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Round 77 SF Splicing Comp


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No mass Customization, you may custom a bit to make your mug look good/making it work, such as working on shading a bit, but try not to go overboard.

You can use any color palette, you aren't chained to FE colors, go ahead and recolor to your hearts content.

You have to use at least 1 piece of each mug, that shouldn't be too hard.

You may use only the set given, no other mugs.

16 color limit, don't go crazy with your colors. >_> 15 on your mug +1 for background. This might be a bit of trouble for some, so I'll be a bit lenient with this rule. I just don't want to see mugs with like 50 colors with rainbows.

The winner will be determined by voting, if there is a tie, the poll will be edited to include only the ties, and re-voted upon.

Don't vote for yourself or I will personally beat the shit out of you.

Hosts may enter contests.

Only 1 mug per member.

Winner of the contest will choose the next set, but seriously, don't be a jerk and choose a set with all different body sizes/things that won't fit, choose things that would be an interesting set.

Deadline: April 18th, 2013.

eCut's notes:

Please don't publicly complain about an entry looking overly customed and that you think it should be disqualified; it is up to the competition's host to determine whether or not entries are within the rules, not yours. In the case that you do think an entry does not fit the set rules then PM the host and he or she will review it.

I expect you all to follow this rule.

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If you need one more. Guess I'll enter.


Proofy Stuff


The body is made from exploiting Neimi's clothes outlines a lot and shaded with various pieces from hair and Louise's cloak along with some improvising. I realized the arms were too scrunched together as well, so I pulled out the near sleeve and filled in as well.

The hair is a mixture of all three girls. Mostly Neimi and Sue.

The face is clearly Neimi based, but the eyes are Louises and the mouth and ear and the upper part of the jaw come from Sue.

Edited by Nayr Farros
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