, and I like the idea of Yarne not being the last Taugel. (Though I'm sure he'll still claim he is) That being said, if I wasn't doing this, she'd go with Gaius. I like their supports.

Also regarding "waifus", I am personally against people getting posessive of them like I've seen a lot around here. Come on, they're fictional characters, who cares of someone else paired their "player-created-but-equally-fictional" avatar with them? And it's not fair to people who support pairing them with other characters. Anyway...

Chrom X Sumia

It's the one the game hints is most-likely canon. That's pretty much it. I'm a sucker for canon or near-canon pairings, in fact they're pretty much the only pairings I ship. There's a reason my FE4 playthrough went with all the "predestined" pairs. I don't know why, I just don't really go for crack pairings, for me there's gotta be evidence in canon. You'll see that come into play later.

But anyway, I like this pair, their supports are sweet, and it's virtually canon. (I also heared Chrom-fathere'd Cynthia has an AWESOME recruitment conversation. Please don't spoil it for me)

Remaining females go in order of introduction

Lissa X Lon'qu

I mainly did this because Owain is a Myrmidon, has a similar outfit to Lon'qu, and has similar hair. That can't be a coincidence. (Kinda like how Sylvia's son always looks insanely like Claude) Secondly, she's the first woman he meets in the main story, and she seems to think he's kinda hot at first. That sold me. Though I admit I also approve of Frederick and Vaike for her.

Sully X Stahl

I admit, this was mostly because I couldn't resist pairing the Red and Green knights togeather. This is also one of the few pairs I haven't read the Japanese supports for, so this'll be entirely new. Though their bios say he loves to eat and she's "the last one you want cooking." That could be a problem.

Miriel X Frederick OR Libra

I made a poll for this a while ago, and Libra won by a landslide. But you know what? I'm still not sure. Just after I made that poll, I read something that said "while it's great to seek advice from your peers, [...] you should ignore what you're told if your gut tells you that you'd rather do something else". Could it have been a sign? Because despite Libra making for a good Mage father, I just really don't like the idea of Frederick being alone. He's a cool guy, he deserves someone. And Miriel seems a good match for him personality-wise... though Libra did have a tragic past, so he deserves to be happy too... ARRRGH! You know, I'll support her with both for the time being and go for which ever conversations I like the most.

Mariabelle X Ricken

This one's interesting. At first, I only did this because i wanted to pair Ricken with a magic user, and I didn't really feel comfortable pairing him and Miriel. (Now that I know their voice actors are married though, I might change my mind... Seriously, that's be hilarios.) And Mariabelle was the only unpaired mage female so, yeah.

And then I watched ShadowOfChaos' LP Chapter 5, and saw that he saves her. They have actual shipping fuel in-universe! I was sold! Funny coincidence, that.

Cordelia X Vaike

I kinda like the idea of Chrom's best friend and Sumia's best friend hooking up. I immagine they could get to talking after the wedding or something. But anyway, I ALSO noticed this gives some REALLY good cap bonuses to Severa, especially for her Mercenary build. Plus, she get's great growths too. I have a feeling she's going to become a monster.

Nowi X Donnel

I was one of those "anyone other than Ricken or Donnel for her is creepy" folks, and Ricken was already paired. But this was also partly because Manakete's naturally good growths + Donnel's Aptitude = INSANITY. NAH BREAK GAME NOW! Their supports are kinda cute too, and apparently Donnel is curious about the world and other places, so I guess him marrying a dragon sort of makes sense.

Tharja X Kellam

Okay, I admit, this one's a bit cracky. Bear with me for a moment, it's kind of a long story.

Ages ago, not long after the Jp. release, I wrote a semi-crossover fanfic, involving an Ace Attorney style case in the Awakening universe. Mostly inspired by Virion's appearence, obviously, and it was kinda a test of my AAI2 translating skills. (If you're going to be translating cases, you may as well try your hand at writing one) To sum up, Virion was the defence (this is AAI style, remember), Kellam was the victim (no-one would know he was gone, no-one would really care who killed him... it was perfect) and Henry was the defendant. (Guy who could very easily have done it if he wanted to, but he didn't. Someone hard to defend. Henry's character worked well for that.) The murder weapon was a Death Curse (narrowing down the suspects considerably), so I cast Tharja as the mandatory "really really suspicious witness who seems to have the perfect motive but actually is a Red Herring". (If you've played AA you'll know what I'm talking about, every game has at least one.) I paired her with Kellam in the fic, because her Yandere tendancies made for THE perfect red herring motive. (This was before I found out she's pretty much only Yandere for the Avatar) So that's really all you need to know. (Don't ask to see the fic, it's probably terrible)

Then I read their supports on SF, and actually kinda liked them. So it's settled. Again, I admit this is weird, but yeah.

Olivia X Henry

Their supports. Their. Supports. HHHHHHNGH. Thank you SO much whoever first translated those, now I can't possibly immagine pairing her with anyone else. (Though I admit Lon'qu is great for hilarity value. To restate: She's shy, he's scared of women, their kid is a wonanizer. lol.)

Another factor in this is my sister. I showed her those supports a long time ago. I probably shouldn't have, because I think I created the most insane die-hard shipper in the universe. She's openly admited to me that HenryXOlivia is her biggest OTP in the history of EVERYTHING. When I joked about her making Henry and Olivia Sims in Sims 3 just so she could marry them there, she seriously considered it. (Can you do pink hair in The Sims?) Anyone who doesn't support it, watch out, she may hunt you down and kill you. Just kidding, she's actually really nice. But she will get angry at you. So I'm basically obliged to do this.

Cherche X Virion

Self-explainitory, really. I didn't expect it to win by a massive landslide in her "best pairing" poll though! Wow.

And that's about it. I honestly don't know who the children are going to be paired with, except for Yarn X Nah, because, surpruse surprise, I like their supports. But other than that, I dont' know. (I'm considering pairing Inigo and Lucina, because then my sister's two OTPs will be linked. That and it'd be kinda funny for the guy who keeps hitting on girls to finally score with the princess)

Okay, that's probably all I have time for, my family's going out in a few minutes. I've already got a bunch of notes on Premonition, Prologue and Chapter 1, so expect those later today. All you need to know for now is this game certainly lives up to my hype. I haven't been this excited since my birthdays when I was a kid, and I really mean that. I stayed up past midnight playing, and was worried for a bit I wouldn't be able to sleep. And when I woke up my first thoughts were "Awakening is so awesome!!!"

So, umm... yeah.

EDIT: First update.

So the opening movie. I've seen many videos of this and the early chapters, but this is the first time i've seen it in 3D. To be honest, I didn't notice the 3D effect much in the opening movie...

But the title screen is a different matter entirely. The flying petals look AMAZING.

Now, as for my difficulty, I had a bit of a dillema. I plan to try to level up everyone in every class eventually, and apparently that's harder to do without DLC on hard. But I was also worried Normal wouldn't be enough of a challenge. In the ebd, I settled on Hard. Here's hoping Entombed Heavan is released soon.

As for Casual vs Classisc, I would normally choose classic out of principle, but this time I did otherwise. Why? I'm still going to reset if someone dies, but I figure the Battle Saves will help if anyone here requests any conversations. So basically, I'll be using them to ensure I get boss conversations and the like, plus to see both versions of some mutually exclusive convos.

With that, it's on to the Avatar creation. I did take a photo, but my camera's quality is crap. I might upload it later. In the meantime, I'll list my choices:

Build: Male 01

Face: 04

Hair: 04

Hair Colour: 04. (Closest to "Sety Green" I could find)

Voice: Male 1

Name: BigKlingy

Asset: Defense

Flaw: Luck

For hair, I was tossing up between 3 and 4. Strangely enough, 3 made my character look much younger. 3 also made them look more like a physical fighter, while 4 made them more mage-ish. In the end I went with 4. Voice wan't much of a contest, the other two sounded too old. You know, the one gripe I have with this game's voice acting is the Male Avatar options. It's not that they're not good, there's just not much variety in them. 2 and 3 sound way too similar. Female has a better selection, to be honest. With that done...

Premonition: Invisible Ties

I've seen this chapter at least 3 times before, and it's not possible to lose, so I don't have much to say here. The main thing I did realise was just how much better the maps look in 3D. It's a really huge difference. I also noticed a weird purple fiery thing above Validar. Hmm... what could that be?

Since tutorials are disable by default on Hard, I have access to the Pair Up system immidiately. I'm glad, because it's something I really want to practice with. Plus it builds Supports faster. So Chrom and Klingy Tage team GO!

And what a first performance. The Validar fight could not have gone better: Chrom hits for 20 damage with his Silver, I Dual Guard (sorry, I think that sounds better than Support Block) Grima's Truth, Dual Strike with Thoron, and Chrom finishes. That was epic.

I won't say what happens next for those who don't wish to be spoiled, but I will say the red lightning effects in the cutscene look better in 3D. It's like they're part of the screen.

I'm getting tired, will update more later.

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Sorry about this. I guess this counts as a project thread, so I might be allowed to double post. Might. Sorry if I'm not. It would be good to get at least one reply though, so I know at least someone is reading this. Man, I feel like Kellam...

Prologue: The Verge of History

I've already seen the intro scene many times, so I don't have much to say. Well, not now. You'll see later.

The church looks really nice in 3D. Have I mentioned that 2D videos really don't do the maps in this game justice? This may be one of the best uses of 3D I've seen on the system. It really gives the maps a sense of depth, even more so than FE9 and 10's.

Okay, I fiddled around with the options here, and found some interesting stuff. For one, I prefer Digital movement controls. The more snappy cursor movement just suits the grid based system more, to me at least. The other scrolled too slowly.

What the heck is "Advanced Auto?" I ended up finding out later, but at the time I had no idea.

Hmm... 'cursor memory' (otherwise known as Auto Cursor, starting the cursor on your main Lord) is off by default? That's a first. I guess since there's kinda two main Lords this time, but still, strange.

The thing that interests me is "Classic" vs "Evolved" weapon selection. Evolved is exactly like New Mystery, you have to press X and Y to cycle through weapons on the combat screen itself, as opposed to selecting your weapon then viewing the forecast. I was going to go with classic... but I recently completed a full LP of New Mystery on Youtube, so I'm so used to it's system I preffer it. Plus, it's nice getting to directly compare how each weapon affects your combat stats, as opposed to having to cycle back to the list every time you want to switch.

On to the chapter itself! The first thing that caught my attention is that the Avatar already has some Sword and Tome experience right from the start. So does Chrom. (Sword, not Tome obviously) Lissa and Frederick don't. That's interesting.

Oh crap, the leftmost Barbarian has Gamble. So does the boss. Crap. Anyone who knows me will know I'm a little paranoid of low crit %s on enemies, because they ALWAYS tend to get me. Here's a typical example (see 6:43):

So you can tell I was scared. VERY scared.

Other things I noticed: all the enemies have C ranks. That's a far cry from the A's of Loony, but still, that means being on the wrong end of the weapon triangle will hurt a bit, most of us having Es. Thankfully only Frederick gets WTD here, and I promtly unequipped his Silver Lance. Unnarmed Meatshield duty for you! (And bodyguarding Lissa. That Def boost helps, as does the extra movement.)

...Speaking of unarmed meatshields, the AI seems smart enough to ignore them in this game. Dang, was hoping I could use that. I've got a vid of PoR's Prologue up, and if you watch it you'll see just how much the AI in that game thinks Unarmed Meatshields are MAGNETS. (Titania nearly leveled up from no damage exp alone...) So I guess they do learn. Kinda like how the Battle Subway AI in Black/White is now smart enough to switch when they get TrickScarfed. (I loved doing that in 4th gen, lol)

First Avatar Level Up: HP, Strength, Speed and Res. Not bad.

First Chrom Level Up: Strength and Luck. Uh oh. Not a good start. Come on, you can do better than that!

Oh crap, that Mage has 1% Crit... phew, he didn't crit. He's still dying right now just to be sure.

Chrom's second Lv Up was much better: Strength, Skill, Luck, Def, Res and a weapon level up to D to boot. That's more like it!

Speaking of Level Ups... it seems you guys were right about Veteran being broken. I SERIOUSLY underestimated just how much of a boost 50% was, he gets like 50 exp per kill when Paired Up... which is always. Since he Levels up so fast, I'm getting Chrom to lead most of the time.

Okay, on to the boss. I wrote down his description, but it seems SF already has it up. But there's something about it that isn't up here... I'll say later. For now just know he had 8% CRIT. Oh crap, that's TERRIFYING. Please don't crit please don't crit please don't... oh who am I kindding, It's me, of course he's going to...

He did.






The crit only did 15 damage to me, when I had like 18 HP or something. I don't believe it. Picking Defence as my Asset, totally worth it. That's it, from now on my Avatar shall be know as "he who survives boss crits." That's also going to be his pickup line with his Waifu. "He, you know I once survived a crit from a boss? You don't find men like that everyday..."

I'll stop. Still, that was awesome. And if Lissa heals me, I could take another one! ...But I won't, besides, there's a sparkly space nearby I missed.

Back to fighting. The boss misses me next time. (He had 56% hit, so that crit was even more ridiculous) Right now I was thinking: "I could use a Dual Strike right about now, Chrom..." and he obliged. Everything I say is coming true in this chapter!

Map Clear: Heroes - Chrom and Avatar. Well of course!

"Swords, Sorcery and Tactics, is there anything you can't do?", asks Lissa.

Surviving boss crits. Yeah, I'm going to be bragging about that for a while.

Not much to mention in the ending scene, since I've seen it a lot already. But anyway:

Best line this chapter: "Unless he's on fire too, it can wait."

Yeah, I'll be recording my favourite lines from each chapter. The localisation is AMAZING, and I want to pay tribute to it.

Chapter 1: Unwelcomed Change

Again, no comments on intro or cutscene. I've seen this like, 3 times. But Lissa's dialogue is still awesome. She's my favourite staff wielder in the series now, hands down.

Woah, the ash and smoke effects look awesome in 3D. Sometimes, I actually freaked out thinking stuff was blowing on the screen, only to realise it was the in-game graphics!

Hmm... none of the enemies here have skills. The boss has HP +5, but that's it. Seems as though this may end up being easier that the last chapter! Are enemy skills random at this point?

I managed to snag an Erika's Blade from an event tile. Now should that go to me or Chrom... whoever gets to C first, I guess.

And then Sully and VIRION!!! Seriously, Virion is awesome. He's now also one of my favourite characters in the series. And his intro is awesome. Sully's cool too. In fact, I'm liking her gameplay-wise a lot more than I thought I would. She Dual Guarded Virion with a 4% chance! (I like to immagine she did it accidently and was dismayed to find out she'd actually saved his life, but still)

Okay, right now I was starting to think keeping Fred doubled with Lissa all the way up the top wasn't the best idea... they've now drawn some enemies, and Virion and Sully really need healing. I ended up taking a bit of a gamble and exposing her to one enemy to get a heal in. Thank goodness for double attacking needing 5 speed higher instead of 4, or she would have been a goner. Fred's Def bonus helps too.

And... Lissa gained Strength. What is it with THIS chapter and her getting Strength? ShadowOfChaos had it happen too... maybe it has something to do with the whole bear meat incident "building her character"?

The boss was pretty easy, no fluke crits here! Virion got the kill of course. That guy is SO going to be in my main party.

Chapter 2: Shepards

New territory here as for as localisation is concerned. And wow, these CGs look so different in 3D. Seriously, the ones up on the site don't do them justice. The one with Emmeryn looks almost totally different with 3D on. It's kind of like a pop up book. Does this mean confessions will be like this too?

Oh, and "the old villager who says 'Thunderation!'" is officially awesome. He's the Obligatory Memetic NPC of the playthrough so far.

Best line of this scene: "And so we are [shepards]... in a manner of speaking. We just have a LOT of sheep." Heh, the Japanese version couldn't do something like that. I love the whole Shepards thing, actually. Sooooooooo much better than "Chrom's Viginantes".

Chrom and Avatar got to C. That tends to happen about now, from what I've seen.

The Shepard HQ scene was great. I love all the voices here, Vaike is great and Sumia, she's actually perfect IMO. It's funny, it's quite different from the Japanese, but it still conveys the same thing. Also...

Chrom (to Sumia): "Just stay by me (forever, as my Waifu) and you'll be fine." I mentally added the bit in brackets. You''ll have to excuse me, I ship them. As does the game.

Also Stahl. Sully's future husband arrives. His voice gives him super strength.

Frederick: "Now listen up, especially those of you who actually BROUGHT weapons!" Ah, Frederick, you are awesome. So it seems The Vaike (why do I think of Sly when I hear that? "The Vaike knows no song, but the triumphant horn section of his own triumph!") won't be getting much action here... but he can be put to use as a Double partner! Which, in fact, I'm really liking him as. +5 Strength is a great bonus for just about any physical user. He went with Virion for the time being.

Stalh and Sully did a good job paired up. No dual attacks at first though, which annoyed me. Lissa seemed to be running low on Heal uses. Just as I was thinking "she needs a new staff..." I find a Kneader. Eh, it'll do for now.

Miriel comes on, and she's pretty cool. She takes The Vaike and gives the mediocre dunce his axe back, but she'll be going with Fred as soon as she's able. I still have a soft spot for them...

With the initial asault down, I used a blockading strategy on the bridge. Two pairs: Chrom and Avatar, Stalh and Sully, blocked the bridge, with Miriel and Virion behind, and Lissa on hand for healing. There were no ranged enemies, so those in the rear were safe. I admit I took this chapter a little slower than I should have, I just like to be safe. And with a new game, I'm not sure what all the enemies are capable of.

After a few turns, only the boss remained, and it seemed like he doesn't move. So I can take my time and grab... an Imposing Axe? Hmm, that's probably the gigantic thing I've seen in vids... 35% Hit?!?!?! Um... what? This isn't FE6! Oh well, it'd D, so The Vaike can use it... I wonder if he'll hit with it...

Stalh and Sully go for the boss and FINALLY Dual Strike. It's about time! No kill though. Felling sorry for him missing out, I let The Vaike get it. "Bet you're all glad I found my axe now, huh!" (I picture him saying something like that)

Chapter 3: Warrior Realm

Support time! Wow, Stalh and Sully are at C already! They're doing pretty well, actually. The support mentions Cain and Abel, which is cool. Apparently the Name Chart needs to know what Great Bull and Black Panther were localised to. Well from what I saw they were just called "Bull" and "Panther" here, no adjectives.

Them supporting so fast made me wonder... who'll be first to marry? I think I'll hold a contest: winner gets a forged weapon on me! (...if I can afford it)

Okay, next chapter. Wow the snow looks cool in 3D. ...I've gone on about how pretty the 3D is a lot, haven't I. Well it's true.

Preparations, finally! I remember seeing the new list-based trading system in videos, and I was worried I woundn't be able to use it. Actually I got used to it just fine.

Looking at the map and... lolololol, Raimi has Indoor Fighter, but she'll never get to use it since she only fights in this chapter and it's not indoors! I admit I laughed out loud for a while at this.

Okay, I have to kick one character out here... I settled on Vaike, as he's the only one here whose Waifu is not present. Shame, he could have helped against the Armours, but I guess I have Miriel and Avatar.

Soooooo we begin. lol "Even the pegasus is blushing." Yes, even Sumia's pegasus ships her and Chrom. Right, you're being Paired Up right now. Let's get you leveled up real good... though there are a few too many archers for my liking. But strangely, they all kept attacking something else, and seemed to get damaged for some reason... I seem to remember Chrom recruiting someone too, but it was probably just my immagination.

Stalh and Sully still impress me and... hot DAMN Cav weapon ranks rise FAST! I seriously underestimated Discipline. x2 WEXP is a LOT. It's only been a few chapters and already they're almost up to C in their respective specialty weapons.

My plan was Stahl/Sully, Chrom/Sumia and... I could have sworn there was someone else... going up the left flank, while Me and Virion, Fredrick/Miriel and Lissa took the right. With Virion bereft of Sully, he was free as a Double partner, so I thought I may as well. And he dual guarded me! Man, my Defence must be rubbing off on everyone. He did a fair amound of Dual Strikes too, probably on account of his really high skill stat.

As foe Miriel... her level ups haven't been so great. Good thing I'm not really going to be using her, but still...

Another event tile... another Erika's Blade?! Oh well, now I don;'t need to decide who gets it: we can both have one!

Breaking through the left flank... I now realise Sumia starts at level 1. Oh dear, she needs to catch up, and FAST. Perhaps the boss aught to do it...

The Hammer guy is comming, and I'm sure I could here someone ducking away because it could spell instant death for him... oh, and Hammers are D now, while they were C back in New Mystery. I always thought Cord starting with a C just because of the Hammer was weird... Oh well, it's D now, and you know what that means: It's Vaike time!

Now on to the boss... oh oh, Sumia can't hurt her. Crap. That means no exp, so she's stuck at Lv 2. That's really bad, even the people I'm not actively training are at 3 by now, and those I'm using (Chrom, Avatar and Virion) are at 6. Sumia should be joining those 3, seeing as she's Chrom's future wife and all. Hmm, Paralogue 1 may involve grinding of more than one underleveled character...

I had to use Miriel to wear the boss down... and she got ridiculously lucky, she dodged two 84% attacks from Raimi in two consecutive phases. Shame she in turn missed one of her 83%s, but oh well.

Okay, the boss is down to 4 HP, and Sully will double with 2 damage each hit. Provided she hits both, this should be fine. And seeing as her hit chance is in the 80s, that should be...


Damn it! now we're doomed... until suddenly, somehow, the boss just keeled over, defeated. I wonder who could have landed the final blow, I certainly didn't see anything...

And so that's that. That chapter unlocked supports for Chrom and Sumia, Avatar and Virion and Frederick and Miriel. But I'll save them for next time, where we recruit a certain southern-accented Est...

Or would have, if I didn't get distracted.

Intermission: Team OTP vs Ilia's Finest!

So I unlocked wireless options after the last chapter, so I messed around with my Streetpass profile. Not that anyone'll ever see it until April...

And then I discovered the Spotpass Team option. All the Blazing Sword teams were available, though most looked out of my league... except one. But let's see what's in the Sacred Stones set... Umm... Hi Lv 20 Lyon and a whole army of Sorcerers. I'll just be leaving now.

But hey, Florina's only Lv 3, this could work. Sumia needs exp, and what better way to train a pegasus knight but against another one? So it was settled, a challenge. Team OTP (Chrom/Sumia and Stalh/Sully, with Frederick/Miriel as support) vs the Androphobic Pegas Knight from Ilia! It's the battle of the century, let's get it on!

Hmm... lots of Myrms, great fodder for Sumia... but I don't like the look of all those Archers. The plan was to lure them to the side while Chrom/Sumia go and take down the others. And WOAH... forgot this world map location was Chapter 1, a.k.a apocalyptic lava land.

...Okay, I think these guys get some pretty serious boosts on Hard (at least compared to story enemies at this point) as their stats are quite good. In fact, I soon learned that Florina herself hardly posed a threat at all, in fact she couldn't even scratch all but the most frail of my characters! (I see Nerfalins are still in... But seriously, even CHROM took 0 damage!)

The Myrms though... kinda weak, but seriously, 10 Luck!? Speaking of which...

I've never had a single crit this whole playthrough. Even when Chrom had a 15% crit rate at one point. No cut-ins, no voice acting... this is getting sad. I hope I get one soon.

Okay, this was a little tougher than I expected, and my first attempt didn't end well. Well, except for SULLY DUAL GUARDING STALH THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!! (With only a 6% chance at that!) They are now officially my new OTP, seriously. Shame that run didn't succeed.

I had more success sending my Avatar Doubled with Lissa to distract and weaken the Archers... I didn't count on him getting doubled by the Myrms though, fortunately his good Def held. After all this, Sumia was now Lv 4, and Team Klingy has its first Legacy Character! Though I doubt I'll use her much when I have Sumia, Cordelia and Cynthia.

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This is an interesting thread. I'll be reading everything that happens, so don't bore me, okay~

Strange what happened during the third chapter. There's a possibility you have some sort of benevolent spirit on your side. Maybe a god of fortune has granted you it's favor?

To think the first person you would recruit from an alternate world would be that shy Pegasus Knight. I don't suppose I can blame you, though. It'll be the same for me.

Anyway, it's not much, but maybe this post can hold you over until more interesting beings take note of your existence?

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Might not be able to be seen ever, if Spotpass is region locked like we think T_T

I'm lucky in that 3 days a week I streetpass with someone with a US 3DS, so when I get my bundle (I was able to stalk it all the way to Melbourne, but from there I can't tell if it's been put on a plane to Tasmania, or taken to the DHL depot in Melbourne to hand over to Australia Post, either way, should be here Monday or Tuesday) so I'll be able to get some random streetpasses, but I don't know if I could convince her to get the game OTL`

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Strange what happened during the third chapter. There's a possibility you have some sort of benevolent spirit on your side. Maybe a god of fortune has granted you it's favor

To think the first person you would recruit from an alternate world would be that shy Pegasus Knight. I don't suppose I can blame you, though. It'll be the same for me.

I was more impressed by SULLY DUAL GUARDING STALH 3 TIMES IN A ROW AT 6%. That was just ridiculous, almost as if the game is taking notice that I'm shipping them. (I think I'll call that pairing "Stully")

As for why Florina, she wouldn't be my first choice either (from the FE7 teams the main people I want are Karel and Jaffar), but she was the only one anywhere close to our low levels. She's Lv 3 with Lv 5 flunkies, which isn't too bad for early game. The Spotpass teams are ordered by Level, and the next one up was Nino at Lv 10... but she has promoted units as flunkies, so that's a no-no. (A Hero, Swordmaster and Assassin, representing Lloyd, Linus and Jaffar, the three people she cares about the most. Nice touch.) The next up is Serra, and I'm pretty sure she can't attack at all, but since she's about 17, her flunkies (including her potential husbands, lol) should be pretty high too.

Might not be able to be seen ever, if Spotpass is region locked like we think T_T

You mean Streetpass, right? Bacause I've been getting Spotpass just fine. And it would be sad if no-one's able to see my team, which I plan to include Levin and Sety when they're out, as well as a whole army of adorable but vicious bunny kids. Oh well.

I've only played on one more chapter (actually Paralogue), but enough happened to make for an update of its own. Firstly, shops have now opened up, so we can go get some more weapons and the like. The one at the Longfort sells magic tomes, including Flux which nobody can use yet, so I grabbed another Thunder for my Avatar. Annd noticed Wind has 1 FREAKING MIGHT!? Sigh,m looks like it's back to PoR-weak Wind magic. I seriously hope Forseti didn't get hit. Thunder only has a bit less accuracy than the others (and with True Hit that's not that big a deal), but has respectable might and 5 crit. Not that I've had much luck with crits, mind...

THey also sell Reeking Boxes (NOT Reeky Box, as the site says, you may want to update that.) but they're a little pricey for this point. Do they really only cost 500 gold on Normal? Oh well, there are still random Risen spawns on the World Map, so these are probably only for when you've cleared every chapter. Kinda like the Vs. Seeker in Pokemon in principle, I guess.

Speaking of random spawns, here's on... oh, it's just an Anna. She had a discounted Iron Sword, but my Avatar can't actually use it yet, he's still at E! (I like the ability to counter everything, this this guy's pretty much the only mage I've ever had in an FE, barring Rishel in TRS, who can stand on the frontlines with little trouble, so I've used Tomes a lot) She also had a Beast Killer, which I believe is good against Taugel (which you won't be seeing outside of Streenpass), Horses and Griffons... does it work on Pegasi too? Anyway, Donnel might find some use for it later, it'll give him something else to get easy kills off. Though come to think of it, we haven't had a single Mounted unit on the enemy side yet. That's... very strange, you'd expect to see at least ONE Cav. by now... I'm guessing Valm will have lots, but that's for later.

Speaking of shops, every character has a line they say when told to buy, sell or forge. I'll see if I can get them down...


Buy: "What do you think I need, [NAME]?

Sell: "[Name]... are we strapped for funds?"

Forge: "Which of my weapons did you want to forge?"


Buy: "Hmm, what to buy..."

Sell: "Hmm, what to sell..."

Forge: "Hmm, which weapon..."

lol genericness


Buy: "I love shopping! Oh... for me?! Thanks!"

Sell: "Hey [NAME], which will fetch the most gold?"

Forge: "Thanks! I could use a stronger weapon."

But you don't use weapons yet...


Buy: "You are buying me something? How thoughtful."

Sell: "My posessions are Ylisse's posessions."

Forge: "A keen weapon can make or break a knight."


Buy: "Sell me true love, and I would pay any price."

Sell: "What?! Are we truly so impoverished?"

Forge: "...Improve on perfection? Pah. I dare you to try."


Buy: "For me? Hot damn!"

Sell: "Hell, take it. I don't need any of this crap."

Forge: "You'll hone the weapon. I'll hone the knight."


Buy: "I wonder if they sell hair brushes... No, seriously."

Sell: "Wait... my stuff is actually worth something?"

Forge: "What, my weapons? Sure, forge away!"


Buy: "You need Teach to walk you through shopping basics?"

Sell: "Anything the Vaike touched should fetch a good price!"

Forge: "You can forge weapons, but you can't forge the Vaike."


Buy: "Would a modicum of frugality hurt now and then?"

Sell: "A scholar once said: if you thirst of gold, liquidize."

Forge: "May I watch? I find this whole process fascinating."


Buy: "Oh no! You're spending all our gold and it's all my fault..."

Sell: "I wish I had more valuable things to offer..."

Forge: "It's a shame they can't forge a less clumsy me."


Buy: "I doubt I need anything of significance. You know me."

Sell: "Go ahead. Sell my life. I'll be over here." :sob:

Forge: "Paint it a bright color... I'm trying to turn heads."

Vaike's are my favourite so far, with Virion a close second. Kellam's are just depressing...

Anyway, one more thing I need to mention about shopping: the Armorer's voice reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles. My sister thinks it sounds like Dickson, but it's probably not the same guy. Are generic NPCs even credited?

Support time! Chrom and Sumia got to C, of course, Stalh and Sully hit B, Fredrick and Miriel C and my Avatar supported Virion. Not too much to note here, most are pretty similar to the Japanese ones, but Virion's was still highly entertaining. Yeah, he plays chess, make the obvious refferences. But apparently his tactics are dishonourable... I'm guessing that'll be elaborated on more in future convos. As for 'Stully', Stalh apparently thinks she has nice skin. lol Harry Potter flashbacks.

Anyway, on to... wait, some Risen just spawned on the map! After Florina, Sumia was Lv 4, but that still wasn't enough, as again, most of my main characters are 6 by now. And as luck would have it, this one's a bunch of Thieves! Perfect fodder for a Pegasus Knight, now I wonder if they give insane exp like they did in the last two games... yup, they do! Sumia practically got instant Level Ups from these guys, and despite being Lv 7 themselves, some with Steel weapons, they really didn't put up much of a fight. Funnily enough most of them had Underdog (the localised name of Weak Beats Strong, kind of a given with the Underdog Bow), but the only guy I had above Lv 7 was my Avatar, so they really didn't get to use it much. I was a little scared at the prospect of how much exp my Avatar would get when killing a thief with Veteran, but in the end I decided to let the others get all the glory. He's already Lv 8, after all.

One of the thieves had a small gold bag, and the boss had a Brave Sword. Thankfully, this isn't Looney, so he couldn't use it himself. Phew, that would have been BAD. So two nice items, and by the end of the battle Sumia has well-and-truly caught up with the others!

...And Stalh and Sully reached A. What?? That is freakishly fast, it's almost as if discipline works on supports too! Granted, they DID get a relationship boost from an event tile, but still... I've only had them for two chapters and two skirmishes and they're ALREADY A? Maybe they WILL be the first to get paired... Their A convo is basically her training him more, and worrying that if he ends up surpassing her people will say it's just because she's a woman. He says he treats her as an equal no matter who she is. Aww.

But as for the surpassing thing, she may have a point. Now, I have a bit of an...odd history with Christmas Knights. In just about every FE I've played where I train both at once, one inevitably ends up RNG screwed, while the other gets so blessed they surpass them in every way. So far there's been:

My FE4 playthrough, which you can find on Youtube (on hold due to some circumstances): Noish got screwed and Alex ended up getting more Str and Def than him... but with better skill and speed and the ability to actually double. Noish was regulated to uselessness.

Second playthrough of Shadow Dragon: Abel got so screwed compared to Cain I had to make him a Sniper to avoid the competition!

First playthrough of New Mystery: After a few Level Ups, ody surpassed Luke in every stat. I wasn't actively using either of them, but still...

As for now... well, Stalh IS getting a lot of Skill and Speed. If he gains them on his next level, and Sully gets a particularly bad one, her fears may be justified...

Right, NOW time of the Paralogue. That may be the longest 'between chapters' segment ever...

Paralogue 1: Sickle to Sword

I like the title. It comes from one of Chroms lines here. Anyway, the opening is basically the same as I remember from ShadowOfChaos' translation, except now with more southern accents. I pretty much called this, his Japanese dialect is Tohoku ("Donny dabe was a dead giveaway), which apparently has he same implications as 'hillbilly' Amarican accents. But I'm not complaining, after all, southern accents got a LOT more awesome in my mind after I discovered... something. And Nehpenee had one too, and she was always amazing. Maybe Donnel's a distant relative?

And so we also have more generic banditmen. Who look EXACTLY like Garrick. Seriously, one thing I will fault this game for is this, it's lazier than a pallete swap, remember when FE1 did it with Bord and Cord. I thought we'd gone passed that! Roddick even has the exact same description as Garrick ("The ruffians' savage and unsavoury leader.") It's like they didn't even ATTEMPT to hide their genericness. They may as well have named them all Steve. Well, I guess it's better then Zain McPalletswappe from FE4.

And apparently, Generic Steve the Bandit killed Donney's father. I wonder if he'll have something to say about that...

And wow, this map looks really good in 3... you know what, I'm going to end up saying that about every map, so I'll just stop.

Okay everybody, let's git r' done! Togeather we can raise this Est, 1, 2, 3, 4. (That's about the number of Lv Ups he'll be needing. Be damned if I'll stop at just one.) Okay, surveying the map, looks like Donnel's not here yet, so I can't judge his position. A lot of axe bandits, several with Gamble. (including Generic Steve up top) That's my new most hated skill, I'll say. I just get REALLY paranoid of crit percentages lower than 10, with good reason given what happened back in Ch 1. I hope this Steve doesn't take after his clone.

There's some archers too, and thieves. The thieves are what's important, WTA against Donnel, pretty weak and give huge EXP. I need him to kill them all, but the others are going to have to help at first. There's one thief right above us, with a Bandit and Archer as backup. If all three hit Donnel at once he'll go down faster than... I can't think of an appropriate southern metaphor, sorry. He'll be dead, let's just leave it at that. So someone needs to take the others down. Of course, we can't forget about the bandits in the ruins themselvs, they'll be on us quickly (and one has Gamble) if we don't barricade the exits, but I'd like Donnel to get them too. Don't worry, I had a plan...

Step 1: Grab Donnel a partner. Let's look at our optons, shall we?

Kellam: +2 Str, +5 def (there are just off memory, they might be wrong). Not bad, but I'd like some Speed. His starting spd is pitiful, and it's lights out for him if he gets doubled by a bandit.

Virion: Small boosts to Str, Skl, Spd and Def. Okay, but could be better.

Miriel and Lissa: Both just boost Mag and Res. Nnnnope.

Chrom: Pretty good, but he can't leave Sumia, can he.

Sumia: MASSIVE speed boost with some Luk, but again, can't break up the OTP.

Me: To be honest, I actually forgot the boosts I gave him, but they didn't appeal to me anyway.

Frederick: +4 Str, +1 Speed, +4 Def, +1 Movement. Hells. Yeah. Now that's more like it. Great bonuses to the stats he desparetly needs, and gives speed too. More movement means he'll be able to reach weakened enemies easier. Perfect! Shame that means Miriel will be along for a bit, but she's probably fine.

Chrom went with Sumia, Me with Lissa (I'm liking the Mag boost), and... I'm sure Virion doubled with someone, but I can't seem to remember. Must have been my immagination. He went and blocked one of the entrances to the ruins, while the others dealt with the wave of three above. The first bandit did exactly enough to OHKO Donnel... and he doubled. Hey, I do NOT remember you being able to do that in my first scouting run of this chapter! Stupid random stat variations. (For the record, in my 'scouting' attempt, he did 1 less than Donnel's max HP and didn't double. That's a big difference a few extra points of stats make!)

But with Fred on his side Donnel didn't need to worry about that, and was able to lure and weaken the first guy easily. We lured the others too, and with a little help from Miriel (she took it down to exactly 1 HP), Donnel was able to finish the Thief for his first Lv Up! It was amazing as expected. (I'm pretty sure you'll almost never see Donnel's 1-2 or No Stat quotes unless you're HORRIBLY unlucky. I consistantly got either "No more holdin' the others back now!" and "This little piggie's leared a few new tricks", which I presume are 4 and 5, I wasn't keeping count of the gains.)

Aaaaaad I also got the first ever crit of the playthrough! Surprisingly, it was by Sumia. Against an Archer. On an attack that would have killed anyway. Oh well, at least I got one. "Begone!"

Speaking of crits, the bandits in the ruins seemed to be being drawn to someone, but I couldn't quite make them out. One of the Gamble guys, surprise surprise, got an 8% crit. That number must be unlucky for me or something. Fortunately, whoever it was must have had high defence, as they survived easily. Still, that happened to be in a run that I had to restart (Poor Donnel never saw that hand axe over the wall coming. Neither did I, actually. Let that be a lesson to me, always check enemy equipment!), so it was all good.

So we kept advancing slowly, weakening enemies for Donnel to finish. I was worried about the chests, but thankfully we didn't need to rush: one of the thievs decided he's fancy his luck against Chrom and Sumia's OTP-related brokeness. His HP conveniently ended up in kill range of Donnel. Another down! (Man I love it when the AI gets dumb) Speaking of Chrom and Sumia, they're doing much better now. Both got to Lv 8 this chapter, and Chrom actually managed to gain everything except Res!!! I even took a photo, but I'm feeling too lazy to try to open my old photobucket account. I don't often get perfect Level Ups, but I've got a few near-perfects in my time (Mary Sue in my recent FE12 LP gained everything except Str, which was maxed. Though granted i DID use the Growth Drop on her.) The only perfect Lv Up I remember getting in my time was Laura, of all people, in FE10. Yes, seriously.

They also hit up an event tile and found a... Volent Axe? What does that... oh, good against fliers! It's also the really weirdly-shaped one I remember seeing in a lot of videos. This game has a lot of odd-looking axes, actually.

Anyway, the final thief did end up gettng to the chests and swiped a Killer Lance. Hey, that's Donnel's you no-good ruffian! I let Donnel intercept as he ran back, but he was just 1 dmg short of a 2HKO, and the thief would get away if I let him live one more turn! And everyone else I had would outright kill the theif, not weaken him! This was bad, I'd either miss out of a whole lot of exp for Donnel, or get nothing AND lose the Killer Lance! I had to think fast... wait, perhaps...

Using a cunning conbination of Chrom and Sumia separating (just this once) and Frederick's Move boost, them and Donnel were able to cut off all the thief's routes of escape. Confused, the poor fool started running backwards, but that didn't save him. BAM! Another level up in the bag!

Now all that was left were the archers in the boss room, which Virion was doing a great job of drawing and eliminating. I swear this one time after he'd fired his bow, an unseen ally finished the enemy with a yell of "surprise!" Perhaps the great Virion has a ninja in his employ. Come to think of it, he also seemed to be guarded by an invisible shield a few times too...

Now nothing stood between us and Generic Steve. Now just get Donnel over and WOAH CRAP. Uhhh... that may not be such a good idea. Big numbers with a x2, you don't wanna know. Anyway, I made a save here, as I wanted to see if Donnel got a special conversation with the boss, and annoyingly this game uses the Shadow Dragon thing of "only one conversation per boss per chapter".

Turns out... he doesn't. That's really annoying, especially seeing as the guy killed his father and has his mother hostage. I could picture something like this:

"Heya. My name's Donny, uh, that is, Donnel. Y'all killed my pa. Prepare t'die!"

But alas, it seems Steve is too generic to be a motivational nemesis.

Speaking of Generic Steve, I had Virion both weaken him and lure him into using the Hand Axe. Two shots from him and the boss was down to Donnykill range. (That's a new tern now.) And also, with the Hand Axe the boss doesn't 1-Round Donnel anymore! Amazing the difference a weapon change makes. (Well, the fact Hand Axes and Jevelins have been nerfed to all hell might have something to do with it. I'm still not sure why. Did they get too broken when forged?"

So Donnel destroys Steve's Life Points and puts an end to his generic reign of mild terror.

And what do you know, Donnel did get exactly 4 level ups. He's 5 now, while my main party members (Chrom, Sumia, Virion and Me) are Lv 8. So he'll need a little catch-up, but nothing too bad. He'll be staying as a Villager until he gets Underdog, then it's Merc time for him. I'll need a Second Seal for that, and coincidently an Anna was selling them just before this chapter. I decided not to buy one, as I figured it was a little too early to be worrying about that: by the time he actually needs one we're bound to find one in a chest. Actually, turned out that was sooner than I thought, as literally just after I left the merchant I realized beating Florina gave me enough Renown to get one free! Glad I didn't spend my precious gold now!

Anyway so blah blah blah, Donny wants to fight too, blah blah blah worried mum blah blah... actually the last few lines were pretty touching. Lil' Donny's going to bring back some glory or his old ma', aint that nice? Though I dread to immagine how she's going to react when he brings back his soon-to-be-dragon-wife back to the village to meet the folks, and ma realises her granddaughter is going to have the most ridiculous name ever... but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

For the time being I'll say I fully intend to use Donnel. I kinda laughed when the mother says her "Gods help us!" voie clim at the thought of him fighting, as that's probably what tier listers are thinking. But I'm not one for tiers, I'm more one for stats, and he's certainly going to deliver in that area. Though I admit it's annoying he has to build up a Lance rank for nothing, what were the developers thinking??

Funnily enough, to go on a bit of a tangent, I believe probably the only game to really get Est-style characters right was, ironically Tear Ring Saga. Most of the Ests there, like Narron and Sun, are actually really good and often favourites to use. FE5 took a similar approach: just give them all Paragon. And it worked well: Homeros and Sara were both amazing and highly regarded. So maybe Kaga was the only one who could really do it? It certainly seemed that way, because the next game after he left, FE6, featured Sofiya, possibly THE single worst Est archype ever. (I really don't need to go into all the reasons why she sucks here) Don't get me wrong, I like Ests myself, but I do agree TearRingSaga and Thracia's approach was the best, and simple too. Still, I like Donnel and am goin to use him, and I hope no-one here has a problem with that.

Next time...

Two Falcions, both alike in dignity

In Regna Ferrox, where we lay our scene

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny

Where foreign blood makes khans' hands unclead

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of Lodestar Lords bring the fight

Whose misadventures and special boss convs

Doth with their match, pave way to plot's new strife

And it's going to be EPIC.

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This is not the last you'll see of generic Steve. No seriously he'll appear two or three more times. They were really lazy with some of the paralogue bosses.

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Yes, yes I do mean Streetpass XD Forgive me, was midnight. But yeah, we know at least right now, Japanese -> US versions won't streetpass, and we haven't had reports of a EU -> US random streetpass team, so they look to be locked.

Also, yay, Raise This Barn <3

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Right, before I get to things, I should mention that yesterday when I turned on my game to write down everyone's shopping quotes (this was just after completing Para 1) a Risen squad spawned, once again at the Chapter 1 location. (Come to think of it, I'm currently up to Chapter 6 and even now I've NEVER had a Skirmish that wasn't there!) But I needed to play something else, so I didnt' challenge it immidiately.

When I came back later on, they were still there... but another Risen band had spawned on the same location. Now, I'd read about this: when this happens you have to fight both groups at once, but you get better rewards. So I though I may as well, nothing we can't handle. Plus Donnel needs a little more training.

Sufice to say, I was DEAD wrong. Bloody hell that was a lot of enemies. And one of the squads had Wyverns, so the "chokepoint the bridge" strategy would be useless since they'd just circumvent it. I pretty much gave up, shame too, as there were two Entombed on the map, Donnel would have loved those. Oh well, I guess I'll have to grind in Ferrox. The next chapter is an arena, after all.

Chapter 4: Two Falcions

I've already watched GameXplain's video of this chapter, so the English localisation is nothing new. I still love the whole "damn border guards" sequence, it was an excelent way to translate the Japanese conversation. (There it was a case of him slipping into very casual speech, then correcting himself to uber-polite when he realises he's talking to a ruler. It might seem weird to English speakers, but that's pretty much the equivalent of swearing. Japanese is a language where how you say things matters much more than what you say.)

The one gripe I have is the English version omited a bit of Ferox backstory: the Japanese dialogue specifically said a Khan once died in the tournaments, and they've used foreign fighters ever since.

I love Flavia's laugh, by the way. Tara Platt does a great job of differentiating her from Miriel, which I think deserves praise.

Okaay, on to the chapter and... WHAT DO YOU MEAN I ONLY GET 6 PEOPLE?!?! Argh, I HATE low deployment counts in FE games. Admitedly this is a short chapter, but still, that's only 3 Double pairs I can make, and only a few supports I can raise. And I kinda wanted to level up Vaike a bit, since he's still 3, and even random skirmishes are generally to tough unless you're at least 5. So he's at the odd point where he needs to be higher to survive skirmishes, but can't use them to grind. But fitting him here means I have to cut...

Sorry Virion, you're high enough leveled as it is. Plus your Waifu's not here. (Actually she won't be coming for a LONG time.) Donnel needs in too, obviously, and Sumia needs to stay with Chrom. With Lissa for healing, and of course my Avatar, that's about all we can have. Come to think of it, I forgot to mention that just like FE12, Avatar is optional for main story chapters. (though I presume some later ones will force them) He/She MUST be included in your Streetpass team, however. In fact there even Chrom is optional.

And I'm sure you already know, but no-one is forced for Skirmishes, the only requirement is you have at least one person deployed. I presume it's the same for DLC. Come to think about it, how are Game Overs handled if neither of your Lord characters are present? Anyway, I'm going on a tangent. Let's get back to it.

So there's four Fighters, two Mages, two Armours and a Marth. The Marth moves, so it's a good thing they give you the range checking tutorial now, not that I haven't been using it, mind. Speaking of Marth, they've got some pretty damn good stats for this early in the game, and a 12 might weapon. (You cheater, my Falcion only has 5!) They've also hilariously got the Dual Strike+ skill, though it's not like they'll ever use it. I'm pretty sure the AI never Pairs Up, though I WAS surprised to see the AI of Streetpass teams and the Fountain of Truth being smart enough to use Dancers. Anyway, Marth has one more trick up their sleeve I didn't know until I saw it in action. More on that later.

For the time being, I was more scared of the Fighters with Zeal. It's kinda like Gamble-lite: only +5 Crit, but no downsides. Still doesn't scare me any less. But there's something here that scares me more: the right hand mage has Focus: +10 Crit if there are no allies within 3 spaces. And given how few enemies there are here and how spaced-out they are, that's going to be often. Crap. I get the feeling those "no allies within 3 spaces" skills are going to benefit the enemy more than us, since we're, you know, encouraged to not fight alone.

Aaaaaaactually turns out I didn't have to worry about either, as I botched the chapter and had to restart, and when I did skills had been randomised differently, leaving only the right most Armour with one: Indoor Fighter. But I'd take that over the chance of fluke crits any day.

You know why I had to restart? Turns out there are some times when not Pairing Up is useful. With everyone paired I just couldn't cover enough ground to prevent one flank from going badly, but by splitting Chrom and Sumia up (tore me up, that did, but it was worth it) I now had two units capable of killing per side. That's the one thing about Pairing Up, it means that two character who could have killed two enemies between them on the player phase now can only kill one. A Doubled pair can generally be more productive on the enemy phase though, so it's a bit of a trade-off. But spliting my two best fighters between the flanks worked like a dream here, and we were able to take down just about everything with minimum fuss and near-death experiences.

Oh, Lissa went with Vaike this time, by the way. I liked Pairing her up with my Avatar for the nice Mag boost (we're already at C, by the way. That support was great.), but I wanted a change. I went with Donnel this time, and that worked out pretty well.

And it turned out it was a good thing I restarted, because I remembered to give Vaike the Hammer this time. With it, he OHKO'd both Armours when they came to us. He game an awesome "Class dismissed" after the first one. Man, I love Vaike's dialogue. It makes me with I was using him more.

Right, on to the main event. Funny, I had expected Marth to rush us with the rest of them, but he didn't. Oh well, that means I could guarantee the special conversation. I was really annoyed GameXplain missed this one, so I made sure not to make the same mistake. Here it is:

Chrom: "Who was your father?"

Marth: "I’ve said enough for one day, sir."

Chrom: "Hmph. Is that how it is? Lissa owes you her life, and for that you have my gratitude. But within these walls, I represent the Khan and the interests of Yilisse. I cam’t promise to stay my blade, but I vow not to shame you."

Marth: "Heh, I never expected such youthful arrogance… We shall see who shames who!"

Aha, I like how they translated the last line. ShadowOfChaos claimed ふふふ was a "girly laugh", but in my brief translating days I've seen several guys who aren't "questionable" (as he puts it) use it, and I would agree "Heh" is a valid translation. (IMO, the really girl laugh is えへへ, even Rikichan tranlates it as "tee-hee, giggle") The line itself still strikes me as something the Marth we know from Shadow Dragon would never say, hmm...

But enough music, on to the battle:

Vs... Marth

It's the battle of the century!

Round 1: FIGHT!

Marth does well over well over half Chrom's HP. I may have underestimated them. Chrom counters and Sumia adds a Dual Strike, but not enough to finish.

Hmm... I could use Erika's Blade to end this now, but there's still two shiny event tiles left, one of which happens to be pretty close to Chrom, so he makes a beeling for it. Lissa and Vaike head to the other one. Now let's see what his next move is...

Gorrila Fate is Turning!

Rebel 2, Act...

WHAT?!?! Marth JUST RECOVERED ALL HIS... grrrgh, it must be an effect of that Falcion. He didn't even move either! Pah, coward! Come and face me like a man!

Lissa and Vaike got to the first spot and got a support boost. I forget what Chrom got. Anyway, Lissa got a level up from healing and WOAH

HP, Str, Mag, Slk, Spd, Res AND learned Healtouch! Nice!

Okay, I presume Marth is going to stop being a wimpy coward now and, yup...

Live and Let Die!

Round 3: FIGHT!

Marth leaves Chrom on 9 HP. No Dual from Sumia this time.

Right, NOW time to finish with Erika's Blade. Man, having essentially a Brave Weapon-lite is great this early on.

I've run out of fighting game announcer phrases!

Round 4: FIGHT!

Chrom hits, Sumia Duals and Chrom finishes. Marth is bested at last. (Love that defeat quote, by the way.)

Not much to say about the end, except I ship Lissa and Lon'qu so like that little bit they have. And I've seen the pre-Chapter 5 stuff, you know, Lissa's BFF has been kidnapped, oh no, whatever shall we do. (You can't tell, but I thought that up in monotone. Try to immagine it said like that.) Oh, and Ricken. Hi Sasuke and Someone-from-Prof-Layton-I-Can't-Mention-Because-SPOILERS. And yet if no-one had told me he was Yuri Lowenthal, I would never have guessed. That guy has impressive range. (I'm still surprised he got landed as the kid mage, he does great british accents. I'd REALLY like to hear his Sir Galleth voice on a knight in an FE game, it's actually almost EXACTLY how I immagine Keiran sounding in PoR.)

But before we head there, we unlocked a lot of stuff, so it's time for a between-chapters break!

Firstly, one of the Risen squads on the Northroad is gone. Oddly, the Wyverns that appeared first are still there, but I'm pretty sure I can take them now that they're alone. Turns out I was right, but before that...

Checking the Spotpass menu and.. hey, L'arachel's available! With Dozla and Rennac expies. Promoted enemies. Yeeeeah. Not now, lady. Maybe some other time.

After the last battle, I got a few supports. Avatar and Donnel C and Lissa and Vaike C. Donnels has them discussing fishing and trapping. Hey Donny, you couldn't make a trap for Entombed, could you? That's be a huge help. Lissa and Vaike are all on about how Chrom and him are fre-rivals. Rr-vals. RIVALS. And don't say it's any different, or it's Vaike time.

And now the Barracks. It's basically How's Everyone, except animated. Yeah. I got a few events:

-Avatar and Sully Support +

-Sully and... that's odd, I'm sure I heard some loudly clanking armour, but I don't remember her talking to anyone...

-Avatar and Sully AGAIN, except this time we were on opposite sides. I guess because we've got so few characters.

-Lon'qu and Lissa!!! Yayship! My sister was watching at the time, so she started fangirling.

-Lon'qu alone. He gains Mag and Res for the next chapter.

In all seriousness, that talk between Kellam and Sully unlocked a support... which was really depressing. he basically gets yelled at just for trying to protect her, i.e. just doing his natural job in the army. Poor guy.

Okay, on to the Skirmish. I kinda wanted Lon'qu to get a bit of exp here, plus some support with Lissa. Sadly, the Entombed that were with the Risen seem to have left with the other group, so all there is is really axemen and Wyverns. Perfect for Lon'qu anyway.

And I only JUST realised Donny was STILL using a Bronze Lance despite being at D already. That was probably why he was struggling so uch last chapter, oops. I... had to give him Kellams. Sorry. (No I feel even worse for the guy)

Aaaaaaand it was only a matter of time: Donny got a perfect Level Up. YEEEEEEEHAW, this calls for celebration! (Which wil probably just be me playing Raise this Barn again)

Only a few more eventful things to note here: Vaike annoyingly missed a Hammer shot that would have OHKO'd, and Lon'qu got a crit. ("I'll make this quick.") And FINALLY, so did Chrom. ("I will not fail!", which I presume is their translation for オレはまけん! For those of you who aren't weebs, まけん [Ma-kenn] is a contraction of まけない [Ma-ke-nai], which is the negative form of "to lose". So the translation's pretty good.)

Then Lon'qu hit an Event Tile.

"Ugh. What did I just step on...?"

"Obtained Hector's Axe!"

Wow, you're treating a legendery hero's weapon like common trash? Still, I'm getting quite a few uber-weapons I won't be using until MUCH later. (Picked up the Tyrfing from Spotpass earlier, I forgot to mention.)

And obviously, Lissa and Lon'qu supported. Mostly the same as I remember from the Japanese.

Chapter 5: The Exalt and the King

"The Holy Queen and the Foolish King" in Japanese, seems the localisation cut the adjectives. And Gangrel's title went from "Foolish" to "Mad", i.e. the same as Ashnard. It's a nice callback, and I guess "Foolish King" made him sound too incompotent.

The dialogue here is mostly the same as I remember it from the Japanese, except for one thing. Localisation note: the English version does away with all that "Pedestal of Flames" vaugeness: the thing's called the Fire Emblem right from the start.

I'm liking Gangrel and Aversa's voices, though I can't get over the fact that Aversa is Amy Rose. (And Libra. Now THAT's going to get weird...) But she does give us this gem:

"Oh, is this your little boyfriend? Isn't he just precious."

I know you're a villain, but I'm going to have to agree with her. I kinda ship them. And speaking of which, I wonder what she'll say if I use the two, now promoted and married, against her later on. Actually, remind me to do that when I get the chance. She is weak to Wind magic after all...

Anyway, chapter time. Dang, I can't judge where Mariabelle and Ricken are going to be from the prep screen... you know what that means: scouting practice run!

Ooooookay, they're up there. And they're kinda gonna die if left unsupported. This could be an issue. But if I rush some people up the trail and take out the Bandit and Myrmidon, that should take the pressure off. But I want Ricken to get some kills too.

My practice run also revealed that, as Gangrel says, there are going to be reinforcements in this chapter. And I beieve they ambush-spawn on Hard. At least we know where they're going to come from, unlike BLOODY FE12 ANRI'S WAY... sorry, still sore from "surprise Wyverns". Ugh.

Speaking of Wyverns, there's some riders here, including the boss. He's not longer named aftr Italian pasta, unfortunately, he's just Orton now. He still has a stupid smug grin that I'd just LOVE to smack off his face. And he's kind of insane too, by the look of it. The Wyverns are all Lv 7, the rest of the enemies here are at 5.

Speaking of enemies, we now have Dark Mages! And... they have pointy goatees. As if their design could scream EVIIIIIIIIL any more... Still, their Mag is lower than the regular Mages, but they have better defence. (And by 'better', I mean, cardboard compared to paper. It's still pretty low.)

Okay, here's the plan: Lissa and Lon'qu head to the lower fort and take the enemies there. Since Mariabelle is where the rest of the army is going it's safe to separate my healer from them. We only get 9 deployment slots, which is really annoying, as someone will have to be without a Double partner. That'll be Virion, I need him in hand to deal with fliers anyway. Frederick is finally back in the party, so he'll go with Donnel once more, his Double bonuses are just amazing. My Avatar will finally grab an Iron Sword, and we'll focus on getting Ricken and his future wife in the clear. Once that's done, Lon'qu will handle the reinforcements, and we'll just pray the Wyverns don't all come rushing at us at once. Sounds good, what could possibly go wrong?

Well... the reinforcements showing up WAAAAY earlier than expected, for one. (Like turn 2 or 3 enemy phase.) Thankfully, their bark was worse than their bite: Bandits that can't hit Lon'qu yet try to anyway (while he's on a forest at that...), Myrms that do pathetic damage, Dark Mages that get doubled easily and go down quick, and Wyverns that spawn so far away from us we have plenty of time to prepare. Not as bad as I thought, I'll be honest.

The real problem was those Wyverns and the boss. 2 were inbound on turn 2, and both Ricken's wind and Virion's bows couldn't OHKO. And neither of them are fast enough to double. This could get bad. Plus, Virion's Def is not looking as good as it used to. I guess I've been spoiler by Ryan in my Youtube FE12 LP, who got freakishly def blessed for some reason. Now there was an Archer I could stick on the front lines with no concern. In fact, for a good portion of the game he was the best meatshield I had! Virion just doesn't compare in that area, as I learned the hard way as a Wyvern swooped in and took half of his HP.

That said, at least Archers aren't as horribly screwed over in the Move department as they were in FE11 and 12. Ugh, that was awful. As if the class needed any more downsides, it had some of the worst class bases in the game already. Here they still have 5 movement, but just about all other foot soldiers have 5 too, so it's fine. Funny, FE11 and 12 had really high movements overall, with most foot units having 6 and some promoted ones even having 8. This game probably has bigger maps and movements as a whole went down? That's interesting.

But enough about that. Chrom and Sumia just got their first Double Level Up! Sumia got HP, Slk, Spd, Luk, Def and Res. "I've come this far, I can do anything!" indeed. Chrom got Str, Mag, Skl, Spd and Luk. Nice job OTP!

Oh, and Sumia learned Relief too.

Okay, with those done, uh oh, the others are coming and... BOSS INBOUND, I REPEAT, BOSS INBOUND! This could be bad...

Funny, Lon'qu's first 2 level ups he didn't gain Strength. He finally did now. His response: "better." My thoughts exactly. And it's only now that I'm noticing how ridiculously deep his voice is. I still like it though.

The boss goes for Lon'qu with his Short Axe, which would have done enough to kill... thankfully it missed. Also, Avatar dual guarded Virion at literally THE perfect time. I was worried how we were going to survive the turn... I think I'll make a save here, since the boss is so close.

What followed was a LONG string of resets and RAGE. You see, despite the boss never having more than a 60% chance of hitting, sometimes as low as 45%, he ALWAYS hit and killed Virion. Every! SINGLE! TIME! It must be an RN thing, seriously. No matter what I did, this never seemed to change. Even dilibarately exposing Lissa just got her killed too, and he NEVER had more than a 45% on her! If he would just miss ONCE, I would have this, but I could never get him to... until I moved Donnel and Frederick into range of the Dark Mages above. Somehow that one extra combat on the enemy phase changed the RNG, and Orton FINALLY missed. But the damage had been done, I was now very, VERY angry. What happened next is a little hazy, but I'm pretty sure it involved Lon'qu critting him twice and Virion finishing. Serves you right you smug RNG rigging pasta bastard.

But fortunately, the next thing that happened made me feel a lot better. Vaike OHKO'd a Myrmidon with a Hammer despite only a 60% hit rate. (Yeah, I know, but I was desparate at this point. Plus there wasn't any danger if he did miss.) He then said, nonchalantly, "Yeah, I rule."

I almost literally rofl'd. Thanks Vaike, I really needed that. He then ended up on an event tile and found "a present from one of the Vaike's fans". Which turned out to be Roy's Blade. Hmm... still, unlike the other heroic weapons we've found so far, this one's only D ranked, so we can put it to use immidiately.

Huh, Lissa and Lon'qu got Heroes? Well, they took on most of the reinforcements, I guess...

Afterwards, Avatar and Vaike got to C, in which he interrupts a perving session and they get chased by Sully's horse. Okaaay... Wait, no Ricken and Mariabelle? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh well, Skirmish just popped up. Let's fix that, shall we?

First, Barracks:

-Donnel: gained 24 exp. Great, he needs all he can get.

-Donnel AGAIN. I don't think he got anything.

-Ricken and Stalh talked.

-Miriel found... Tiki's Tear!?!? Wait, what does that do again?

-Sully and Lissa talked, though I'm not sure they can support at all.

There's an Anna selling Steel Swords, so I picked up one of them for Lon'qu.

Skirmish time! Hmm... a lot of Revenants here, and a Pegasus Knight?? Wow, they hardly ever show up as enemies. Though it's really weird hearing zombie moans and growns coming from something that looks so graceful...

And as luck would have it, Mariabell and Ricken got a support up from an event tile.

And speaking of pairings, I brough Stalh and Sully back after leaving them out for so long. And well... the results were impressive to say the least. First, a Revenant attacks Stalh. He doubles, but doesn't quite kill... but then Sully comes in with a Dual Strike and crits! "That was all you", he says afterwards. For once, I have to agree. But eager not to be shown up, the next Revenant that attacked the pair also took a crit, this time from the man in green. Man, A supports are awesome!

Oh, and not wanting to be outdone, the boss (also a Revenant) that went for Donny got critted too. You know what they say: wait a whole playthrough for a crit and then three come along at once.

And so that wraps up this update. Next up we're supposed to got back to Yilistol and get ambushed plan our strategy, but first, we have a certain red-haired RNG goddess to attend to...

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I got my copy today,. my cavs have been really disappointing...half their levels (They're both Level 5 each) have been 1-2 ups, so they're not dping too well. Unlike my Miriel, who's getting like 4+ stats every level and kicking butt.

Off to get Donnel now, this should be fun ._.

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Awesome log Klingy! I'm happy to see you're supporting Avatar and Panne since Yarne is by far my favorite character laugh.gif

In honesty though I would recommend reclassing Donnel as soon as he hits level 10. Underdog is cool and all, but once Donnel reclasses he can most certainly hold his own against...well everything. Just a suggestion.

Other than that, keep up the awesome thread biggrin.gif

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I got my copy today,. my cavs have been really disappointing...half their levels (They're both Level 5 each) have been 1-2 ups, so they're not dping too well. Unlike my Miriel, who's getting like 4+ stats every level and kicking butt.

Off to get Donnel now, this should be fun ._.

You know what's strange? My Miriel isn't doing so well, while Ricken is getting really good level ups.

And speaking of her: it was her birthday today. She got boosts to Str and Mag, some EXP and found a Soothing Sword. As a present to her, I grinded her 2 levels against some Risen. A squal of Armours just happened to spawn , what a coincidence. Though her actions were kind of overshadowed by Ricken saving Vaike's life by Dual Attacking a Pegasus Knight with Elwind. And then Vaike was like "I could have done that..." Yeah, if you reclass to sage and somehow gain ridiculous amounts of Magic. (I'll forgive him though, because earlier in the battle he gained HP, Str, Skl, Spd, Luk and Def after doing his "Yeah, I rule" quote. Yes, you do Vaike, you do.)

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Yeah, I just unlocked the barracks so I could get her birthday bonuses. Except she found a Log for me >_> I do have two Soothing Swords already so I could live without em, but still. Just finished Two Falchions, so I'm not very far in at all XD I'm sticking with default classes this runthrough (At least for in game, post game is fair use XD) so my game'll probably be really short.

I'm gonna do some grinding for Donnel soon, so everyone'll get some go in that. Sully's started to redeem herself some, and Stahl sort of but that might just be because he has a Steel Sword.

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Yeah, I just unlocked the barracks so I could get her birthday bonuses. Except she found a Log for me >_> I do have two Soothing Swords already so I could live without em, but still. Just finished Two Falchions, so I'm not very far in at all XD I'm sticking with default classes this runthrough (At least for in game, post game is fair use XD) so my game'll probably be really short.

I'm gonna do some grinding for Donnel soon, so everyone'll get some go in that. Sully's started to redeem herself some, and Stahl sort of but that might just be because he has a Steel Sword.

I'm currently on the Anna Paralogue. (the first one) Chances are you'll probably overtake me (I'm kinda playing Ni no Kuni at the same time as this), so if you do, please try not to tell me anything.

Progress update: ANNA IS A FREAKING MORON!!!!!!

I just spent about five minutes screaming. Having to restart a chapter through no fault of your own... And it's funny, I praised her AI at first, as she knows to go after the Bandits that can destroy the village. What her programmers didn't realize, was that she prioritises Bandits over self-preservation! Anna just got taken down to 4 HP. She has a Concotion. What does she do? Run and kill the nearest Bandit, while she's still surrounded by archers and mages and ON 4 FREAKING HP!!!! You know what you could just do? Stand ON the freaking Village and USE YOUR FREAKING CONCOTION! That way you don't die, AND you protect the village. Bloody hell, I want to bash whoever programmed her's head in.

I'm going to have to completley restart and just rush at her. Shame to, as in my first attempt I got 4 crits in the space of 2 turns. (In order: Avatar [6%], Donnel [2%], Anna [7%], Stalh [12%]) And to think that all didn't count... I think I need to calm down for a bit. And here I was thinking this chapter would be a relaxing breather.

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Don't worry, I won't. I know the story basically up to Chapter 13, so all this is basically recap XD Stats would be all I'd chat about after I overtake XD in the news of stats, Miriel's continuing to be a beast, and Stahl's made up for his bad start XD

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Well...Rey did do a good job bringing in more fans to the series hoping that Nintendo's greatest series doesn't go in turmoil like Mother did. Because this is the greatest series in the universe and that it doesn't deserve to die in our area.

Donnel is more trouble than he's worth on the harder settings and that he possibly cannot be useable without forges even on normal.

Florina has always been one of my favorite FE7 characters. Lucky that you made her playable. <3

Sophia maybe terrible, but I really like her anyway.

The pairings I've done were

(All Japanese version)

ChromxSumia (1st run)

KellumxLissa (2nd run)

RonkuxTharja (2nd run)

StahlxMiriel (2nd run)

RickenxMaribelle (2nd run) (My favorite <333)

ChromxAvatar (2nd run)

GaiusxTiamo (2nd run)


Their child, Cynthia was very powerful after reclassing her from a Peg Knight to a General.


This pairing went great after reclassing Owain into a Villager. He did exceedingly well even in that class. After 2 promotions later, he broke the game!


This one fits perfectly as Ronku is sort of a man with few words and Tharja always has been a mystery to her existence. So Ronku is the winner of having the most interesting life. Noire did great as a Dracoknight as she would have as a bow woman too. ^o^


Laurent was a good staffbot. He proved to be a handful even not being trained much.


I just had to pair these two cuz they both look so adorable and were fond of each other for a long time! It was absolutely priceless to see Maribelle blush in their S support. ^__^

Brady I've only used for staff utility and is nothing like her mother. More like the opposite. But he is her son and I have made him great for staff utility which I've lacked in having staff users.



Yes....this was my MU's design in my second run (Japanese version). Anyways, I've paired Chrom with her and their child Morgan did excellent for the second half of the game!


I'm sorry if Tiamo offends you now, but I didn't like the way Nintendo changed it to Cornelia when Tiamo fits alot more with both her ancestors name Tiamat/Titania as well as Tiamo meaning "Bundle of love". Anyway, I've paired these two and their child Severa ended up greater than her father Gaius. I've made her an assassin to be like father, like daughter; and boy did she break the game with all dat extra defense.

Well this was my second run anyway (Japanese version) that the children had along with their skills.....

Second Run Log...

(At Chapter 25)

Chrom LV 20/10/14 EXP85

Class: Paladin


HP 64/64

Power 38

Mag Pwr 9

Skill 34

Speed 34

Luck 38

Def 27

Res 18

Sword A Spear A

Skills:dualattack.pngDual Attack,charismae.pngCharisma, discipline.pngDiscipline, outdoorbattle.pngOutdoor Battle, Defender (Will drop this for Holy Shield)



-Short Spear

-Fake Falchion




He's tanking like hell now. =)

Rune LV 20/10/12 EXP4


Class: Dark Peg

HP 53/53

Power 31

Mag Pwr 24 (Gave her 2 spirit dusts)

Skill 31

Speed 29+2

Luck 22

Def 21

Res 19

Lance B Tome B (1 use and it reaches A rank)

Skills: War Knowledge, magicsquare.png Magic Square, speed2n.pngSpeed+2, Refresh, Movement Cry




-Katarina's Lightning

-Silver Spear

-Holy Lance

She has long black hair with a slender body and that she looks kind of like Micaiah cleavagewise.

Now my lovely creation, stand by your husband Krom's side and let there be a bright future! =) And can rock with Thunder Swords.

Lissa LV 20/10/11 EXP20

Class: Falcoknight


HP 47/47

Power 20

Mag Pwr 26 (Used a Spirit Dust for better long staff range)

Skill 31

Speed 33+2

Luck 34

Def 18

Res 28

Lance B Staff A

Skills:017me.pngMiracle,018id.pngHealing Heart, speed2n.pngSpeed+2, Refresh


-Silver Lance





She's great either as a Battle Monk, or a Falcoknight. =)

She's becoming a great supporter.

Tiamo LV20/10/15 EXP15

Class: Bow Knight


HP 59/59

Power 27

Mag Pwr 6

Skill 30

Speed 26+2

Luck 23 (Gave her a Goddess Statue)

Def 21

Res 12

Sword C Bow B

Skills:speed2n.pngSpeed+2, Refresh, Weapon Saver, Late Initiative, Bow Slayer


-Eirika's Sword

-Hinias Bow

-Holy Bow

-Kill Sword



Doing great. Titania strikes again! =)

Tharja LV20/18 EXP87

Class: Dark Knight


HP 64/64

Power 22

Mag Pwr 31

Skill 21

Speed 36

Luck 22

Def 29

Res 14

Sword B Tome A

Skills: Curse, Crimson Curse, Slow Start, Life Absorb


-Thunder Sword

-Alm's Sword


-Katarina's Lightning

-Katarina's Lightning

Giving her a touch with Steel soothing with her nature. I can in fact write lots of stories about her. Possessed like Final Fantasy IV Dark Knight. I surely would love to see her under Zemus' control. xD Having her go on a rampage and it's absolutely delicious to see her laugh critical style and cutting up her enemies. The Pegasus Generic mugs looks very good in this game. Like girls from Vahalla. (Valkyrie Profile) Tharja can use Thunder Swords effectively too. With Life Absorb (Recovers 50% health upon defeating foe) she's getting godsend and is now a great frontliner. =)

Lucina LV20/15 EXP58

Class: Great Lord


HP 58/58

Power 35

Mag Pwr 10

Skill 32

Speed 33

Luck 36

Def 25

Res 13

Sword B Lance C

Skills: dualattack.pngDual Attack,charismae.pngCharisma, Refresh, Aether, Royal Weapon


-Killer Lance

-Fake Falchion

-Noble Rapier



Adorable as always. ^-^

She gets more Str than her father and is doing better than ever. Especially with the fake Falchion.

Lon'qu LV20/15 EXP80


Class: Swordmaster

HP 49/49

Power 27+5

Mag Pwr 5

Skill 37

Speed 42

Luck 25

Def 14

Res 16

Sword A

Skills: Avoid+10, Vantage, Astra, Sword Expert


-Brave Sword



-Chris's Home-made Sweets

Awesome! Especially with Astra+Brave Sword. >=)

Gaius LV20/17 EXP39


Class: Assassin

HP 53/53

Power 36

Mag Pwr 5

Skill 45

Speed 43

Luck 23

Def 20 (Gave him the 2nd Dracoshield too from Cervantes)

Res 12 (Gave him a Talismen from Chapter 23)

Sword A Bow C

Skills: Picklock, Movement+1, Lethality, Pass


-Alm's Sword


-Killer Bow

-Killer Bow



Turned out like I expected.

Donnel LV20/10/11 EXP69


Class: Hero

HP 60/60

Power 37

Mag Pwr 12

Skill 39

Speed 37

Luck 43

Def 35

Res 19

Sword B Axe C

Skills: Good Growths, Weak Beats Strong (Going to drop this for Axe Slayer soon), Weapon Saver, Late Initiative, Sol


-Titania's Axe

-Kill Sword

-Short Axe

-Killer Axe




And having weapon saver keeps it's weapons from ever being used up.

Morgan LV20/12 EXP2


Class: Grandmaster

HP 49/49

Power 32

Mag Pwr 21

Skill 29

Speed 27

Luck 22

Def 19

Res 16

Sword C (1 strike reaches B) Tome B

Skills: War Knowledge, Royal Weapon, Magic Square, Refresh, Magnificent Flame


-Kill Sword

-Roy's Sword


-Arc Thunder



Getting better. =)

And can use the Thunder Sword for good damage!!!!!

Severa LV20/10/10 EXP38


Class: Assassin

HP 58/58

Power 38

Mag Pwr 4

Skill 43

Speed 38

Luck 18

Def 21

Res 18

Sword A Bow C

Skills: Weapon Saver, Late Initiative, Pick Lock, Refresh, Lethality, Movement+1


-Brave Sword

-Sol Sword

-Killer Bow



She's surpassed Gaius.

Laurent LV15/15 EXP28


Class: Sage

HP 49/49

Power 13

Mag Pwr 26+7

Skill 24

Speed 24 (Gave him a Speedwing)

Luck 20

Def 18

Res 17

Tome B Staff C

Skills: Magic+2, Outdoor Battle, Concentration, Magic Cry, Magic Expert







It has been at C level for quite sometime. Hurrah! A Physic user! Magic+2, and Magic Expert giving him +7 more in Mag.

Noire LV13/10/12 EXP11


Class: Dragonmaster

HP 59/59

Power 35+2

Mag Pwr 18

Skill 27

Speed 38

Luck 24

Def 24

Res 16

Spear C Axe C

Skills: Weapon Saver, Hot Start, Power+2, Crimson Curse, Vantage

A VERY interesting character. Not only does she look delicate like her mother, but also because her mother cursed her is why she suddenly goes into a violent mood swing without warning! She's like Lunch/Launch in Dragonball personality wise. Anyway, I don't want her to entirely get locked to only bows. Out of all of her choices you should make her either a Bowknight, or a Dracoknight. Since I am in need of a Draco, she fits the bill just fine. And it's absolutely delicious to see her crit animations as she goes into a violent mood swing and does a hard blow. Anyways, she goes on my like list now with two Astriks!!!!!!

Her violet mood swings. Especially during her critical strikes and being treated coldly by her mother has made her a dangerous demon. >=)


Had her into a Dragonmaster rather than a Griffon Knight as I don't want her to entirely be locked to only Axes.

Owain LV13/15/7 EXP40


Class: Hero

HP 71/71

Power 33

Mag Pwr 25

Skill 32

Speed 34

Luck 38

Def 33

Res 30

Sword B Axe D

Skills: Avoid+10, Early Initiative, Vantage, Good Growths, Sol

He has many options. Probably most recommended to make him a Villager first then either a Hero, or Axeman. Because of the Good Growths skill (Which adds 20% to every growth catergory in addition to their own will make any unit having this gamebreaking in the end.)


-Iron Axe

-Kill Sword

-Glass Sword



-Gaia's Luxury Sweets

Breaking the game!!!!!

Brady LV15/3 EXP83


Class: Priest

HP 46/46

Power 9

Mag Pwr 22

Skill 18

Speed 21

Luck 24

Def 14

Res 17

Tome E Staff C (About to reach B)

Skills: concentrationv.pngConcentration, Secluded Lady,017me.pngMiracle,018id.pngHealing Heart







Maribelle's son is getting to be better at staffboting at leasy! =)

Tiki LV28 Exp 26


Class: Manakete

HP 48/48

Divine Stone

Power 24+11

Mag Pwr 14+6

Skill 20+5

Speed 18+4

Luck 24

Def 19+13

Res 15+9


HP 48/48

Power 24+8

Mag Pwr 14+5

Skill 20+3

Speed 18+2

Luck 24

Def 19+10

Res 15+7

Skills: Odd Biorhythm, Dragon Buster

A very sexy character that is ready to kick some arse. At the same time she is soft as tissues saying Gomenasai in battle alot. <33

How can you not like her. Anyways, two astriks.

My first run....



Still I wonder. Upon the enemy defeats, their voices of them gaging sound the same as from the original Japanese versions. Seemed that they've used the same voices for that. And Vaike saying "Yeah, I rule." that's a rofl of the day! And I also get bothered by Anna's AI too. Ho ho ho. ^o^



-Fire Emblem

=Greatest series' in the universe! Period!

Edited by Katarina
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Donnel is more trouble than he's worth on the harder settings and that he possibly cannot be useable without forges even on normal.

I kinda figured I'd get that sooner or later. I don't care. I actually preffer raising weaker characters, it's much more satisfying watching them become killing machines. Edward is my favourite Trueblade in RD for a reason. Using people who start strong is often boring for me.

And it's good to see some other pairings. Some of those I've never seen before, but sound nice. I like how no two playthroughs are ever really the same. That being said, it's nice to see another Ricken and Mariabelle fan. (Though I've heared Gaius' supports with her are good too)

I wish I had this much spare time.

I'm on uni holidays at the moment. That's part of the reason I imported: by the time Awakening comes out where I like, I'll be well into the term. I'm actually back in a few weeks, so updates may eventually slow down.

Anyway, nice to see all these comments, thanks you guys. I probably should catch up with this now, so here we go.

Ah this day of playing. This was one of highs and lows. A tale of Moronic Merchants and Rampaging Rabbits. And it begins with the second paralogue, where merchants are being harassed by... the not-so Super Bandit Bros!

Ah Vincent and Victor. Yeeeeeeah. The game's all too willing to point out they're a little too close for brothers. And before you say it's that Sailor Moon censorship backfire all over again, I'm pretty sure they're still brothers even in the Japanese version. Ugh. Let's move on.

I really like the NPC's voiced "Hail, travelers!" The Japanese was a really, REALLY formal way of saying "travelers", so the archaic speech is a great translation. Most of the cutscenes are unchanged, except Victor's remark that Anna would fetch enough money to buy Vincent flowers was changed to buying him a house. I guess that makes sense, flowers just don't seem expensive enough. Of course Anna's going to have none of that either way.

And speaking of Anna..... ARRRRRRRRRRGH! You already know why she makes me angry, so I'll save it. I've lost a LOT of respect for her, seriously. I've actually decided not to pair my Avatar with her in any furure playthroughs, unless she does something REALLY amazing when I actually get her...

So yeah, I had to totally change my strategy: rush everyone to Anna as soon as possible. Which meant no 2% crit with Donny. Speaking of Donny, he's now using the Beast Killer... which looks weird. It's like some bizzare Lance/Crab fusion. Oh well, at least it lests him get some easy kills. He's Lv 12v now, getting there. (Yeah, I agree with Archsage17 about Underdog not being worth it. I'm a little iffy on a skill that'll become useless as he gets better. Still, the 100% Completionist in me compells me to learn every possible skill before changing class. Plus, it means he'll never have to touch Villager ever again.)

Not much interesting happened on the way to Anna, so I'll skip ahead. As I expected, she did get a crit eventually. "I make deep cuts." I like how they worked her pre-chapter dialogue into her battle quotes. So I get there. No recruitment, that's obvious, she'd be WAAAAAAY too broken at this point. But no reward either. Except getting to the village...

Hey, the "THUNDERATION!" guy is back! And a Physic staff! Great, I was thinking I could use one of those about now... wait, you want me to use it to heal Anna..............


Oh, so you give me the staff that could have healed for from range NOW, when I'm now in range of regularv staves, AND the danger has long since passed?!?!?! You couldn't have SOMEHOW gotten one to me EARLIER?? Then I COULD HAVE AVOIDED THIS WHOLE AI FIASCO!!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGHHH!

Okay, it's official, whoever designed this chapter is a troll. It's now my most hated chapter in the game.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, Anna continues to run around depriving me of exp. And display another reason why her AI is flawed: she goes after Bandits even if they have enough Atk to kill her. Sure they only have 30% Hit, but if you're going to die if they do it's still not worth taking the risk. Case in point, she got hit by one here. Thankfully she used her Concoction earlier (seems she'll only use it if there's no enemies around), but if she was this unlucky before, she would have been dead LONG before we had a chance to save her. Yeah, whoever wrote her AI screwed up BAD.

I seriously dread to think how hard saving her on Lunatic would be. It'd probably be a pure luck-based affair.

So, time to deal with the boss and the last enemies. It's impossible to lure the others without luring Victor too, so let's use Lon'qu. And WHAT? With 43% Crit he didn't get a single one in 3 attacks. That tends to happen to me often with Myrmidons. And always the moment they switch to an Iron or Steel sword, they crit.

And hi Victor. Okay I'm sure his battle quote has been changed, as they couldn't make that name pun in the Japanese version. His defeat quote is pretty much the same though. (I say defeat rather than death as I'm pretty sure he shows up again in DLC or something.)

But I'm jumping the gun here. What I didn't prepare for was the fact that, as a Berserker, he can cross rivers without penalty. This could get bad. Fortunately Ricken was able to weaken him (I'm not really using him, but I'm bringing him to the Psralogues to get his support up with Mariabelle), so Donnel could get the kill. He's gettin' close!

And so, in the aftermath of that nightmare....

Stalh and Sully reached S!!!

Wow, so I guess I was right about them being first to marriage. Perhaps Discipline works on Supports too? Anyway, I owe them forged weapons... just as soon as I get richer.

I wrote down the support, but unless anyone requests it I won't show it here, to be fair to people who don't support the pairing. I don't believe in forcing your pairing prefferences on others unless it's Henry and Olivia. (sorry, my sister demanded I add that.) So I'll just say... HNNNGH! So. Much. Heartwarming! I didn't think I'd get this emotional over this game. And this isn't even my main OTP!

In other news, Chrom and Avatar got to B (it's about time I got them up a bit), and so did Ricken and Mariabelle. She mentions him hiding a big injury from her so the others wouldn't think he was weak. Funny, he actually did take a pretty big hit from the boss at the end of the last chapter, and I didn't get a chance to heal it. Perfect timing, I must say.

So, Waifu Progress so far: They're done, Chrom and Sumia are A, and everyone else is B. Pretty good so far.

Let's go on.

Chapter 6: Forseer

Okay, so a LOT of story stuff happens here. This is about the part where the plot gets interesting. For the sake of spoilers, I won't say much, only that Marth "Isn't the man we thought he was", if you know what I mean. I was actually surprised this was revealed so early. I mean, I knew who Marth was almost just after the game came out in Japan (it was just about the first thing to get leaked all over the internet), but I didn't expect the big reveal to come until after Chapter 11, you know, when Chrom has to... I'll stop.

We also see a familiar foe. Or not so familiar, as this presumably occurs before you last saw him. Still, a major villain boss this early: and he's not invincible! That's a rarity for the series. So Malefaffar is going to be our boss here... okay, that's kinda my name for him ever since I saw TV Tropes decribe him as looking like "Jaffar or a male Maleficent." Anyway...

Okay, I get my Waifu in this chapter. But first, let's plan our strategy. This chapter kinda seems like the Zephiel chapter in FE7, except you're starting near the one you have to protect. There's only a small avenue the enemies can get to her from, but I notice there's a door below. If a thief gets ro that things will get ugly fast. Luckily "Not Marth" (that's all I'll call them for now) has that end covered.

We've got a bigger deployment count, and we'll get two more over the course of the chapter. Gaius is our first recruitable enemy (kinda late, don't you think? Acrually there's a distinct lack of recruitable enemies in this game. I guess it makes sense, you don't want to miss out on any eligable bachelors or bachelorettes for your part, after all.) I learnt the hard way that Gaius WILL attack you freely until Chrom speaks to him. (Tried and true FE staple: when in doubt: talk with your main Lord) And if Chrom's Paired Up with Sumia he'll probably make a righ mess of him. Fortunately there's a spot they can go where they can block the hallway and stay out of his range. Lissa and Lon'qu will back them up.

The right flank will be handled by the newly-wed Stalh and Sully (come on, I had to use them after that, didn't I?), supported by Donnel and Virion. since neither of their Wifus are present, they're teamed up for the moment. Shame they can't support, but Donnel needs Pair Up bonuses to avoid getting doubled. Since Lissa is with the other flank, Mariabelle will join them as their healer. I didn't have room for her furure husband, sadly.

As for me, I'll take the central corridoor. I won't be alone in that, at least not for long...

So the first turn went by, and Stalh and Sully proceeded to go crazy. S supports are INSANE. Seriously, they could have held the flank on their own. But that would mean less EXP for Donny. Speaking of him, he lured the Cavs and one-shotted them with his Crablance. (Beastkiller.) And finally, the first Cavs in the main story! I've seen a few Risen ones in skirmishes, but no living ones yet. But naturally they all fell to Donnel's crab... thingy.

Dang it, the enemies keep going for "Not Marth". They can handle themselves pretty well, but they're taking a bit of damage. I'll need to plug that gap soon, but I may need...

Hey, here's my Waifu! I mean backup. And "Marth" seems to know her, and says she's important though they can't say why. You know, I think this conversation makes a lot of sense if Panne is paired with the Avatar, as that kind of makes her a secondary heroine, naturally someone who knows the future would know her. Still, you're doubling with my RIGHT NOW.

And okay, she is awesome. After only about 1 level up, she was slaughtering everything, with a really high crit rate. And I have to say she has some of THE most badass crit quotes so far. "And so it ends..." and "I can smell your fear." Seriously. Funny, I hear her son is practically the exact opposite on a seriousness level. He still sounds awesome though.

Speaking of awesome: Gaius' recruitment. Just, Gaius' recruitment. I laughed. A lot. The way he goes from so serious to "suuuugar...." I still can't believe that's Balthier. And now that he's on our side, let's have him do what he set out to do: plunder Emmeryn's royal treasury!!! We get a Secret Book. Hmm... with growths so high in this game I figure I won't be using stat boosters much. While he's there, I may as well have him hit the event tile too. Sadly, that means he didn't get much exp this chapter, though I am planning on training him. Mostly because I've learned the hard way how much of a liability having to deploy an untrained Thief just to get chests is. Gaius' growths look like they'll make him a decent combat unit, so he can contribute to battles AND get treasure at the same time. That way, I feel less like I'm wasting a deployment slot.

Turn 5, and uh oh, Validar's moving. Thankfully most of the rest of the enemies are gone. Wow, that was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Great, I can focus on the epic showdown. Of course I had to get his conversation with the Avatar. Rey already uploaded that one, so I won't post it.

What I'm more concerned with is VALIDAR HAS 5% CRIT ON ME! That can't end well...

But then something amazing happened. Not only did Validar not crit but... Panne Dual Struck TWICE! And we haven't even supported yet!!! Then, making sure to get all the event tiles, I double back and hit the one behind me... and not only do I get an Avatar and Panne support boost, but it starts with her saying "I've never seen you so happy."

This is so meant to be! The game itself is shipping us togeather!!! Instantly, my pain from the last chapter was gone. I have abosolutley NOT regrets on choosing her now. You know what, I'm actually starting to go back on my "don't get attached to fictional wifus" philosophy now... though I admit I'd still support pairing her with Gaius if I wan't doing this.

And as if I didn't need any more relief, Mariabelle leveled up... and got Str, Mag, Skl, Spd, Luk, Res. "One step closer and I'll be forced to maim you.", she says. Alright, that's it. The similarities were there before, but not I'm REALLY starting to link her with a certain other character in a certain other series. Part of me is tempted to try her in a physical class just so she can make good on that cliam. "Fighting is not really my thing, I'm more into tea... BUT I'LL RIP YOU TO PIECES IF YOU TOUCH ONE HAIR ON RICKEN'S..." I'm getting ahead of myself, that's going to be a LONG way off. It's such a shame you have to wait till the healers promote before you see their crit quotes.

Okay, when Validar attacked Panne he did his regual quote, so it seems I was wrong: you can get multiple boss quotes in one battle. Anyway, after a bit of healing, Pann attacks, and I finish with a Dual. We proceed to get Heroes for this chapter.

It's official, I have a new OTP.

Meanwhile, Validar is apparently in Kingdom Hearts' Realm of Darkness. And he meets with a certain ominous shadow with no feet...

Okay, I was out of the house for the next part, so I didn't get to take in-depth notes. This will all be off the top of my head, but Chapter 7 was pretty short anyway.

Chrom and Sumia are ready to S Support! ...But I'm not going to yet. Just because I think it'll be weird if it happens before the infamous punch scene. Panne and me got to C of course. Some risen spawned on the map, just in time, as Gaius needs to make up for the exp he didn't get last chapter. And Panne and me need more time togeather

Okay, one thing about Panne. I'm using her a lot because... waifu, but I'm starting to worry about her Stone usage. I know you can buy them later, but not now, and I believe you don't get another one till Gangrel. Unless she sits out a few chapters it's in real danger of running out. And there's not way I'm letter her sit out chapters after what she just did. I did decide before the playthrough that if she ever uns out, she's going Assassin. Because it suits her stat build well, plus her having Lethality would be sooooo awesome. (It fits with her crit quotes, actually.)

Taguel is a special class though, at what level can she use Second Seals? And at what level does she count as promoted for the purposes of reclassing?

Actually speaking of reclassing, a question. Can you keep Locktouch outside of the Thief chass? Because that would be... interesting. (Lockpicking bunnies!)

Anyway, a few skirmishes later aaaaaaand:

YEEEEEEHAW! Donnel's ready to leave Villager for good! I bought him an Iron Sword for the occasion... before remembering Bronze Swords are E now. Oh well, he can have my Avatar's old one. He graduated to Iron a loooooong timr ago. Still, with stats like these, who cares how weak his weapon is?

HP: 32

Str: 19

Mag: 1

Skl: 18

Spd: 18

Luk: 25

Def: 16

Res: 7

That's Lv 1, by the way.

And learned Armsthrift! Now that's interesting, the skill activates on Luck x2 %, so with his ridiculous Luck of 25, he's got a 50% chance of not reducing weapon usage on every attack! I am so giving him Tyrfing... actually, that'd pair quite well with the Soothing Sword I just got: it recovers HP every turn, but its 10 uses make it impractical for the best use of that recovery: tanking. But with Armsthrift, it just could work...

Okay, on to...

Chapter 7: Incursion

Wow, Breakneck Pass, that's an ominous name. I'd think any sane person would steer clear of this place. But we're not. Speaking of we, what's this green priest doing here? And why has no-one pointed them out? It's kinda strange when a cutscene suddenly introduces a new character you've never seen before and you're supposed to know them. I actually thought it was Emmeryn in disguise at first, but it turns out we did get an explaination eventually. Turns out it's a genric priest, who's apparently served the royal family for ages. But Avatar thinks there's something not right about him, and I feel the same...

Suddenly ambush. Who here isn't surprised? Right, this is certainly an interesting map. A lot of Wyverns off a cliff, and the other pasta boss, named Vasto this time. He's also a massive dick. But he does have one heck of an evil laugh.

Now, Vaike's waifu arrives in this chapter, so he needs to deploy. I'm going to want Virion with all these flyers, and Panne, of course. Lon'qu will like the axe users, Lissa will support with him, Gaius needs exp and hey, I've got room for Ricken and Mariabelle. That should about do it.

And surprise surprise, random priest is a traitor. And naturally, he gets chopped. Sigh, if you want to survive a war story, you've gotta know your genre: selling out your country to the enemy just to save your own skin has a more than 90% fatality rate. Can't say he didn't have it coming though.

...As it turns out, I didn't need to do much strategising here. Panne's not exactly the most subtle of characters, more of a "stick her in the middle of an army and watch everyhing die" kind of unit. Not that I'm complaining. The chapter could basically be summed up as "Rabbit Rampage". Doubles everything, kills and has a decent crit rate, what more could you ask for? Heh, in Fire Emblem Awakening, Wabbit hunts you!

And because of that Cordelia sadly didn't get to do anything. Which means no supports with Vaike either. Sigh, Risen grinding time!

Anyway, ending scene... wow, the plot is starting to get REALLY dark. Yikes. So Cordelia's squad was annihalated and she's turned angsty. Great. Interesting, she's got the personality of Catria, but Fiora's backstory. You do really feel sorry for her, and I can understand why she's a polular pairing choice for male Avatar. She deserves a chance to be happy. But enough of that, on to more depressing stuff!

Emmeryn, PLEASE don't say "this isn't goodbye". The MOMENT you say that, something horrible is going to happen. (As if Emmeryn's practical-sainthood wasn't enough of a writer's doom magnet...) It's almost as bad as saying "The ominous all-conquring Empire would never invade us" or "I've got a wife and newborn kid back home". Actually, that last one actually increaces your chances of survival in this particular war story... Anyway, we get the Fire Emblem, I can already guess where this is going.

So naturally we get back to Ferrox and find out Yilisstol has been invaded. That wouldn't have happened if Panne was there. Still, thinking we're overdue for some comedy relief, we at last get the infamous punching scene. Again, the game ships Chrom and Sumia so much. I noticed Flavia doesn't specifically say she'd make a good wife, only that "love hurts" and it's good he has strong women around. I'm guessing because that conversation would get weird if they're already married by then, or Chrom's married to someone else...

Speaking of which: I came home today to find Chrom's bachelorettes poll. lol. I put in a vote for Sumia, obviously. Not that she needs the help with how things seem to be going...

And on that note, I can finally stop holding back on the S Support!

...But you'll see that after the break! Next time, I think I'll go on with the story. We'll get someone I need to grind supports and levels on there, so I'll save the Paralogue for that. Speaking of the paralogue, it's totally new territory for me: I don't think ShadowOfChaos ever uploaded this one.Aaaaaaaaand I get the feeling it's going to be annoying. I've heared a lot about a "Paralogue with dumb villagers". Ugh, it's like you take Anna, but instead of a Trickster with great stats, she's Donnel before he became awesome. And there's three of her. And they're even dumber. Ugh, and there's no rescuing in this game! That's my usual go-to strat for saving NPCs. And it's not to guard them from enemies, but to save them from their own suicidal AI. And I can't box them either. Hmm... does the rescue staff work on green units?

I'll have to sleep on it. I think I'm Emblemed-out today, as much as it pains me to say it.

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To answer your questions at any point past level ten the special classes can become unpromoted classes. However at level thirty you can become promoted at level thirty. However I would advise going thief first because you still can use lock pick as a taguel. It's fun and helps a lot in the valm arc.

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I myself reclassed Panne once she hit 15 into a Wyvern Rider (As Yarne doesn't inherit the class from her, I can pass down unique skills from it to him). I also got lucky, because in the DLC maps, one of the Villages gave me a Beaststone+ XD In the end, I was left with 5 Beaststone uses and 27 Beaststone+ uses before she hit 15

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Well I married her to Virion for so I still got wyvern rider for yarne. He actually soloed his joining chapter with beast bane and lance breaker. Just wrecked the green army.

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So what did you have him inherit because I was thinking about giving him lethality but then realized I was gonna reclass him to thief as soon as the chapter ended.

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Thanks for the info guys. Of course, I don't exactly need to worry about what classes Yarne is going to be inheriting... it's still strange he doesn't get Wyvern by default though. My guess is Panne originally had Pegasus Knight, it got changed but they forgot to change her inheritance to match. Aww, actually, I would have liked Galeforce on her... but I'd like Galeforce on ANYONE, really.

I'm probably going to get him to inherit Ignis and Lethality. Since there's no unique skills I have to worry about, I'm just going with my personal prefferences. Regarding inheritance, I'm giving unique (i.e. gender-exclusive) skills priority of course. My main mantra is "any male who CAN inherit Gameforce, WILL." At the moment, this is Owain and Inigo, which means I'll have to grind Lissa and Olivia as Dark Fliers. That means going Dancer-less for a while, but it'll be worth it... probably.

Speaking of reclassing, due to the fact you seem to keep most of your stats when you do it, it looks as though changing or promoting early might have its advantages. I may do so with Panne. Thing is, my current FE mentality considers it unthinkable to promote at anything but 20. It's going to take a LOT of willpower to resist it.

So, before we get on to the next update (which'll be kinda short anyway), I'll share my thoughts on the latest FE news.

lol bachelor/bacherorette polls. And those cards. That's all I'll say. My sister's still angry there's no Henry/Olivia one.

And... European release FINALLY! 17th of April???!!!???!!! Yep, I could NEVER have waited that long. Come on guys, Shafow Dragon's EU release was great, why are you losing that touch? I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition an XL bundle though. But you know, that only makes me MORE pleased I got the US one. For one, the XL is ridiculously expensive here, so I'm pretty sure I'd pay the same to buy it locally as I did with the ridiculously-expensive-but-I'll-forgive-them-since-it-was-AMAZING-shipping from US. Seciondly, 3DS capture cards don't work on XLs at the current time, only regular 3DSes. So yay, looks like I made the right choice on all grounds!

Also, The Gold Gaffe is coming! Yes, I've wanted that for a while. With that, I'll never need to worry about Master Seals, Change Seals, and random skirmishes again (I can buy all the Reeking Boxes I need) But here I have a problem...

I'm not really in a position to download the DLC at the moment. When I give them my card details, it asks for a Zip Code... that's 5 digits long. (Australian zip codes are only 4) So I can't really buy anything. I'm sure I remember others discussing a way to get around this, but could you tell me again, thanks. (I REALLY want the Golden Pack.)

Anyway, with that out of the way...

:wub: :wub: :wub: Welcome to BigKlingy's Playthrough Log 2: Special Valentines Day Edition! :wub: :wub: :wub:

I did all the playing for this part yesterday, with is Valentines where I live. Hopefully this'll go up on Vanentines where some other people live? Anyway, the real point is...

With the punching scene done, I now have no reason to hold back: Chrom and Sumia S time!

Mosst of you have probably already seen this one, so despite having my trusty scibe (read sister) write it all down. (Don't worry, she enjoys this. I have a feeling she may die from all the daww factor eventually though... She hasn't cried yet, but I'm willing to bet my best lot of nothing she will when Henry/Olivia comes around.)

But I decided not to spoil myself on English supports until I see them. And woah, I did NOT expect that much pie. Seriously, what's with these localisers and pies? I understand the B convo, because that was a Bento in Japanese, a concept we don't really have, but I'm pretty sure they didn't go on about food this much in their Japanese S. (Though he DID end up getting nicknamed Cheom-nom-nom, so I'm probably wrong) My mental jury's still out on whether or not it ruined the mood of the conversation or not, but it did contain some sweet moments regardless. Here's one individual line I want to comment on:

Chrom: This was crafted to commemorate my birth, and later given to me by my father. Since my earliest days I have planned to bestow it to the woman I would marry. It is yours now. A symbol of our everlasting love and affection.

I have a feeling this line is generic: i.e. he says it to all his potential wives. Also, you mean your father the evil warmongering xenophobic maniac? Umm... I'm not sure that's exactly the kind of person you want to associate with your wedding ring...

Anyway, congratulations Chrom and Sumia! ...Though Stalh and Sully beat you, so no forges. Speaking of which, I did end up making their forged weapons, Steel weapons of their respective specialtys, which ran me abiout 10000 gold for the pair. I have a feeling I'm going to regret that later, but I DID promise them after all. Strangely, I never got the option to name them. But they can't have taken that feature out of this game, I've seen names forges in videos? Did I miss something...? In any sense, their names were going to be Bull Roar and Panther Claw. Just immagine them like thay, okay.

In other support news, we've got Vaike and Cordelia C, Ricken and Mariabelle A and Panne and Avatar B. All pairs I'm going to marry, how appropriate! Cordelia's one seemed the same as what I remember from the Japanese, Ricken and Mariabelle was sweet as usual (you know, their supports were never up on the Jp. Supports thread) and Panne's one way interesting for several reasons: she mentions the Laguz from Tellius, though she calls them "Cat-wearers" and "Bird-wearers". She also says she met them once, a long time ago. Oh gods, PLEASE don't tell me the Laguz are all extinct...

But anyway, secondly, the "a long time ago". This seems to imply that, like the dragons (but not to the same extent), Panne is much older than she looks. Given her species is implied to be an offshoot or subspecies of Laguz, and given their ages, I'd guess Panne is in her... 100's, maybe? Or more, since if she visited Tellius at the time of Ike's games, we know due to the presence of a certain someone that several generations have passed since then. Which would maker her, what, 300? 500?

Anyway, no Risen spawned, so no Vaike and Cordelia ship grinding. I could use my Reeking Box... (which I got out of an event tile) but I'm saving that for emergencies. As in I DESPARATELY need to grind and no Risen have spawned. That's not now. A few merchants are here though, one selling Wyrmslayers, which are probably less useful in this game than in FE12, seeing as I don't think you fight Manaketes, or, at least you don't fight whole chapters full of them. Annoyingly, I sold one of my Bullions to her and exited the shop, and for some reason that counts as "using" her, so she vanished! Argh! There was another selling Rapiers, but sueriously, Chrom's barely used his, what with his Falcion being infinite-use and mounted enemies being so scarce. There've been Armours so far, but I preffer to deal with them using the Vaike or magic. So I think I'll pass. They do have both varieties of Seal, but I actually can't afford either. Drat.

At the Barraks I got:

- Sthal and Avatar

- Kellam and Mariabelle

- Lissa and Sumia. They had nothing to say about the fact they're now sisters-in-law.

- Lissa and Vake

- Virion and Mariabelle (lol, the two 'proper' members of the party. And yes, she ended up talking about her dreams to be a big hairy barbarian twice.)

I also thought now was about time for a stat update. Normally I do these based on 'breaks' in the story, but seeing as the first one of those doesn't come until we're supposed to be nearly promoted, I though I might as well do one now. This was a LOT more work that I thought it would be, so bear with me.

Main Party Members

These are the ones who will probably end up in my final chapter team. Unless they get REALLY screwed.


Lv 12

HP: 28

Str: 13

Mag: 4

Slk: 14

Spd: 13

Luk: 14

Def: 13

Res: 5

Swd B.

Dual Strike +, Charm

Comments: He's doing about how I'd expect. Infinite-use Falcion is great, as it means I can let him Dual Strike all he wants without worrying about his weapons. And being effective on Wyverns doesn't hurt either. But wait, is that HP really right? That's VERY low for a Lord as powerful as him. To put it in perspective...


Lv 12

HP: 28

Str: 10

Mag: 5

Skl: 16

Spd: 22 +2

Luk: 12

Def: 9

Res: 10

Lnc B

Spd +2, Relief

Comments: Sumia, the "fragile" pegasus knight of this game, has the same HP as him. That can't be good. But anyway, I'm pretty impressed with her, great Speed, crits oftn with Chrom's support, and not terrible Str and Def. She's sort of like a better Shiida. She and Chrom are unstoppable togeather.


Lv 13

HP: 31

Str: 11

Mag: 13

Skl: 11

Spd: 11

Luk: 9

Def: 14

Res: 10

Swd D, Tome C

Veteran, Solidarity

Comments: Pretty nice all-round, though my def could be higher, It's only like a 50% growth though. Funny how Mag is going higher than Str, and I've been using magic more. I just like being able to counter everything. But I need to get my Sword rank up higher. Being stuck with Iron at this point is... kinda bad.


Lv 12

HP: 34

Str: 13

Mag: 1

Slk: 13

Spd: 15

Luk: 10

Def: 11

Res: 4

Even Rhythm

Comments: She's been AMAZING so far, though I am worried that's for a reason: you're not meant to over-use her. But since she's my Waifu I have no choice really. On that note, the RNG goddess seems to have taken my sentiment into account and favoured her. We always get the best luck with Dual Strikes and Guards.


Lv 11

HP 25

Str: 13

Mag: 2

Slk: 17 +2

Spd: 11

Luk: 9

Def: 9

Res: 3

Bow B

Skill +2, Prescience

Comments: He's been having problems lately. The only think he's been able to double consistantly are Revenants, and that's not a good sign. Ryan had issues like this in FE12, but at least he was doubling some things eventually. Not only that, he's not OHKOing fliers. I blame his lack of a Pair Up partner. His Waifu won't be here for a LOOOOONG time, and I can't really find him many other good support partners within my army except me, and I'm going to be staying with Panne now. I hope he gets better.


Lv 12

HP: 27

Str: 5

Mag: 10

Skl: 8

Spd: 10

Luk: 14

Def: 6

Res: 11

Staff B

Miracle, Healtouch

Comments: Healer, what more can I say. She's probably my favourite female healer in the series though. And with Healtouch, she heals well even with a mere Kneader!


Lv 10

HP: 24

Str: 8

Mag: 3

Skl: 16

Spd: 17

Luk: 9

Def: 8

Res: 3

Swd B

Avo +10, Vantage

Comments: I'll be honest, I'm kinda dissapointed with him so far. He's been getting slew of terrible Level Ups (including one that was JUST SKILL), and without Lissa's support he doesn't even have a reliable enough dodge rate, even against axe users. (50% is not good enough when getting hit means losing half your HP) I may end up using Owain as my main Swordmaster when he comes, actually. Lon'qu also gets the dubious honour of least favoured by the RNG goddess so far: in one run of Chapter 7 (which I somehow forgot to mention) he got hit by a 9% hit Hand Axe, which took him down to kill range of the boss... who promptly hit too. And, like I said, he's been getting awful level ups too.


These are the people not in my main party, but that I am grinding for marriages and the like with. They'll be used in skirmishes and paralogues, and should all be promoted by the time the kids arrive, at the very least.


Lv 2

HP: 29

Str: 13

Mag: 2

Skl: 12

Spd: 11

Luk: 6

Def: 15

Res: 4

Swd D, Lnc A, Axe D

Discipline, Outdoor Fighter

Comments: STILL not sure whether to go with him or Libra for Miriel. I guess I'll be grinding both supports.


Lv 9

HP: 22

Str: 0

Mag: 10 +2

Skl: 8

Spd: 12

Luk: 10

Def: 5

Res: 7

Tome C

Mag +2

Comments: No interesting skills, and powerful tomes are hard to come by at this point in the game. Still, has the better Speed and Res of the two Mages.


Lv 8

HP: 26

Str: 9

Mag: 2

Skl: 12

Spd: 11

Luk: 9

Def: 7

Res: 6

Swd E, Lnc B


Comments: Weapon ranks rise FREAKISHLY fast. Other than that, there are better 'speedy' characters in my army at the moment. She's still great fun to use on account of her personality though.


Lv 8

HP: 28

Str: 12

Mag: 2

Skl: 11

Spd: 8

Luk: 8

Def: 11

Res: 2

Swd B, Lnc E


Comments: He's looking a little more interesting then her at the moment. They're a great team regardless.


Lv 9

HP: 20

Str: 2

Mag: 9

Skl: 6

Spd: 11

Luk: 9

Def: 4

Res: 10 +2

Staff C


Comments: I've actually used her in the main story quite a bit, as two healers is certainly useful, especially when one's mounted. And starting with Mend certainly helps too. I'm pretty sure Sumia will fill her role as the mounted backup healer later on, but I'm still liking Mari.


Lv 9

HP: 26

Str: 4

Mag: 10 +2

Skl: 11

Spd: 8

Luk: 16

Def: 8

Res: 5

Tome C

Mag +2

Comments: So of the two Mages, he has the better Skill, Luk and Def, but worse Speed and Res. Interesting, they almost have a Cain and Abel dynamic going on. Have we ever got Mages with such different specialties at around the same time before? But still, Speed is the more important stat, so yeah. But I will say I probably like Ricken more character-wise than Miriel.


Lv 8

HP: 34

Str: 14

Mag: 0

Skl: 11

Spd: 10

Luk: 6

Def: 10

Res: 0

Axe D (but almost C)

HP +5

Comments: He's litterally one attack of C, so I may as well call it C. He's been getting great level ups so far, with surprisingly high Def. And he's always hilarious.


Lv 8

HP: 26

Str: 10

Mag: 4

Skl: 13

Spd: 12

Luk: 9

Def: 9

Res: 8

Lnc C

Spd +2

Comments: With only one Level Up so far, I can't really say much. She's basically Sumia with Speed exchanged for Str and Def. The 'powerhouse' peg knight, if you will. She's probably going to go Dark Flier just so I have more variety in classes.

Phew. With that done...

Chapter 8: The Grimleal

Apparently the title means "those loyal to the grim, i.e. Grima". Much better than just "servants of thr evil dragon" anyway. Okay, this chapter was pretty easy overall. Story chapters seem to be getting easier actually, but that may have just been because I grinded on skirmishes, which, come to think of it, tend to be stronger than story opponents. They've gone as high as 17 on skirmish bosses now, whereas the boss here is only 12.

Speaking of the boss here, 2 things: 1: he sounds like a cackling maniac, 2: his portrait does NOT fit his in-game model at all. It seems similar to the Shamans and Druids of past games, not the weird skin-suit and swimming trunks wearing Dark Mages of this game. Seriously, that's how I describe it. I find it VERY hard to take them seriously as enemies because of it. I seriously hope Henry doesn't look as cringe-worthy...

Okay, so there's lots of villages here. I'm guessing they're a substitute for the hidden desert items that have been a series staple. They couldn't really have them here because the map is so small. Still, they mention sending a flier or mage to save them quickly... but there don't seem to be any enemies capable of destroying them on the map! All the enemy axe users are Fighters, and there are no Thieves so, hmm...

Speaking of mages not being hindered by the sand, I found out to my surprise here that Strategists don't count. Yeah, you read that right: Strategist/Grandmaster is not classed as a mage-type unit, which means they get slowed by the desert. That's... really annoying. And it seems Mariabelle's cavelry type cancels out the mage type, so she gets slowed. Ricken will have to lead mostly.

Okay, so we've got Dark Mages, we've got Myrms (one with aa droppable Killing Edge! Uh oh...) and... Cavs. Seriously, as I presume the "unknown" army we were fighting in 6 was the Grimleal too, it seems they're the only faction to use Cavaliers so far. That's REALLY strange by the standards of the series. You normally start fighting lots of Cavs in the early-game after you meet the designated evil country. But Plegia seems to REALLY like Axe users, they've got Barbarians, Wyvern Riders and Dark Mages mostly in their ranks. Assige from Dozel in FE4 I haven't seen an enemy nation that likes Axes so much. Funny their boss uses Swords.

10 units this time, and Donny will need to come, because his Waifu will be arriving here! (I'm so exited, APTITUDE NAH SMASH EVERYTHING!)

Speaking of his Waifu... she's got Gregor with her. It's sad, really, I like the guy, I think he's awesome as is his dialogue. But since I already have Donny, and later Severa and Inigo (and my sister will DEMAND I use him...) as Mercs, and the fact I'm not pairing him with anyone, means he won't see much use. Again, it's sad, because I think he's awesome. Seriously.

"Some people think they can outsmart Gergor. Maybe... I have yet to meet one who can outsmart KILLEDGE!"

Anyway, his intro is hilarious, but mostly the same as the Jp. version. I watched ShadowOfChaos' video of this chapter up to there, but stopped, because the rest seemed to consist of him hating on Nowi. I just can't stand people just hating on particular characters, in fact negativity in general in LPs tends to turn me off (unless the game itself is legitimately terrible, like Sonic 06). I'm not saying I got turned off the whole LP, I still really like it, I just couldn't watch that chapter. And since the next one was REALLY spoilery, I kinda stopped there. So this chapter is mostly new territory.

Aaaaand it was kinda easy. Basically Chrom and Sumia hit all the villages on the right side, while Vaike and Cordelia took the right. The rest went down the middle to help our resident loli dragon. I learned the hard way she doesn't survive long, even when doubled with Gregor, due to her low HP. So I had them run towards us at the first chance. Don't you love it when the person you're protecting is player-controlled rather than an NPC?

And lol, Sumia's very first attack since her marriage was a crit, and she yelled "For Ylisse!". Which makes a lot of sense, seeing as she's the princess now.

And Lon'qu finally got a decent level up, and hey, he's actually showing emotion in his quote now. Cordelia got a good one too, "I would do all this and more to be with him..." Uhh.... I'm pretty sure marriages don't affect lv up quotes, so that's going to get REALLLLLLY awkward when she's married... not that it isn't already with Chrom married to her best friend.

Okay, me and Panne are in range of the enemies now, though I might let her be support to conserve her stone. And she proceeds to Dual Guard me twice in a row. And then I level up and get everything except Skill. Serioulsly, it's like the RNG goddess knows who you're making your waifu and throws her blessings on them.

First village saved, and hi again THUNDERATION! guy! A Rescue staff... that would have been good, were Anna merchants on the world map not giving them out like candy. I already have one, though I've never had to use it yet. Still, he mentions that those with higher Magic get better range out of it, simultanelously confirming that long ranged staves are NOT infinite range like they used to be. So the Physic I have is only good for 5 spaces at most at the moment. I may save it for later.

Hey, Ricken got a crit! He screams DIE!!! rather enthusiastically. Wow, he's actually kinda scary when he gets angry.

Oh, and as if it wasn't any more ridiculous, the next event tile produces yet anther Panne and me support boost. Serioualy game, I get the hint!

Vaike and Cordelia are at the left village, and it's a Master Seal. Great, I'll certainly take that! They've been doing pretty well as a team, using hand axes and javelins to kill the weairdly-dressed Dark Mages in their path.

Chrom and Sumia rejoined the main group, and something pretty hilarious happened: Chrom got a crit, and I watched as the unfortionate Dark Mage's head followed the flying Chrom right until he got smacked in the face. Almost as if pondering "Hmm... should I dodge, should I not dodge, should I ARRRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHKKKKKKKKKKKHHHHHHH.............ouch."

But Chrom can't relax, as the killing edge guy is next in like. Fortunately, he didn't crit. He did knock one use of the weapon before I had a chance to get it though. That's a shame.

Okay, there aren't many enemies left, so I wanted Nowi to get most of the kills. Just like Donnel, she's got problems doubling at first, and starts kinda weak. So I'll just have Ricken weaken this guy, he's at 98 exp so he doesn't need a kill to level up anyway. Ah, Thunder has 11% crit. So I'll just use Elwind instead, I mean, 9% is much less risky...

As you could guess, Ricken crit. That ALWAYS happens to me EVERY time I try to have someone weaken an enemy! If you have a lot of time on your hands, and you want to see this happening to me OVER THE COURSE OF AN ENTIRE CHAPTER, watch this:

That was NOT Marcia's best day...

Anyway, back to THIS game...

Last villiage has a Seconf Seal. I kinda expected that. That may go to Panne, we'll see.

And now only the non-moving boss remains. I wanted Nowi to get the kill to make up for... that, but if I let the boss hit with Noferatu she'd only be redicing his HP by 2 each turn. Ah. But wait, I had a not-so-cunning plan... put as many people next to her as possible, including Chrom for Charm and me for Solidarity, to stack supports as high as possible. She ended up getting the quivalent of an A and...

Boss: "You dare defy Grima, god of annihilation!”


Nowi: "You big bully! HAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!"

Boss: ...Oh crap.


Boss: Lord Grima... my life essense is yours... that was embarresing...

And immidiately after, Nowi STILL claimed this was The. Worst. Day. EVER! Um, what?

Okay, that's gotta be the most entertaining boss so far in the playthrough.

And we get a conversation between Gergor, Nowi and the rest of us. I will admit Nowi/Gregor seems to be the pairing with the most evidence in-story, but I need Aptitude on the 2nd gen! Gregor is still awesome.

"True, Gregor just finish killing former employers, but still very reliable!"

One of my favourite lines so far. Even my mum laughted when I told it to her!

That'll be about all for today, but as I type this, I just realised: almost exactly this time last week, my bundle arrived. So I've had the awesomeness that is this game for a whole week now!

Next time, dumb villagers and... the most depressing chapter in the game, or so I've heard.

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Thanks for the info guys. Of course, I don't exactly need to worry about what classes Yarne is going to be inheriting... it's still strange he doesn't get Wyvern by default though. My guess is Panne originally had Pegasus Knight, it got changed but they forgot to change her inheritance to match. Aww, actually, I would have liked Galeforce on her... but I'd like Galeforce on ANYONE, really.

Actually, the Knight of Iris Artbook's concept shows a different theory: It seems Proto-Yarné was supposed to be a 1st Gen. Character, but for some reason (restricting the non-Mother-dependent off-springs to only Chrom and a Male Avatar, most likely) they redesigned him as the Yarné we know...

That said, Panne's class set looks quite like an artifact of the scrapped plans of a Male Taguel having a Daughter: "Wyvern Rider -> Barbarian" doesn't seem to have logic until you flip it as "Barbarian -> Wyvern Rider".

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