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[FE13]The ruleset to rule them all


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1. This draft is for 4 players. Each player will get 7 units.

2. Chrom, Avatar, Frederick, Olivia and Lucina are free for all to use.

3. The game will be played on Hard Mode Classic.

4. The last round of drafting is reversed.


1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling)

2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units.

3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty.

4. Paralogues 1-4 and 17 must be visited and are free up to 20 turns. Kid paralogues are optional and are free up to 20 turns.

5. Skirmishes are banned.

6. Map shopping is allowed, excluding items sold from Anna Merchant shops.

7. Mothers are drafted with their children, but are drafted at the same time as the rest of the units.

8. Use of items obtained from event tiles, the barracks and renown items are banned.

9. Use of DLC and Spotpass (including Free Content) is strictly prohibited.

10. Forging is allowed.


1. Galeforce is banned. Moving a character or taking another action with Galeforce has a penalty of 10 turns.

2. The Rescue staff can only be used once per turn.

3. Avatar is only allowed in the Tactician, Knight, Myrmidon, Thief, Barbarian, Fighter, Mercenary, Archer, Dark Mage, Mage, Cleric and their promoted counterparts.


1. Undrafted units performing any disallowed action is worth a penalty of 4 turns,

2. Undrafted units pairing up with drafted units is worth a penalty of 20 turns instead.


1. Ricken and Maribelle are free for Ch.5

2. Nowi and Gregor are free for Ch.8

3. Undrafted Sumia, Sully and Maribelle may be killed off to avoid marrying Chrom.


Shinori: Sully+Kjelle, Stahl, Ricken, Maribelle+Brady, Kellam, Nowi+Nah, Donnel

Lucina: Sumia+Cynthia, Miriel+Laurent, Morgan, Henry, Gaius, Tiki, Inigo

*CordeliaxFrederick: Panne+Yarne, Cherche+Gerome, Lissa+Owain, Gregor, Virion, Libra, Flavia

Liquid Snake: Cordelia+Severa, Anna, Vaike, Lon'qu, Tharja+Noire, Say'ri, Basilio

[spoiler=Units Remaining]

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MU build is +Mag, -Lck

Lucina: Sumia+Cynthia, Miriel+Laurent, Morgan, Henry, Gaius, Tiki, Inigo<br style="color: rgb(28, 40, 55); font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; background-color: rgb(250, 251, 252);">

Validar: 2/2

easy peasy lemon squeezy

Prologue: 3/5

Fred goes UP!

Chapter 1: 3/8

Avatar sits on fort until the boss comes after her.

Chapter 2: 3/11

Fred goes UP

Chapter 3: 4/15

Fred goes UP!

Chapter 4: 2/17

Gogo gadget!

Paralogue Donny: free/17


Chapter 5: 5/23

Probably could've saved a turn here if I had another foot unit to help Miriel at the bottom. Oh well.

Chapter 6: 5/28

Sumia sucks at killing Validar. =/

Paralogue 2: free/28


Chapter 7: 2/30

bye cordelia

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+mag -Str female avatar named Raine

Premonition: 2/2


Prologue: 3/5


Chapter 1: 2/7

OH YEAH IM GOOD. If you want to ask how I did this I can explain. I was up for a while working on this. I FINALLY DID IT THOUGH. FUCK RNG.

Chapter 2: 3/10

Fred killed everything basically.

Chapter 3: 3/13

Kinda complex. Avatar pairs with sully. Sully runs left drops avatar further off left. Chrome recruits Kellam and then pairs with kellam. Kellam walks left and transfers Chrome to Avatar. Then equips javelin and attacks archer beside him. Stahl pairs with kellam and fred pairs with sully. This causes all the enemies to attack Avatar since it's the only they can kill and they have the possibility of killing her. She kills all of them on EP1. Turn 2: Avatar walks up and unlocks door. Kellam gives fred the javelin in his equipped slot and switches to stahl. Sully moves 8 forward and drops fred. Turn 3: Fred moves all the way over just within range of boss. Swaps to Avatar. Avatar attacks then fred attacks and MISSES. Boss misses avatar. Avatar attacks again and then Fred attacked AGAIN and hit killing the boss. I TOLD YOU IT WAS POSSIBLE DAMN IT.

Current stats: Sully stahl and Kellam are all at bases. They each have a bit of exp though.

Chrome is level 3 and has stats that don't matter.

Fred is level 2 and pretty close to level 3. Stats still don't matter that much.

Raine is:


26 hp

9 str

13 mag

12 skill

10 speed

8 luck

8 def

8 res

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So, I'm in before Chapter 9 atm and have met with a terrible decision. Due to an oversight, I could potentially promote Avatar to a mounted unit. Except I used the Second Seal on Panne so she can be wyvern Rider. Should I go Grandmaster now or wait for the second second seal and go mount or dark mage?

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Donnel's Paralogue: Free/13

Killed things with sully and stahl. THEY LEVELED UP A BIT. And got a few great levels at it.

Chapter 4: 2/15

Killed things. Sully killed left fighter. Stahl killed right fighter. Avatar killed everything else.

Chapter 5: 3/18

Avatar went up (Paired with kellam) killed fighter. Fred went up (Paired with Stahl) and killed the myrmidon. Maribell paired with Ricken to aggro the wyvern riders. Sully went left with Chrome. After that fred went right and up the hill while avatar went left and sully sat on the fort at the bottom. Turn 3 reinforcements all died to Avatar.

Chapter 6: 3/21

Sully paired with kellam and the javelin went left. Fred with chrome and the handaxe took the middle. Raine and Stahl paried up originally and ran as far down as possible then swapped and Raine killed things. Ricken paired with maribelle who sat outside enemy range and then on turn 2 ran forward to swap Stahl with ricken (giving Raine +4 magic) and switching so stahl was the leading unit instead of maribelle(He had to kill a cav) Raine then went down with ricken and a forged Elwind(+3 mount nothing else) and 2HKO Validar on EP3.

Chapter 7: 2/23

Shino paired with stahl and killed the first fighter. Fred paired with sully and went 8 spaces forward. Everyone else backed up. Killed everything!

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Paralogue 3: free/30

training and free robe

Chapter 8: 5/35

Pretty sure at this point that this is the minimum you can get while getting both seals.

Chapter 9: 2/37

Promoted Miriel at Lv.14. Reclassed Avatar to Dark Mage. She goes down and rescues Javelin!Sumia who kills most of the stuff down there. Avatar goes down and then gets rescued by Miriel on turn 2. Avatar is able to have the far right Draco suicide on her.

Paralogue 4: free/37


Chapter 10: 3/40

Miriel rescues Sumia+Frederick and the two go up!

Chapter 11: 3/43

Avatar why you so slow =/

Chapter 12: 4/47

Probably could've three turned if Avatar wasn't so slow and wasn't 3HKOed =/

Chapter 13: 1/48

Promoted Chrom to Great Lord, Avatar to Sorceror and Gaius to Trickster. Miriel rescues up Sumia who kills boss on turn 1. Lucina inherits Veteran from Avatar.

Edited by Doofina
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Paralogue Morgan: free/48

Lucina and Morgan each got 5 levels whoo!

Paralogue Laurent

[11:20:20 PM] Lucy: kill boss on last turn

[11:20:24 PM] Lucy: boss activates counter

[11:20:26 PM] Lucy: kills the unit

[11:20:28 PM] Lucy: RESET

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Female Avatar Violet with an eyepatch, +SPD -STR

Premonition 2/2 turns


Prologue 3/5 turns


C1 3/8 turns


Chrom/Violet C

C2 3/11 turns


I almost did this my first try but Frederick missed on T3 EP. Probably wouldn't have happened if I paired Vaike with him

C3 4/15 turns


Chrom/Violet B

Para 1 free/15 turns


Chrom goes from level 1 to 5 and Vaike gets 3 levels

C4 2/17 turns


Chrom/Violet A

C5 4/21 turns


I hate this chapter

Para 2 free/21 turns


Levels for people who aren't Violet/Frederick

Chrom/Violet S, Vaike/Lon'qu C

Forge a +3 might Elwind I thought I'd need but didn't

Also bought a bunch of Javelins/Hand Axes

C6 3/24 turns


Actual explanation time

Violet goes left and takes a grand total of 2 damage all chapter

Vaike assists Chrom in killing the middle guys

Frederick/Lon'qu destroy everything with a Javelin and boss kill. Lon'qu got a dual strike crit on Validar that was definitely relevant so go him

Chrom/Vaike C

Violet has something asinine like 18 strength despite it being her flaw

Edited by Liquid Snake
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My comp restarted. LUCKILY NOT MUCH WAS TYPED.

Paralogue 2: Free/23

Trained Ricken and a bit for stahl and sully. Kellam is pair up bitch.

Chapter 8: 5/28

A really weird use of pairing up and separating to get just a bit further with sully and avatar. Along with one rescue from Maribelle to move fred a bit forward so he could then pair up with avatar to give him a bit of increase to move allowed me to have those 3 units move down and get the second seal and kill the boss during EP5. Ricken took the left desert and got the master seal with a little help from nowi who even got to kill a few things! Stahl killed the one fighter at the beginning to the right. Tonics are amazing.

Paralogue 2: Free/28

Made Raine a Grand master. Nowi trained a bit and some extra exp for ricken and what not. Maribelle spammed as much as she could for exp. She's level 9 now!

Chapter 9: 3/31

Made sully a Wyvern rider, she was promoted at level 16. Fred and sully pair up and kill things. Avatar and Chrome did so as well but a bit behind. Nowi and ricken managed to snag some exp in the upper side of the desert. But only like one guy each i think. Fred killed boss on EP3 with silver lance.

Chapter 10: 3/34

Maribelle rescues sully and fred who fly up. Nowi goes up the path with the wyrmslayer and gets it along with the Medium bullion up top on turn 3. Raine gets the master seal and the seraph robe. Stahl sits on a fort and tries to get some exp.

Chapter 11: 3/37

Ran around killing things. Avatar killed boss. I am 100% positive this is 2-turnable. Also I promoted Maribelle to valkerie.

Edited by Shinori
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Paralogue Laurent: free/48

Got Lucina and Morgan to Lv.20, and now they have better stats than their dad. gg Chrom for marrying an overpowered woman.

Chapter 14: 1/49

Promoted Morgan and Lucina. Miriel rescues Lucina+Chrom over who break the boss with their Rapiers.

Chapter 15: 4/53

Needed to sac Henry for this to work. NO REGRETS!

Chapter 16: 3/56

Stupid Sumia and her bad Strength. Anyways, Lucina goes and eats another boss because she's pro. Laurent died. OH WELL.

Chapter 17: 4/60

Miriel rescues up Sumia who heads up to the boss. Miriel picks up Tomefaire and will reclass to Valkyrie.

Edited by Doofina
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Chapter 12: 3/40

Stahl was promoted to great knight. People killed things. Mostly avatar though.

Chapter 13: 1/41

Ricken was promoted to a dark knight. Maribelle ran up and rescued sully up with fred and sully kills boss.

Morgan Paralogue: Free/41

Training for Great Lord Lucina/Nowi. Morgan died/10

Promoted Sully to Griffon Rider. And Kellam to Great knight

Kjelle Paralogue: Free/41

Nowi training mostly. Sully got a level or two guarding Kjelle and Lucina got some exp also.

Chapter 14: 1/42

Maribelle rescued Lucina and Raine and Raine killed boss.

Chapter 15: 2/44

Kjelle was made into a great knight. 4 great knights and 2 dark knights with a griffon rider is pretty strong. Sully with fred took the desert. Maribelle rescued Say'ri. Nowi went up, Raine went up(both paired with great knights). Everyone killed things. Lucina killed the hammer general. Everything else dies on EP2.

Paralogue 4: Free/44

Sully and Nowi training. SULLY GOT DELIVERER. I probably should have gotten this earlier. Whatever though.

Chapter 16: 2/46

Got both master seal, speed wing, medium bullion, and multiple of the weapons that are dropped here. Anyway the idea was. Fred paired with sully. Marribelle rescued sully up to the middle area while Raine and really bad stahl blocked the sides so the warrior couldn't kill him. The beastkiller pegasus knight was killed by Nowi. And then 11 move Sully says hi and kills boss on Player phase 2 with a hammer.

Chapter 17: 3/49

SIGH. NO BOOTS. WHATEVER. Raine and Sully went up the right and killed boss on Player phase 3.

Chapter 18: 3/52

This is 2-turnable. ;/ WHATEVER. Sully and raine flew down. Raine killed boss.


Chapter 19: 1/53

Maribelle rescued sully and Raine and Sully flies up and kills the boss.

Edited by Shinori
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