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I could say: "Hello"?

Mr Timel

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Hi everybody, I'm new here (nah, really?)

I know this site for a while now, reading it from times to times, but I decided to finally come to the forum (because I have something in mind, in fact...but i should talk about that in another topic i guess)

What to say about me. I discovered Fire Emblem with the first one to come in Europe, the 7th, and have played all the game after that, excluding the 12th. I also have played the 6th and loved it. I'm a boy, 22 years old, and I live in France. Because I'm French, eayh (that also explains why I never sign up to this forum before). So, I'm sorry if I make some mistakes (and I might do a few), you know how French people usually sucks at languages (something to do with the educational system).

Well, err, I don't really know what to say now...maybe that I really loved the GBA period of Fire Emblem, especially those 2D sprites, well animated, etc... that was cool.

And then, that's all, I guess. I will answer all the questions you might have, and errr....nothing to add to this presentation I guess (in fact, there are other things. I'm just not thinking of them right now.)


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