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Returning for the first since.... 2009/2010?


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Well then, that was one hell of a hiatus period for me. ^_^

I wonder if anyone even remembers me, probably not.

Might as well reintroduce myself, no?

The name is Mark and I am still a big fan of the Fire Emblem franchise and Nintendo overall.

I started playing Fire Emblem TBS again for a trip down memory lane and I beat it in two days after being sucked in like back in the old days.

After which I immediately followed it up with FE8, which was relatively easy compared to HHM, but definitely an enjoyable play through.

I started Let's Playing (yes, it's a verb now ;) ) last week and have been finding it pretty enjoyable. Even though I am still feeling my way through unfamiliar territory in terms of video editing, I have finally done some quality editing for a beginner. This is just my opinion, of course.

In terms of LP'ing I am always open for tips and pointers since the more enjoyable the video is to watch the happier it makes me.

I have been getting lots of positive remarks about my Pokemon FIreRed RandomLocke LP.

Anyhow, I hope I will be able to fit back in here and see some familiar faces.

Ta ta. =D

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You had an old account, or you've been lurking that long? If it's the former, drop a PM to Tangerine. If it's the latter. . .welcome~! Don't forget to read the rules~!

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