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CR's generic sprite thread


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I realized I've only sprited like 4 FE style sprites ever, so in an effort to motivate myself to do more things, uh, this thread happened.

First 2 are FCs, last 2 are splices, in chronological order I think





help me pls

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Coo mate. The nun looks better than Marth's sister.

1. Reference more. Reference reference reference. Reference FE8 colours, shading, and outline (that seems to be what's most popular) with Elice; right now it's all over the place.

2. Elice's hair looks very pillowed. Pay attention to the lighting source (the right OPV) as well as the dimensions of her face. Use a reference for that as well.

3. I know I already mentioned this, but outline. Your outline for Elice is very bad, and you could convey a lot more dimension by using different colour shades. As a result of you neglecting to do that, Elice looks very 2 dimensional.

4. The right end of Elice's hair (OPV) is chopped up and looks bad. Even if you are using a template, be liberal with the actual sprite once you go over your template and make changes here and there; templates are generally resized and thus it's common to find errors in them that you should fix afterwards.

5. Play around with colours a lot more, using GBAFE sprites as reference. Colours aren't just used for colouring, as I've said before. They're there to convey dimension as well.

That said, I'd like to see what you can do with Elice. :3

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Thanks for the input!

2/4. Oh yeah, there's a little bump in her hair on the right side. I believe I fixed that part, but I'm not quite sure how to tackle the hair shading part considering I had trouble with getting the hair to actually somewhat resemble hair in the first place. XD


3. For the outline, do you mean everywhere or specific areas? I can see where you mean by two dimensional, especially the face, but is there anywhere else I should pay more attention to? Like her clothes and stuff?

5. Indeed. It seems it's a lot harder to get away with flimsy shading in spriting than it is in regular art haha. I think my problem is that I'm sort of scared to use darker colors for shading as opposed to shading with colors that are close to the base color. I'll mess around with the colors later.

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