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Greetings serenes forest!

Lord Sage

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Hello! I am a fire emblem fan for about two and a half years and have been browsing the forums a couple of months

until i [finally] decided to join. I've played all fe games except fe1 and fe13 and my first one was fe7.

I have loved the series since first playing and i am looking forward playing fe13[whenever noe decides to release the game].

I am a pokemon fan since elementary school. I also like sports games like nba2k, pro evolution soccer and

racing games but rpgs have always been my favorites[especially tactical and especially fe].

P.S: I am not a native english speaker so for any grammar mistakes, have mercy on me.biggrin.gif.

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I already have played TRS since the patch came out.

I liked the story but the gameplay was not great.

Duplicating monsters, monster summoning staves

with good durability, witches that can teleport wherever

they want, what was Kaga thinking!?

Thankfully teleport staff also exists......

Liked the length of the game though .

I might try it again cause i want to recruit some characters

i missed.

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I can understand you fine, but if you want to read something with good grammar, then feel free to wander into Written Works (and look for Shuuda's stuff).

Welcome~! Don't forget to read the rules and all~!

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