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I'd like some opinions on a fan-made class list thingy

S.C. Amigo

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So, the unimportant thing is I'm trying to make my own personal class list, but I've run into a big obstacle, and I turn to the fine people of Serenes Forest for an opinion. Here comes the important part.

Okay so, you know how the Great Knight promotes from Cavaliers and Knights, but obviously, those two's structure in both Sacred Stones and Awakening is different from the Jugdral/Tellius style of Cavaliers and Armor Knights. So, let's say the next Fire Emblem game does have dual-prmotion branches, but the Cavaliers are like how they are in Path of Radiance. That is, four-sub classes, of using one weapon each from Swords, Lance, Axes and Bows.

How would the Great Knight work then? Would it be okay having it be a horseback + armor unit but with two weapons? Or would that not work? I'm also wondering if a Dark Knight-like option of Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow + Anima Magic for the alt class would be a viable option.

Again, whatever you think would be best, I'm all ears, and thanks in advance.

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For the cavs, I would think they would be like in radiant dawn with the gold and silver knights where(even though they don't get armor):

bow cav - gains lances and armor in promotion

lance cav - gains bows and armor in promotion

sword cav - gains axes and armor in promotion

axe cav - gains swords and armor in promotion

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So, my other question for everybody would be, you know of the Dark Knight in Awakening and Mage Knight in the Jugdral games, the horseback unit that can use swords and anima magic. Now, let's take Astrid from Path of Radiance. She's a Bow Knight then when promoted into a Paladin, can choose one of the three physical weapons. Now, if there was an option you could choose the Paladin and 1/3 of the Weapons Traingle or a Maic Knight that can use Bows and Anima Magic, and the Magic Knight also being for the other three-sub classes.

Would that be a feasable thing, or would it be magic overkill? Because that's what I'm kind of leaning to.

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