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Pick my unit



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  1. 1. Which character will be the best?

    • Frederic
    • Kellam
    • Chrom
    • Vaike
    • Miriel
    • Henry
    • Gregor
    • Donnel
    • Severa
    • Cherche
    • None of the above because you are screwed

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So I can't seem to find the motivation to actually get past chapter 2 in lunatic+ so it's time for a pick my unit.

Things to be pick

Hard or normal. Done

Casual or classic. Done

MU's gender flaw, asset, and name. Done

9 units not named MU

Units classes. Each unit has two second seals available to them and two master seals available.

Pick the pairings.

One child may be picked two if Lucina is picked.

Pick the skills.

Will not be using auto.

I will NOT accept donnel reclassed to a villager three times as a unit.

I will also need avatars size, face,and hair color.

DLC is allowed.

Wireless devices are allowed.

I am allowed to add rules at anytime

1.Frederic (male) (flaw: skill) (asset: luck) (tactician->grandmaster->thief-> trickster) (Anna)(Movement +1, Ignis, Solidarity, Acrobat, rally spectrum)

2.Kellam (knight-> thief -> assassin -> general) (tharja)(Lethality, Pass, Pavise, Locktouch, Movement +1)

3.Chrom(Lord --> Great Lord --> Paladin --> Great Knight)(Aether, Rightful King, Aegis, Dual Attack+, Luna)(Olivia)

4.Vaike (Fighter -> Hero -> Warrior -> Barbarian -> Berserker) (panne) (Zeal, Despoil, Wrath, Sol, Gamble)

5.Miriel (Mage-> Sage-> Dark Mage-> Sorcerer-> Valkyrie)(libra) (Tomefaire, Vengeance, Anathema, Dual Support +, Hex)

6.Henry(dark mage-->barbarian-->berserker-->dark Knight)(nowi this is gonna be so wrong)(Anathema,Gamble, Despoil, Wrath, Lifetaker)

7.Gregor(Mercenary --> Hero --> Swordmaster --> Hero)(Cherche)(Armsthrift, Astra, Axebreaker, Sol, Swordfaire)

8.Donnel(Villager -> Mercanary->Hero) (aptitude,armsthrift, patience,sol,axe breake)

9.Severa(Mercenary -> Hero -> Dark Flier -> Myrm -> Assasin)(Galeforce, Sol, Lethality, Relief, Armsthrift)

10.Cherche(Wyvern Rider->Griffon Rider->Wyvern Lord->Battle Cleric)(Strength+2, Swordbreaker, Renewal, Quick Burn, Deliverer)

Hard mode classic.

Size - 3 (Large)

Face - 1

Hair - 1

Color - 8

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Wife: Olivia

Knight -> Thief -> Assassin -> Great Knight -> War Monk

Luna, Lethality, Locktouch, Renewal, Movement+1

You have been kellamed please try again.

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Could you not see that I was editing my post?



Wife: Olivia

Knight -> Great Knight -> War Monk

Luna, Dual Guard+, Rally Luck, Renewal, Defence+2

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Miriel: Mage-> Sage-> Dark Mage-> Sorcerer-> Valkyrie

Marries Libra

Final Skill Set: Tomefaire, Vengeance, Anathema, Dual Support +, Hex

Oh, and I recommend Hard Classic. (I can recommend that, correct?)

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dark mage-->barbarian-->berserker-->dark Knight

Anathema,Gamble, Despoil, Wrath, Lifetaker

wife: Nowi

Edit: good luck with this one.

Edited by I don't play for turns
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Oh, what the hell.

Name: Gregor

Class progression: Mercenary --> Hero --> Swordmaster --> Hero

Skills: Armsthrift, Astra, Axebreaker, Sol, Swordfaire

Wife: Cherche

Have fun.

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I will also need avatars size, face,and hair color.

Size - 3 (Large)

Face - 1

Hair - 1

Color - 8

Have fun with olderJake.

Children char is fine right?

Mercenary -> Hero -> Dark Flier -> Myrm -> Assasin

Severa - Galeforce, Sol, Lethality, Relief, Armsthrift

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Very easy doubled Frederic with chrom who procceded to one round vaidar.



Fred wakes up in the middle of a random field. Meets some friendly strangers and as all intelligent people does follows them around. Fredrick doesn't trust nor should he but Chrom out commands him and Fred joins the team.

I forgot how easy this is on hard mode in comparison to lunatic.We destroy a bunch of random scrubs with Lisa doubled with Fred and Fredrick double with Chrom.

Found a superior lance though Ill have to wait till chapter three to use it. And even then it will take a while to get the right rank. Also got Titania axe which will eventually go to vaike.

Onto the boss who's portrait is used repeatedly throughout the game. Chrom got a crit and he did in a writhing ball of death.

So after doing the right thing and saving the town while getting some pretty good level ups we leave the town without putting the fire out and go on our merry way.


Chapter 1

So we're off to camp in the woods while heading back to the capital of Ylisse were forced to eat bear meat and sleep on the ground. When suddenly a giant magic portal/flying eyeball thing still don't know what that is appears dumps out a shit load of zombies and a very effeminate "Marth"

What I want to know is how Fredrick automatically knows that MU is thinking about abandoned forts.

" Hmm? Are those...""Abandoned forts yes."Actually I was gonna say gonna say a bunch of zombies trying to kill us.

Either way same formation as earlier. Same difficulty easy mode.

MU is so broken with veteran. 4 levels in one chapter.

So afterwards we talk with masked Marth and find out that the reason why they couldn't fight beside us is because they were supposedly destroying the rest of the zombie things but we still fight them repeatedly throughout the game.


Chapter two

We meet the rest of this idiot shepherds. Seriously there is so much not right with these people. Whatever we discover chrom is a prince and a bunch a junk happens that I don't care about.

Lunatic has forever ruined the difficulty of this game.

To finish off the chapter sumia tames a random wild Pegasus that was surrounded by the risen.

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