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FE7 HHM 3 Lords only


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Hi, lets discuss strategies with FE7 HHM 3 lords only?

I start with LHM and have a save with some pretty lucky lyn procs, she ends up with 17 str by lvl 19 with boosts, although an average lyn probably has no where close to that str :)

the run I have no concern for any ranks etc, just trying to beat the game with 3 lords only to get a feel.

the rules I follow are:

3 Lords only

ranks dont matter

must kill off all characters usually by feeding the boss on the same map

it is ok for the thief to open doors/chests/steal ON THAT MAP ONLY, then typically must die to the boss or something

can recruit characters and strip their gear

do have to give up some awesome goodies because lack of thief or lack of mobility

I already beat the game with a subpar lyn on HNM however the main problem I am having on HHM after fighting tooth and nail, is the lack of FUNDING after selling everything possible

the point I get stuck on is the pirate ship where I literally been battling so much I run out of weapon charges and vulneraries and have no more money to buy from the shop, and that's only pirate ship; there are a couple of maps after where there are no shops so I must have massive funds by pirate ship...

I think possible problems i have are: I suck at FE and am not efficient, probably linger around too long wasting resources and not capping the map objective quick enough.

any tips or general strategies on the whole game?

also who to promote first, eliwood or lyn?

HNM promoted eliwood was very useful rushing to the boots on that map, not sure how this would work out

lyn is freaking amazing when she gets strong!

and who to give body ring/energy ring/dracoshield? I gave eliwood body ring last game but didnt feel the difference...

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Durandal is heavy as shit, so he would end up best with Durandal, I'd feel. Energy Ring/Dracoshield can be given to whoever seems to be suffering in those areas, which is usually Lyn, but if yours is so blessed, consider Eliwood, since he has a tendency to turn out mediocre.

Early on, if you're not using Marcus, I'd expect a very slow crawl through the game. Limiting yourself to only Eliwood and Hector for 7 or so maps is pretty difficult to get around, and I don't anticipate you getting to many villages in time.

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Indeed I gave eliwood body ring in HNM because of durandal weight, however is it me or does it not make a difference in the end chapters at least in HNM? He still can't double and is forced to use brave weapons; I am uncertain if it benefitted him at any point, maybe it prevents him from being doubled by the end boss with durandal?

in any case the +2 con must have benefitted him somewhere more than hector/lyn soon as he uses it lvl 1? edit(i mean if you play EHM and give him +2 con immediately)

thinking of downloading the fixed growth patch for a better RN and better planning

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