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Rate the Chapters! FE12 version

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This seems like a fun thing to do. Basically, you rate all of the chapters in this game from 0 to 10. Obviously 1 would be terrible while 10 would be amazing. You can also comment on your ratings if you want but its optional.

Prologue 1 5/10 Boring. Only 1 unit usable.

Prologue 2 7/10

Prologue 3 8/10 I like how the map makes you feel uncomfortable when moving due to Caeda.

Prologue 4 Athena 9/10 The enemy placement ensures you have plenty to do each turn. A very aggresive chapter.

Prologue 4 Jeorge 6/10 Not particularly fond of it due to the AI shenanigans of the archer and Jeorge. Plus, Snipers are terrible bosses.

Prologue 5 7/10 Great music and an interesting array of enemies.

Prologue 6 Draug 6/10 My dog can beat this map in 1 turn.

Prologue 6 Ogma 4/10 I hate Ogma's chapter.

Prologue 7 Cain 8/10 Reinforcements are introduced.

Prologue 7 Est 8/10 ^ except this one has awful people Mercenary enemies.

Prologue 8 10/10 Great music and the map feels like a struggle.

Chapter 1 9/10 Lorenz goes boom.

Chapter 2 5/10 I hate this chapter. My most hated character ever joins and the chapter is a lagfest for my desmume.

Chapter 3 8/10 Huge map. I like how the map plays out in H2 and H3, sadly the map is so big that there can be a lot of walking around if youre going for both villages.

Chapter 3x 8/10 Short and simple yet makes you want to hurry up so you can rescue Wryyyyys from his dilemma.

Chapter 4 6/10 My hate for this map comes from LTC. Otherwise, its not so bad. Except on Lunatic with its 30 MT pirates...shrugs

Chapter 5 8/10 Ballista bossman can be a pain. The sniper and dracoknight groups make you feel cornered in Lunatic.

Chapter 6 8/10 Reinforcements make you want to hurry up. Large groups of armors stand in your way so this chapter can be pretty tough, which is something I like. Swarm bishop is an a.hole

Chapter 6x 6/10 Short and not very intriguing imo.

Chapter 7 9/10 The map makes you want to hurry up to get the loot but puts stuff in your way to make it more difficult. Not much action other than the hunt for thieves though.

Chapter 8 9/10 Groups of promoted enemies block your path and reinforcements get the point across that you gotta hurry up.

Chapter 9 9/10 Desert filled of enemy units that have a movement advantage can make it pretty difficult to advance, even for all dracoknight teams (due to their res). Meanwhile, Marth has to get Minerva for the shard and hurry up before Astram comes!

Chapter 10 1/10 Terrible chapter.

Chapter 10x 6/10 Short but cool chapter.

Chapter 11 9/10 Wyverns are great challenge. -1 point for crit enemies in higher difficulties (though they can be worked around)

Chapter 12 10/10 Very well designed map imo. The idea that dragons will pop out at any second from the forts makes you want to hurry up and get out of there asap. Enemies attack in groups and their strength is high so it is a very challenging map.

Chapter 13 8/10 Enemies placed near the beginning to attack your squishies is cool. Not particularly fond of the area based reinforcements since they can be avoided too easily...I like it anyway because I like snow maps.

Chapter 13x 10/10 would play again.

Chapter 14 10/10 ^. Being serious though, I like how this map also makes you want to hurry up and puts a lot of things to make you think on how to suceed at hurrying up. Getting Fortify in Lunatic is a godsend and almost neccesary.

Chapter 15 9/10 Enemies pack forges here in Maniac and above which makes them ridiculously dangerous. Getting through them is not an easy task (unless you use nose feratu). The boss area also works like a puzzle in Lunatic.

Chapter 16 8/10 Not particularly fond of indoor maps, specially Altea. But once again, the game makes it pretty clear that it doesnt want you stalling and goes out of its way to make sure you dont get a lot of chests before you decide to leave. Getting chests trigger reinforcements...a huge wave of them, so you better be prepared. The boss area is also done really well. Feels like an actual trap.

Chapter 16x 9/10 Good music. Katarina <3.

Chapter 17 8/10 Where I left off in Lunatic LTC 10/10. The map is well designed imo, with hordes of fliers coming to get you and powerful promoted enemies on your way. A very action-heavy map...and a really difficult one.

Chapter 18 8/10 Marth gets the village and the others fight their way through a huge horde of enemies and ballista. Not an easy chapter but i like its design for some reason.

Chapter 19 6/10 Wolfguard is a pain to recruit, making me want to kill them instead. Boss area needs a flier or warp+rescue to avoid triggering reinforcements.

Chapter 20 9/10 A very cool final battle with Hardin. The reinforcements make sure you dont stall for your precious time. Promoted enemies stand in your way and make your way to Hardin a general pita.

Chapter 20x 6/10 Fog of war map with Longbows and a meteor. Not cool. Not cool at all.

Chapter 21 9/10 Recruiting Michalis is pretty difficult. The map is generally pretty difficult and the way the enemies are placed is generally pretty good. Meteor sorcerers make you think twice about your unit placement.

Chapter 22 8/10 A boss room filled with enemies sounds like a trap to me. The setting is pretty boring though imo.

Chapter 23 9/10 Gharnef's chapter can be a pita. Magic users and Mage Dragons everywhere. Other Dragons coming for you if you dont hurry up. Meteor Sorcerers need to be handled carefully, etc.

Endgame 10/10 Final battle of the game. Marth is actually the only sane way to take out Medeus unlike in FE11. The Bishop's recruitment/death is required. All of this needs to happen while hordes of seemingly infinite Dragons hunt you down.

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Okay, I'll bite. From my perspective, positioning emphasis isn't as important as the rest of a level's factor (partly because I can't remember the exact situations). I'll just say from the start that the rankings of the levels are based from a purely Fe12 perspective instead of Fe overall.

1) 10/10 Lorenz being the boss and his twist is fantastic

2) 3/10 This map blows, not very exciting and position emphasis isn't that great

3) 1/10 One of the worst maps, I shouldn't have to choose between being not able to recruit a character and wasting my time doing nothing

3x) 8/10 Great juxtaposition for the usual bloated fe3 maps, but not nearly as good as the rest of the gaiden chapters

4) 5/10 all the space this map could have used, really lame

5) 2/10 see: ch3 but slighly better

6) 6/10 lol@ enemy density in contrast to the entire map

6x) 10/10 Nothing like this has ever been done before, requires a lot of forethought

7) 5/10 Navarre's situation and Astram's squad is interesting, but hampered by a shitty map

8) 10/10 the only case where a reused map is used to great effect, and not just copy-pasting, the feeling of urgency (and hardin's appearance) is excellent

9) 1/10 a reused map MADE WORSE by the added village

10) 3/10 this was clearly not well thought out, and the remake probably couldn't do anything to save it while retaining the original

10x) 9/10 Really fun and interesting

11) 7/10 an interesting level for sure, but it feels way too big

12) 5/10 If only the damn wyverns didn't exist.

13) 4/10 Enemies, what are those?

13x) 10/10 another excellent gaiden chapter, fow is a nice change

14) 8/10, very fun map with more than 3 enemies, 5/10 if below lunatic

15) 1/10 fuck off reused map, doesn't even do anything to make it unique from the fe1/11 version

16) 3/10, the chest event doesn't make up for the reused map imo, but it's better than nothing

16x) 10/10 Yet another great gaiden, having to talk to Katarina 3 times was a cool idea

17) 2/10 Yet again does nothing unique to make it stand out from the original, the Gra soldier idea is a complete throwaway

18) 6/10 Nothing special besides the interesting level objective

19) 0/10 Another reused map, made worse by inexcusable sin of making the entire wolfguard recruitable

20) 1/10 reused maps galore

20x) 10/10 Another quality, fun, and unique gaiden

21) 6/10 Run of the mill, nothing really stuck out for me

22) 2/10 I hated this level, putting 60% of the enemies in a tiny room is not a good idea, and the map itself is pretty lame too

23) 8/10 I remember having a lot of fun with this map, so there's that I guess

Final) 9/10 A huuuuuuge step up from Fe3's version, rofl

The gaiden chapters were a huge step above the regular ones in terms of quality, IS should have just dumped all the Fe3 maps and remade them loosely based on the originals. Combine that with the quality positioning emphasis and it probably would have been one of my favorite Fe games.

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