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FE13 Ironman

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1) Hard Classic.

2) No resetting for any reason whatsoever. If someone dies, I am to move on and deal with it regardless of the reason. If Chrom or Avatar dies, I will restart the chapter and randomly sacrifice another unit.

3) I will use whatever resources I want to, be it Renown, Anna shops on the map, bonus box items, or event tiles/ barracks. I started this run with 960 renown, apparently. If I want to use DLC/Spotpass I can, but I probably won't.

4) I will be completing whatever chapters I can. Any mother character I am using will have their child paralogue completed before Chapter 20. I will do the downloadable paralogues as well, though I will probably have to grind a little for those being realistic.

5) I'm not making any attempt to be fast here, but I am not going to drag things on to ensure a perfectly reliable clear. If someone dies because they miss a 98, screw them.

6) I must deploy the maximum amount of units I can in a given chapter. This is mostly so I can't just decide I never want to deploy anyone other can Chrom/Avatar or something stupid.

Also I didn't record TCs for the first few chapters. I may get them when the game is over to laugh at a bit because they'll probably be pretty bad.

Avatar is +Defense/-Magic named Liquid, because he never dies except when he does but FOXDIE isn't in this game. With that I begin.

[spoiler=Premonition-C5 logs]Premonition- 2 turns


Prologue- ? turns

Liquid and Chrom pair up to destroy things, they are pretty good at doing this. Frederick kills a mage that could've killed Liquid. I get an Orsin's Hatchet from one of the event tiles, which is pretty neat. Liquid gets the bosskill.

Chapter 1- ? turns

Liquid and Frederick go left and take on the enemies there, taking almost no damage. Chrom waits for Sully to arrive, then they pair up. I give Sully the bosskill.

Chapter 2- ? turns

Liquid pairs with Frederick, Chrom with Sully, Stahl with Lissa, and Virion with Vaike. Vaike gets the Orsin's Hatchet from earlier. He might have forgotten an axe but I did not. Then Vaike/Virion takes the left side of the bridge while I let Sully/Chrom handle the left side with Lissa healing Vaike and Liquid chipping from behind Sully. This turns out to not work out very well, as I didn't realize that Sully would double with a Chrom pair up and a dual strike would kill an enemy, which then allowed another one to kill her, leading to this run's first death in a pretty pathetic manner. Vaike gets the bosskill.

Chapter 3- ? turns

I don't remember what I did in this chapter, so it probably wasn't worth talking about very much. Stahl almost died, Vaike got the bosskill again.

I grab all the Renown items up to 1000 here. Also I buy a bunch of Bronze weapons so I don't miss when I only need to do a little damage.

Paralogue 1- ? turns

Stahl and Kellam are benched because people told me to. This one is kind of annoying because I want to recruit Donnel just in case something stupid happens, but he's terrible at combat and everything ORKOs him. I try and mitigate this at least a bit with a Sumia pair up so most things don't double him, but he's still awful. Vaike/Chrom and Liquid/Frederick kill everything pretty easily, with others just sort of tagging around and not doing that much. Donnel's level up is decent at least I guess. Liquid gets to level 10 here. Vaike gets the bosskill here, again. He also got a perfect level up at some point during the chapter, so fuck yeah.

The one with Marth- ? turns

Liquid, Frederick, Vaike, Miriel, and Sumia are deployed (someone suggest Miriel and I RNGd Sumia). A fairly straightforward chapter. Frederick actually gets the bosskill here because Liquid/Chrom is out of range and Marth has crit chances on most of my units and I don't really want to risk that. Vaike hits level 10 in this chapter.

An Anna shop is selling a Master Seal and a Second Seal, which I sell the Bullion (L) from Renown to buy. I use a Second Seal to make Vaike into a Barbarian because I can. I also decided to promote Liquid for dem bases. I'll wait on statboosters until I get more people I suppose.

Chapter 5- 9 turns

Bench Donnel, Stahl, and Kellam. I expected this one to go worse. Liquid+Lon'qu sounds pretty amazing, but they don't double Myrmidons and can't reliably ORKO wyvern riders. Vaike+Chrom on the other hand wrecks all the things. Frederick+Sumia is also a very capable team. Miriel+Virion is kind of a terrible pair but I go with it anyway, and Lissa just heals by herself.

[spoiler=stats after C5]i suck at code boxes so I'm not doing them. this is without skills.

Name Class Level.exp HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res WeaponRanks Supports

Chrom Lord 7.04 25 11 2 13 13 10 8 6 C Swords C Liquid/Sully/Vaike/Sumia

Liquid Master 10/2.28 32 17 11 14 13 10 17 8 C Swords D Tomes B Frederick C Chrom/Lon'qu

Frederick GK 3.35 30 15 2 12 10 7 16 3 D Swords B Lances C Axes B Liquid C Sumia

Vaike Barbarian 10/3.76 35 16 1 14 14 10 6 2 C Axes C Chrom/Lissa/Miriel

Miriel Mage 4.47 20 0 8 6 9 7 3 7 D Tomes C Virion/Vaike

Sumia PegKn 2.17 19 7 3 11 129 5 8 D Lances C Chrom/Frederick

Lon'qu Myrm 4.86 base everything C Liquid

Lissa Cleric 5.20 20 2 7 5 6 10 4 6 D Staves C Virion/Vaike/Stahl

Virion Archer 3.59 20 6 1 10 5 8 7 1 D Bows C Lissa/Miriel

everyone else is a scrub at base level with no changes except Stahl has C Lissa and D Swords

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Paralogue 2- ? turns

I don't remember what happened in this chapter except Chrom almost died to a mage, but he lived with 1 HP. I don't even remember who got the bosskill.

Chapter 6- 6 turns, I think

This one wasn't too bad, but Vaildar was sort of a problem because he had crit chances on my dudes. Chrom/Mariblle and Liquid/Lon'qu took the left with Virion doing meager chip damage, while Vaike/Miriel and Frederick/Sumia handled the right side with Lissa healing. Panne showed up and handled the middle and used Virion for pair up bonuses (can't hurt, right?). Vaike gets the bosskill.

Chapter 7- 4 turns

This chapter was really easy, and yet I lost Miriel because I completely forgot about a wyvern rider in the mountains above, so that's terrible. Vaike, unsurprisingly, gets the bosskill. He hits level 10 barbarian here. Liquid also gets Ignis in this chapter, which is rad.

Paraloge 3- ? turns

This was also really easy, though none of the villagers survived (these guys in charge of staying away from danger). Frederick gets Luna. Vaike, in a shocking twist of fate, killed the boss.

I promote Vaike with a Master Seal I bought from an Anna shop. Prepare yourself, game.

[spoiler=stats]Name Class Level.exp HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res Weaponranks Supports

Chrom Lord 8.86 26 11 2 14 14 11 9 6 CSwords BLiquid CSully/Vaike/Sumia/Maribelle

Liquid Master 10/6.49 36 19 11 15 15 13 18 9 BSwords CTomes BChrom/Frederick/Lon'qu

Frederick GKnight 5.01 32 16 3 14 12 8 18 4 DSwords BLances/Axes ASumia BLiquid

Vaike Zerker 10/11/1.00 52 26 2 22 23 12 10 4 AAxes BMiriel CChrom/Lissa/Panne

Sumia PegKn 3.22 19 7 4 11 12 10 6 9 CLances A Frederick CChrom

Lon'qu Myrm 7.77 23 8 1 14 16 8 8 2 CSwords B Liquid

Lissa Cleric 7.75 21 2 8 5 7 12 4 7 DStaves CVirion/Vaike/Stahl

Maribelle Troub 4.45 19 0 6 4 6 6 3 7 DStaves CChrom

Panne Taguel 7.61 29 9 2 10 11 8 8 4 none CVaike

Gaius Thief 5.48 base no supports

[spoiler=casualties]Name Chapter Reason

Sully 2 Killed a Barbarian too well

Miriel 7 Blindsided by a wyvern rider I missed completely

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Chapter 8- 17 turns

10 of these were me doing nothing except spam staves with Maribelle because every enemy was dead. Everyone did pretty well here, except Gaius. who wasn't very good. Vaike destroyed anything he came into contact with.

Chapter 9- ? turns

Well fuck me this chapter was bad. It shouldn't have been this bad at all, but I fucked up a lot. Cordelia died because I didn't notice an archer that she was in range of, and Nowi died because she couldn't get out of a wyvern rider's range that she would leave with 1 HP and would kill her, and I had already moved everyone else, so that was dumb. I tried my luck and hoped for a dual attack from Gregor, but it didn't work out for her. On the bright side, Chrom got Charm mid chapter. I guess this wouldn't be very exciting without losses anyway.

Paraloge 4 is done but I don't feel like typing up that or stats right now

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Paralogue 4- ? turns

This chapter was a nightmare at first because of the starting location, but it wasn't too bad. I promoted Chrom on turn 1 because I forgot to do that before the chapter, which helped him out. I got all the treasures though I likely didn't need the Mend staff. To everyone's astonishment, Vaike killed the boss.

I think it's at this point that I gave Lon'qu an Energy Drop.

Chapter 10- 7 turns

This chapter is really easy when it feels like it should be harder. I don't know why. I kill almost every enemy, I think only a wyvern rider lives but I could've killed him. Panne got the bosskill.

Chapter 11- 7 turns

This chapter was pretty hard, but nobody died thankfully haha who am I kidding Lissa got OHKO'd by a random Wyvern Rider and it fucking sucked. Otherwise, not many problems. Vaike doubled Gangrel, but he crit him on the first hit anyway, which was rad. Got both treasures. Chrom married Maribelle after the chapter (they were at A).

I give Lon'qu a Seraph Robe, Goddess Icon, and Dracoshield here. I also reclass Gregor to Myrmidon and Panne to Wyvern Rider.

Chapter 12- ? turns

This one looked intimidating at first but really wasn't hard at all. Cherche with a Lon'qu support was pretty awesome here, glad to have her around. Sadly, Gregor didn't really do anything here.

At some point I gave Maribelle 2 Spirit Dusts, I don't remember when. After C12 I give Vaike 2 Talismans. Statboosters will be noted with a * next to the stat.


Name        Class    Level.exp    HP    Str   Mag   Skl   Spd   Lck   Def   Res  WeaponLevel     Supports
Chrom       GLord    10/3.39      35    18     3    18    19    13    14     9   BSwd ELnc       SMaribelle BLiquid CSully/Vaike/Sumia
Liquid      Master   10/12.75     31    23    14    17    17    18    20    10   BSwd CTom       ALon'qu BChrom/Frederick CAnna
Frederick   GKnight  --/7.90      34    17     3    14    14     9    18     5   CSwd ALnc BAxe  SSumia BLiquid
Vaike       Zerker   10/11/10.30  64    35     2    29    29    18    14     8** AAxe            SPanne BMiriel CChrom/Lissa
Sumia       PegKn    4.28         20     8     5    12    13    11     6    10   CLnc            SFrederick CChrom
Lon'qu      Myrm     9.58         29*   10*    2    14    17    11*   10*    3   BSwd            ALiquid
Maribelle   Troub    10.02        22     3    13**   6    12    10     4    12   CStv            SChrom
Panne       WyvRi    10/1.41      33    15     3    14    14     8    14     2   EAxe            SVaike
Gregor      Myrm     10/1.00      28    11     1    14    16     8     9     3   CSwd            no supports :(
Libra       WMonk    3.72         40    14    18    15    15    10    12    16   CAxe/Stv        CTharja
Tharja      DMage    10.80                        bases                                          CLibra
Anna        Trick    --/2.16      27    13    17    23    22    27     8    11   CSwd DStv       CLiquid

[spoiler=casualties]Name Chapter Reason

Sully 2 Killed a Barbarian too well and died to a Soldier

Miriel 7 Blindsided by a Wyvern Rider I missed completely

Cordelia 9 Death from an Archer

Nowi 9 Couldn't escape a generic Wyvern Rider's wrath

Lissa 11 OHKO'd by a Wyvern Rider

Edited by Integrity
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Well for what I've posted so far it's only been characters who retreat, so the gravediggers aren't in business yet. We'll see if that trend continues- I've done Chapters 13-17 and spoilers at least one person dies

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Chapter 13- 4 turns

This one isn't too hard, though fighting with Cherche is a little annoying because all of the bows (I actually had to burn a rescue staff use turn 1 because I didn't see an archer, but thankfully noticed it while I could still do something about it). Liquid/Anna and Vaike/Panne clean up the area near the boss, with Panne actually getting this bosskill.

Reclassed Lucina to Cavalier immediately. Promoted Cherche to Griffon Rider too. Gregor gets a Speedwing.

Chapter 14- ? turns

This one is quite a bit harder because I though "hey it's a great idea to get some levels and all the treasure here right" and you can all probably guess how well that went. Maribelle died turn 1 due to me screwing up on positioning, and Lon'qu had several close encounters that he managed to survive with a few fortunate dodges. Panne gets the bosskill here too, with some healing from Anna and Vaike help.

Liquid got Rally Spectrum here, so I reclassed him to Batman.

Chapter 15- ? turns

I didn't expect this chapter to pose a problem for me, but I ran into unexpected difficulties. I had Panne/Vaike rush towards Say'ri to help her out and they wrecked there, but I did not expect Liquid/Anna to have as much trouble as they did- Liquid had 3 near-death experiences, which would have been less than optimal. Liquid got the bosskill here for the first time in a long time.

I actually give Liquid a Speedwing after this chapter, since I think his speed is below average. That or promoting early was a really bad idea.

Chapter 16- 4 turns

I thought this chapter would be way harder but I really didn't run into any problems at all except for one with Anna towards the end of the chapter. Vaike/Panne just gunned straight for the boss with Liquid/Anna being the primary helpers. Say'ri is surprisingly good by herself, not really needing a pair up, which is helpful as currently her only support isn't available and there's an odd deployment number this chapter.

Chapter 17- 7 turns

This one seemed like a nightmare at first, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. A lot of my units are really starting to fall behind, though- Liquid/Anna, Chrom/Lucina, and of course Vaike/Panne are my only really good combat pairs, though Say'ri is also very good offensively. Vaike killed the boss, again.

I haven't done any children paralogues yet, but I'm thinking I should start doing that soon to give some of my worse units time to catch up, and perhaps make use of Morgan. But right now I've started Chapter 18 and there's no turning back. I'll post stats later, they wouldn't be accurate to reflect after C17 because of starting C18.

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Chapter 18- 12 turns

This chapter was ridiculously hard. I'm pretty pleased with myself that the only unit I lost was Cherche, because frankly I was completely outmanned and outclassed- the only unit I could run forward without significant death chances is, unsurprisingly, Vaike, who probably killed more than half the enemies on his own going down the right side. Liquid/Anna did a kind of pathetic job handling the left side, but they survived with Libra/Tharja's help. Vaike got the bosskill, though it took a few rounds, as Yen'fay is the only enemy Vaike hasn't doubled in a long, long time.

[spoiler=stats brought to you by Integrity]from this point on I won't list people who I don't think matter very much like pairup bots. Lucina and Say'ri are kind of significant, but Lucian hasn't gained a level (only reclassed to Cavalier) and Say'ri has only gained one, and I'm lazy.

Name        Class    Level.exp      HP    Str   Mag   Skl   Spd   Lck   Def   Res  WeaponLevel      Supports
Chrom       GLord    10/8.45        39    21     3    21    22    18    17    10    ASwd ELnc       SMaribelle ALucina BLiquid/Vaike CSully/Sumia
Liquid      Batman   10/15/7.52     55    26    16    20    24**  23    28    13    ASwd BTom       SAnna ALon'qu BChrom/Frederick
Vaike       Hero     10/11/15/6.25  66    37     4    43    34    22    23    12**  AAxe ESwd       SPanne BChrom/Miriel CLissa
Lon'qu      SMaster  13/1.98        35*   15*    5    19    23    13*   13*    7    BSwd            ALiquid BGregor CCherche
Panne       WyvRi    10/5.75        37    18     3    16    16    10    16     3    CAxe            SVaike
Gregor      Myrm     10/2.32        29    12     1    15    17*    8    10     3    CSwd            BLon'qu
Libra       WMonk    --/10.62       47    18    22    20    17    14    15    17    CAxe BStv       BTharja
Anna        Trick    --/6.48        39    15    20    24    23    31     9    13    BSwd DStv       SLiquid

Also, Vaike's current skills are HP+5/Zeal/Gamble/Axefaire/Sol, with Wrath/Despoil in the skill bank

EDIT didn't update anna's stats

Edited by Liquid Snake
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Paralogue Morgan- ? turns

I got this really late, so this was just training... and yet Olivia died because I was being super careless. I can't seem to catch a break. Thief Morgan is pretty legit, I suppose, her strength and defense are better than Anna's! Panne kills the boss here.

I give Lqiuid the Naga's Tear. That really helps put him back on track with everything, I think.

Golden Gaffe- 4 turns


I do this to get enough money for something after the chapter, and for a tiny bit of training- not too much to change things significantly, though.

I hire an Avatar from a past file, Snake, who is a level 11 Bow Knight. Then I summon Alm's team to the map so I can buy an Alm's Blade, change nothing and name it FOXDIE for later purposes. For now, I am restricting him to be banned from fighting against named enemies (meaning he can't do anything in Chapter 22 or fight bosses) and can only use bows, so he just kills a thing every player phase, which I think is not too extreme.

Chapter 19- 3 turns

This chapter is probably my favorite one in the game, though with a team like mine it turns out to be a nightmare! 15 deployment slots means I need to pick Sumia, who is still level 4, as filler- she can support Frederick I guess. Everyone struggles to stay alive with the exception of Liquid/Say'ri and Vaike/Panne- I send Vaike/Panne towards Walhart as they are the only ones who have a good chance at ORKOing him. Thankfully Walhart moves early on in the enemy phase and is successfully ORKOd, which prevents me from suffering what I would guess to be 4 casualties- however, I do lose Frederick, marking the first male death of the run (well he retreats I suppose). He served me well.

Chapter 20- 7 turns

This is another chapter where having to use every deployment slot is annoying- I deploy Henry and Sumia as filler and use them to distract the generals on the right for Turn 1. Incidentally, this means Henry is the first of my units to actually die instead of retreating. Fortunately I don't suffer any other losses in this chapter. One problem I had entering this chapter was a shortage of 1-2 range, with only 21 Hand Axes uses for Vaike, but I do have a Short Axe that I make extensive use of. Vaike/Panne manages to do a lot of work yet again, while Snake does a good job of eliminating pesky enemies such as Counter Warriors (three show up, and I decided not to let myself reset to get rid of the skill). Chrom gets a bosskill for the first time all game! Liquid/Say'ri lured him in, as Vaike was busy fighting reinforcements.

I am not looking forward to Chapter 21 one bit. I think if there's any single chapter that has a very good potential of ending the run, it's this one. I do have 4 paralogues I can complete for experience, which I think I'll do before challenging Mire Spam the Chapter.

also stats have change enough that normally I'd make a statbox thing, but I don't feel like it.

Edited by Liquid Snake
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  • 1 month later...


Paralogue Brady- 2 turns

I don't remember this because it was a month ago.

Lost Bloodlines 2- ? turns

I don't remember this because it was a month ago.

I use the Dread Scroll on Vaike.

Chapter 21- 8 turns

Fuck me this was awful. I lost DLC!Alm to an Assassin because I misplaced him, the first group of reinforcements killed Lon'qu, the second group of reinforcements killed Libra, and Tharja died to a Mire sorcerer (this one I'm not mad about). I break "Snake can't pair up" in order to save Gregor because he is Gregor. Vaike killed most of the things. I don't think I knew the boss moved

Chrom died in Chapter 22 twice, so I don't feel like continuing for now. I've already RNG'd the deaths, but I'll keep them a secret for now.

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Wow, fuck this chapter. Despite saying I wouldn't use Snake against named enemies I use him here because the Deadlords are hard and I wanted to fight them. The RNG'd deaths were thankfully Virion and Kellam, so not a setback at all there. Liquid is disappointing here.

I hire Sigurd. I don't put any restrictions on him, because I got the money for him fair and square by selling extra items. Also, I promote Morgan to Assassin.


This chapter was kind of hard but I get by. Sigurd is actually extremely helpful here and kills a bunch if guys with a Silver Sword, so just like real FE4! Is it not possible for legacy characters to get MVP? I think he killed more than Vaike did. Liquid puts in work too. I used Ricken and Donnel as sacrifices at the start.


Not that bad. My strong units all do a lot. Sadly, Brady dies to a reinforcement Paladin :(: He actually saved Sigurd and Liquid in his short time around, so credit to him!


I expected this chapter to be pretty easy, but it was not! I lose Stahl in a distraction, and both Flavia and Basilio die in a highly improbable sequence of events. Notably those are the only RNG related deaths so far. Liquid does a ton with Valflame and Mjolnir, finally. Chrom almost died, but thankfully he dodged a key attack and Aversa moves early in the EP.

I reclass Liquid to Assassin, make him a max mt/ 9 crit Brave Sword, reclass Snake to Swordmaster, max out FOXDIE's MT and add 9 crit, and then I'm all set.


Easy. Sigurd clears out the berserker, and Grima is ORKO'd by Liquid/Snake and succumbs to FOXDIE! That was the plan, anyway, but Grima activates Pavise on the last hit, so Vaike kills him with Armads.

So this marks the end of the road. I had lots of fun despite being a colossal moron throughout this. I never did end up doing Cynthia, Yarne, or Tiki's paralogues, nor any of the extra ones, but if you guys want me to I will. I'll post writeups for everyone, final stats, and the final death toll soon. Chrom got Bronze, Liquid got Silver, and of course Vaike got Gold.

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WHO       WHAT      WHEN  WHERE           WHY
Sully     Barbarian C2    Bridge          Killed a Barbarian unexpectedly
Miriel    Wyv Rider C7    Start area      Ambushed by an unnoticed guy
Cordelia  Archer    C9    Middle of map   Destroyed by arrows
Nowi      Wyv Rider C9    Middle forts    Failed to outrun her killer
Lissa     Wyv Rider C11   Top bridge      OHKO'd due to unfortunate placement
Maribelle Pg Knight C14   Start area      ORKO'd due to failure to keep out of range
Cherche   Grf Rider C18   South of start  Overwhelmed by powerful enemies
Olivia    Wyv Rider P12   Mid island      OHKO'd due to incredible positioning laziness
Frederick Gr Knight C19   Bottom-left     Died valiantly fending off enemies from Anna
Henry     General   C20   Bottom-right    Operation decoy
Sumia     General   C20   Bottom-right    Operation decoy
Alm       Assassin  C21   First stairs    Attacked by a stealthy enemy
Lon'qu    SMaster   C21   First stairs    Ambushed and teamed up on
Libra     Assassin  C21   Second stairs   Ambushed and just barely slain
Tharja    Assassin  C21   Second stairs   Ambushed and ORKO'd
Virion    Mus       C22   Middle of map   Sacrifice because of Chrom
Kellam    Lepus     C22   Middle of map   Sacrifice because of Chrom
Ricken    General   C23   First stairs    Operation decoy
Donnel    Berserker C23   Far left        Operation decoy
Brady     Paladin   C24   Top left corner Ambushed by a reinforcement
Basilio   Berserker C25   Middle right    Highly improbable series of hits
Stahl     Sorceror  C25   Bottom right    Valiantly died to keep Anna alive
Flavia    Grf Rider C25   Middle right    Highly improbably series of hits

Frederick: Not bad at all. His contributions early on were very useful, and I think he would've been much better if he didn't get neglected later on.

Lissa: Never really did too much, honestly. Healing just isn't that useful unless it's combined with other things, and Rescue was never a priority because reliability was needed and her magic sucks anyway. Still, not totally useless.

Virion: This guy, on the other hand, never did a damn thing. Thanks for being randomly killed instead of someone who isn't atrocious, I suppose.

Sully: Eh, kind of my fault she died- she was doing alright with Chrom. Not amazing, but not bad. Still, there was never any point where I found myself wishing "wow I really wish I had Sully" because I was more focused on using Vaike.

Stahl: Never really did much because I was focused on using Vaike. Still, he did alright earlygame, and his distraction was actually quite useful, because had Anna not rescued Liquid to end the map quickly more people liekly would have died and Final might have actually proved a challenge, and I might have had to redo C25 with an additional sacrifice.

Miriel: I tried using her, but she was just bad. I was more upset that I broke my streak of good luck than I was about losing her.

Sumia: She was alright. A good pairup partner for Frederick, and she did a bit of fighting herself as well. Fell off due to lack of training midgame, but her sacrifice was pretty useful.

Kellam: He gave good pairup bonuses for a short period of time and was randomly killed later. Very forgettable, which I suppose is fitting.

Donnel: Absolutely useless. Next.

Lon'qu: Not as good as I hoped he would be. Once Say'ri showed up, it became really apparent he wasn't very useful, but he continued seeing use anyway as there weren't any better alternatives. Still, at least his offense was always very good, but his durability was never really worth talking about.

Maribelle: Not very good for the same reasons listed as Lissa, but she was at least okay at Rescue because of superior move and magic. She saved a few people notably, as well. Chrom x Maribelle sucks though.

Ricken: Never did anything.

Panne: Pretty good. Though she rarely fought her own, she provided good bonuses to Vaike and helped him get into combat faster.

Gaius: Didn't much, but he gave pairup bonuses to Sigurd lategame and also survived, which is impressive in and of itself.

Cordelia: She did alright up until she died. Oh well.

Gregor: He gave Lon'qu pairup bonuses and is Gregor, and also survived.

Nowi: I tired, but she failed to impress and fell pretty easily. Disappointing.

Libra: Provided some actually useful healing because of Physic for a change. His combat was alright for a bit as well. It's really too bad he died, as he would've been useful in the ending maps.

Tharja: Never did anything except give Libra extra magic.

Anna: Excellent. Really helped out offensively, and did some staff work later on. She was a pretty good mom for Morgan considering availability.

Olivia: Pretty good. She let me make some risky maneuvers that I wouldn't have done otherwise, and occasionally patched up my errors.

Cherche: Alright, but a bit of a letdown. Her stats weren't bad, but she was never really great at anything.

Henry: Never did anything.

Lucina: Really suffered from having Mairbelle as a mom. She gave alright bonuses to Chrom, I guess.

Say'ri: Nice. She had a respectable offense in a time where a lot of my team was worse than the enemies. Then she gave Liquid the speed he needed to get back in the game. Certainly exceeded my expectations.

Morgan: Surprisingly useful considering how late she joined. Her durability was better than Anna's by a bit and her offense wasn't much worse, plus she gave good pairup bonuses to Anna. Good to have around.

Sigurd: One of my best units when I had him. Definitely glad I payed the cash- being able to use someone so strong in certain situations was excellent, especially in Chapter 23, where his contributions were amazing.

Basilio: Did pretty good while he was around. I was very disappointed when I lost him.

Flavia: Pretty much the same as Basilio.


Chrom: Mixed, but not bad. He wasn't doing much early on, but by midgame was in full swing and did a lot of work, so good for him. Clearly had some major contributions as he earned my Bronze, so overall pretty good. In hindsight, promoting him so early was probably not a great idea.

Liquid: Also mixed. He was fantastic early on and had an excellent midgame, but lategame he struggled. He redeemed himself in the final maps, and to his credit rarely came close to dying- only his offense suffered late. With a Silver medal he was obviously a vital member of the team. I think he also suffered due to his super early promotion.


That's all, folks.

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