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Favorite Manakete from Awakening?


Favorite Awakening Manakete  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Manakete in FE:13 (NOT including Morgan)

    • Tiki
    • Nah
    • Nowi

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Nowi has butt speed, but I do like Nah from what I've used her for so far.. but Tiki wins for me. Tiki is awesome.

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Nowi for personality, Nah for combat. Tiki's alright, cuz she's Tiki, even though I don't like her portrait or English voice and the other two are usually way better by the time she joins.

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Still gotta say Nowi, probably because I've been using her way more often before I got Nah. Plus, I kinda married Nowi to Lon'qu so I just kinda paired them up together. Still, Nowi's personality is cuter too. I guess Tiki comes next, haha.

Actually... all of them are cute.

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