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The DLC was mentioned in February's Nintendo Direct.

However I do admit Nintendo of Europe's been kind of quiet about Fire Emblem. Or was Nintendo of America louder than usual?

My mistake. I had internet issues then so I didn't realise.

All Nintendo Europe,well the 3DS UK page,have posted about are a few character descriptions and the artbook.

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No worries; I wouldn't be surprised if people missed the Nintendo Directs even if they had access to them : P

Oh, I see what you mean. I don't remember that far back, but luckily I have my site for reference X D

Looking back, the North American official site didn't have the DLC page added until the game came out. So it's entirely possible we'll have the same treatment.

To be honest, we're probably better off because, not counting the lack of DLC/SpotPass details, we got the full site immediately.

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Ahaha, I totally understand.

Although, it's kind of funny because this time it seems North American fans are more anxious about the DLC. In the NOE Nintendo Direct, Shibata mentioned we're getting all of Japan's DLC, but NOA hasn't made any promises (although I would be *really* surprised if we didn't share the DLC).

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Personally, I'm fine with NOE's non-announcement (even though I won't play the EU version). They announced both the game and the DLCs before NOA did, and this made me like them more than NOA. It sems to me that NOA has a tendency to hate Japanese stuff*, while NOE is more honest in admitting that they're an overseas branch of a Japanese company.

NOA did make it up by heavily advertising the game, but I feel that their initial announcement was more important when it comes to games that are already out for more than half a year.

Back to NOE, I'm fine with their late release date. It may be way too late, but at least 19th April is a meaningful date.

* Many examples to list there, although to be fair, there are also a lot of stuff that are Japan and America only, or America/Europe/Australia only for that matter (so in a way, all Nintendo regions suck). NOA got my attention because their reasons behind not releasing games are more business and less technical or legal, and they have the largest market across all of Nintendo's regions.

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