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I'm Baaaaack~


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So, after almost a year of being MIA, I have come back to Serenes Forest, especially now that FE13 is back. I have been busy with an interim job, essays, and applications for graduate school (all of which are winding down now), and I have opened up enough time to enjoy Fire Emblem again.

I know that 9 months is a long time, and many people I know have probably moved on (and replaced with new faces), but I intend to get right back into the pace of things.

I'm terrible at introductions (and even worse at good-byes), but I just wanted you guys to know that you will be seeing more of me for at least a while.

P.S. To those that actually remember me...Yes, I'm as stubborn as ever.

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Great to see you again, man! And nah, I never use Skype.

And by "Wil is doing better in drafts", do you mean he's not picked last by everybody but me now? laugh.gif

Late rounds now, before deadwieght.

Dorcas is solid now according to horace

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