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Helps/suggestions for Lunatic MU

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I posted this question in another persons similar thread in an effort to save space, but either people didn't notice or didn't care (QQ). Since I'm persistant and still can't make up my mind, I'm asking again. Just gonna copy and paste my question cuz I have lazziness. Hope that's okay.

okay, so I'm gonna make a male MU for lunatic mode that'll end up as a grandmaster ('cause GM is the shit) and I think I'll have my asset be skill and my flaw be... Idunno. I was thinking defense, but that would make the growth rate for defense and resist be 35 and 25 respectively and that's kinda not so cool. A suggestion is welcome for that too.

Skills I plan on having are:

Ignis [because obviousness (it's the shit)]

Rally Spectrum (AKA mega buff)

Sol (great activation +healing)

For other skills I was thinking maybe Lifetaker, but then I started wondering if I should even bother with it because Sol. It's awesomeness is tempting though...maybe switching out sol for it? Or having both? You tell me.

Also with Golden Gaffe being a factor I don't really see the point in Armsthrift, but I might be convinced. And of course Limit breaker will be a factor once it's available, but until then I'd like a suitable replacement.

Thanks all.

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Haven't played lunatic yet, but Hard was so easy that I think this'll be a decent challenge for me. Is HP+ LCK- a begginers tip or is it just an all around good suggestion? Cuz I don't really consider myself a begginer. I do like the defence increases it gives... either way this is something to think about.

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+Def/-Lck and +HP/-Lck are the best if you're not playing at LTC speeds. Both allow Avatar to get off to a large level lead near the beginning of the game. +Def is better for the endgame (since you'll be taking lots of hits by then), whereas +HP is better for the earlygame.

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It's the ability to take an extra hit early, which can be pretty decisive (and the growth boost is amazing). I'm no newbie, but that's what I run in Lunatic, since making Avatar strong is usually my first priority. DEF as an asset is also pretty good (+2 with Fred's Pair bonuses goes a long way against physical attackers). You face listed crit for a while with the -LCK, but overall it has the lowest long-term downsides.

I don't have much to say about skills, since I don't use DLC or plan around postgame.

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