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Hi I'm a lurker who may actually do stuff.


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Hm, how do I go about these kinds of things again? Eh, just give it a shot.

So hey. I'm fairly familiar with the series although I've only played the GBA games and Awakening (And I guess a bit of New Mystery of the Emblem, I'm kinda ongoing there with normal mode because I prefer using normal mode for a first playthrough). I've logged... way too many hours in Awakening, which I'm sure some of you are probably familiar with. Been using the site for plenty of research but I never checked the forums until this month.

Let's see, what else... Oh yeah, I'm also http://imageshack.us/a/img829/6762/celestaportrait.png'>a sucky artist. Figure I'd draw something up for the occasion, in this case something similar to Awakening portraits based on two characters I worked up in the past and am currently using as Awakening avatars (Though again, sucky, I'm bad at details). I used to fiddle with sprites back during when the GBA games were fresh, although they weren't that great either. They'd probably be better now that I have a better grasp at stuff like that, assuming I make another attempt.

I have no idea how active I'll be here since I'm nowhere near as avid a forum-goer as I was. Worth trying, at least.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Read through the rules (Though they're all common-knowledge don't-be-an-idiot stuff that I'm familiar with over the course of life so I'm good) and I've already got my levin sword equipped to work around the influx of counter units you guys seem to be having. And do you guys have a gallery or showing of all the member badges? Just to figure out which I'd pick.

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Heh, well I'm a Sorcerer with high resistance, so your Levin Sword does zero damage to me. Hah! :P

Take that! Nosferatu!

Anyway, hi. :P

I'm not sure if there's a gallery for the badges... you might just have to go through each one manually. X3

Also, you're not supposed to read the rules! Now eCut and eclipse can't remind you to read them; and if the "Don't forget to read the rules" is gone, their posts just become "Welcome."

Welcome. Hope you stay. But if you don't, that's fine, too, I guess.

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Welcome to Serenes good sir. You will most likely have to sample all the badges or look around the forum to see what they look like i'm afraid.

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I think it's funny that you think of yourself as a sucky artist. You clearly have never seen anything I've done and I pray you never do. but those portraits have a really great unique style to them, and they look professionally shaded to me.

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