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Using pointers for custom support convos?


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I want to create a few custom support conversations for some characters. And I have gotten it so that when characters are by each other they create support and then will have the option to use a support conversation. But when I do select that option, it shows no writing and then instantly says "Support Level Increased" or whatever it says (The support increasing part works, I just need to get the characters talking part into it). So Is there somewhere where I could put a pointer from FEditor possibly, that has the conversation in it. So that when you select the option to have a support conversation, it will show the conversation, then it will end completely after the convo ends. Hope this makes sense. :( So would I need to use the "Support Convo Availabilty Editor"??? Problem is I can't spare to change any of the convo's already on it, and have no clue on how to create more slots. But anyways, Let's just start on what I would need to do to get my writing into the support convo... Thanks in advance :) Sorry If my explanation was at all confusion :/

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I assume you're hacking FE7. In this case you need to use the "Fire Emblem 7 Support Convo Availability Editor" by Icy Toast. They're pretty self-explanatory: Character 1 and Character 2 are obvious enough (the two supporting characters). The next few boxes are pointers to the text in FEditor. So if "C Support Convo" is 0x59, head to 0059 in FEditor and edit the text there. Alternatively, if you already have the text inserted, just type into Nightmare the pointer to that text thingy. So if you already wrote the support at 0856 then type in 0x856 into that box. Just make sure that the two characters in this module match all the support partners in the Support Compatibility Editor and you should be good to go.

As for adding more Support Slots, I believe you can use the same method as outlined here. The original array begins at 0xC9F9F4, and there are 115 (or 0x72) entries. Each entry is 20 bytes long. You can find these for any array by opening up the .nmm file in a text editor: it's in the first few lines of the file.

For example:

Fire Emblem 7 Support Convo Availability Editor (by Icy Toast)
0xC9F9F4 <--- address of the array
115 <--- number of entries in the array (i.e. number of support slots)
20 <--- the length of each array (the length each support slot requires)
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Sorry for reviving a 5 year old thread but there seems to be a problem with this. 

I repointed the support table starting at 0xC9F9F4 to free space, and changed all the pointers (initially with FE Builder but then again manually following the item array guide). The example I chose was Eliwood and Raven. 

The problem is, it just won't read any convo data after Legault/Isadora (the final support in the vanilla data). 


Is there an extra step that needs to be done here? Some sort of byte indicating size of the table or something of the like? If anyone has an idea that'd really help. 

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Did you overwrite Marcus's support data for Eliwood? Because I know that in FE7, it's hard-capped at 7 support options per character, so in Eliwood's case there's no way to add a new Support for him without overwriting one of his existing ones. Assuming you DID overwrite Marcus, and the conversation data between Eliwood and Raven still isn't loading, you could opt for the easy fix of simply writing their support into the space where Eliwood/Marcus's conversations is stored, since we know at least the game will read that.

If you didn't overwrite Marcus to add Raven, then that might be your issue. You might try out your process on another pair of characters who don't already have seven support options and see if it works, and if it does, you'll know for sure that in Eliwood's case it's because you didn't overwrite Marcus.

Or as a third option, if you did overwrite Marcus but don't want to write over his support conversations (in case you want to revert or something), I recommend giving FEBuilder a look! I found it a pretty easy program to manage, and while I like FEditor more for most things, there are a few things I think FEBuilder does more efficiently, and this includes adding free space to write to and easily implementing new support conversations.

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