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What if: FIre Emblem Arena


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I got the idea from playing Awakening as to how they can explain it story-wise:

Chrom was the first in Fire Emblem history to become aware of the Outrealm Gate, an interdimensional portal to other worlds. After Chrom meets heroes from other Fire Emblem Worlds Old Man Hubba comes up with an idea to settle once and for all which world has the greatest heroes in history: A Tournament! Heroes from Fire Emblem 1 through 13 decide to answer the call for reasons known only to them as well as try thier blade or magic against a hero from another world. Even Ylisse's legendary Tactician is getting in on the action ^_^

My thinking is the action would be as small as 1 on 1 or as many as 5 on 5. The venues would be various places from each continent. As for the roster, it would easily be over 150 plus more if they allow players to import rosters from other games ala Pokemon-Style. Mounted units would be allowed with their mounts and to be fair Clerics/Priests are promoted to an advanced equivilant. Archers/Snipers would also have no range restriction.

A few personal faves of mine:

Binding Blade/Sealed Sword


Zephiel (As his unique King Class)



Blazing Sword





Sacred Stones

Valter (arguably Fire Emblem's equivalent of The Joker)

Vigarde (Undead)

Marisa (obvious)

Joshua (how DARE they not include him in Awakening's Spotpass Team?!)

Path of Radiance

Ashnard (Unmounted. Personally would've preferred Awakening Ashnard with a sword)

Black Knight Zelgius



Radiant Dawn



Sephrain (Using the name Lehran)



Walhart (Must have Wrecking Ball along for the ride XD)

My Unit or Morgan (As Grand Tactician. Player selects Gender)



I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

I will say that a conquest mode should be thrown in, allowing players to relive battles from various worlds within the Outworld Gate. One light storyline could be The Grimleal seek to revive Grima in another world and it's up to the player to chase after them and ensure history stays the course.

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All the Lords would have to be playable, and also:

FE4: Lex, Levin, Ira, Sety, Lachesis, Aless, Arthur, Julia (excluding lords)

FE1/11: Nabarl, Ogma, Bord & Cord in an Ice Climbers like character, Minerva, Merric, Jagen

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Namco has done a good job with the Tales of the World series which mixes characters from all of the previous Tales games.

Of course, since Namco hates American fans (and hates European fans even more) I think only one has been released in English, but it would be a good model for Nintendo to follow for something like what you're suggesting. Only, make it available in the west also.

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Ack, How I wish this were so. Essentially a SSB with just Fire Emblem characters would be amazing, or RPG style as you suggested would still be impressive.

I'd very much like some Maria or Mist in a fighting game like that, just so I can further use them to parry those who play with the 'powerful' characters.

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