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[FE8] Draft expirement idea


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I was looking at this draft:


And it's reclassing idea made it really, really interesting to me. My idea would include some variations, and such would be:

- Unlike the original idea, I would intend to modify growths according to their respective reclass

- Reclassing optional. You know, you get to pick which one gets what class in the drafting process. However, to avoid possible unbalances, I might just have to make it a SOYO style.

I'd really like some in-depth view about players who frequent FE8 drafting have to say about this. I haven't drafted FE8 in a while, but this got me interested.


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I think after having played a draft like this and making the patch for it i would say making it be the users choice as to whether they stayed the original class or used the given class would be unbalanced ex. vanessa drafted other person makes her an ak drafter w/ vanessa makes obvious choice

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