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Kevin Ware: "OH, SNAP."


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First off, I'm not making fun of what was purely a freak accident. The scary-ass thing about it: Those kinds of breaks playing Basketball, a NON-CONTACT SPORT are not uncommon @.@

I'm 6'1" and reasonably athletic. And I weigh less than he does.

For those who haven't seen the footage I'll give you two you tube links. This one highlights the reactions from those unforunate enough to see it up close: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5wAZMvF9Lo

And here's just one angle of the break itself (NSFW):

...In case you're wondering: The white thing you see following his sneaker on his right leg is his bone.

The miraculous thing: Orthopedic experts say he could recover in time for next year.

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If I really do become a doctor like I want to, I hope I don't run into bone-breaks of that severity. -_-'

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho if this stuff makes you squeamish then you're gonna have a fun time in the future.

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