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Sea Fighter and terrain


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I wonder if anybody knows the answer to this question I've been having.

Sea Fighter increases a unit's performance on sea-type maps. Now here's what leaves me confused - there are 2 maps in the game that Aquilae puts into the 'River' category, for which a corresponding Fighter skill doesn't appear to exist. Does Sea Fighter apply to the river maps as well (maps 6 and 24), or are these two maps unaffected by whatever skills you decide to teach?

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I'd honestly say Barts. His Mountain Fighter skill is interesting only during a few of Holmes' maps (chapter 11 and the Aerial caves are the only Mountain maps IIRC) . Considering there's also a few sea maps there too and he could use some hit and avoid, I think he makes a great candidate.

As far as Fighter skills go, Frontier > City > Sea > Plains > Forest and Mountain. Arena's alright if you're into that. Maybe giving it to some mounted unit you don't especially need in the frontlines but could send to the arena for extra cash.

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I can totally see myself sending Barts to the blue house during chapter 3 while the rest are fighting off the enemies approaching.

Barts could be a good candidate because I'll be skipping Samson (and Alicia), though not having the two axes Samson brings to the table will hurt his performance too, no doubt.

Aquilae's FAQ says the following about Arena Fighter:

- Arena Fighter Effect: Gives a boost of 10% to hit, evade and a boost of 1 to Movement on Arena tiles. When fighting in the arena or on a desert tile, hit and evade are increased by 20%.

So Arena Fighter is an option for a thief so that you can nab more items in map 25... Except you don't yet have a thief when you have the chance to learn AF for free in map 7.

In chapter 15 all Fighter skills are buyable, but the only one that's worth the purchase is the Frontier Fighter skill on Holmes, mostly for the fucking Opus map.

Sea Fighter on Runan might be a good idea also, giving him extra movement in map 24 (rushing this one is probably the most dangerous thing ever without the Defence staff), which helps if you don't go for the double Aura Rain strat to get rid of the ballistae. Probably shaves off 2 or so turns.

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No you can't get it again. Could be an idea if you want Barts to get it.

It should be gone after chapter 3 unless you can somehow trick an encounter during Holmes' first trip to Wellt to go there, but since maps are reduced in size (Wellt river is essentially only the western part of the bridge), I think you're going to be mostly on the western part of the map.

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