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So...I wrote a poem?


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I am by no means, a literary genius, but I tend to write whenever something in my life tends to shake me up pretty hard. The poem may seem a little back and forth, from hope to despair, as well as the structure and rhyme scheme disrupted by shifts. This is entirely intentional, and my way of showing the battle that's going on in my mind, I guess. Please, tell me what you think. I wasn't sure if this is better off in the feedback section or not, so if it does belong there, then by all means, please move it. Anyways, enjoy.

Still Beats for You

Silence comes, and rain falls;

I always thought, we had it all.

But in the end, I was wrong;

And all I’ve left, is my song.

An angel in my presence,

A Queen among men,

But now my heart is a crevice

And now the sadness comes again.

But is it wrong, to stay and fight,

After you, have ceased our plight.

I want you heart, and nothing more,

But all I get, is the rain that pours.

It pours, and pours, and pours,

Replacing the joy that once shone,

Leaving sores, and sores, and sores

Sealing hope in a heart that’s sewn.

Piece by piece, each part I find;

Yet every time, I lose my mind.

But they say, ignorance is bliss;

What do they know, it’s you I miss.

Fixing this heart has become second nature,

But still I want to stay with you,

Otherwise, this feels a failure,

Please don’t say this is adieu.

I love you girl, don’t you see;

That this is you, and this is me.

This picture taken, 9 months ago

And all that joy, replace by woe.

Smiles fade, and paper burns,

Let me keep your heart, that I have earned.

Although this wish has fallen through,

It is my heart that still beats for you.

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