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Rate the DLC Unit Day #11: Celica


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1. Each first generation character shall be rated before any second gen(Lucina not included) character.
2. The ratings are on a scale of 0-10 with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best.
3. One plus or minus bias point may be applied to any character. (The total score may not be lower than 0 and may not exceed 10). (on parole please specifically state when bias is applied. I hold the right to remove this rule at anytime.)
4. Rate a character on their merits in combat or utility. Utility is classified as stealing, healing, or dancing. Utility does not include double bonuses, worth as a parent, or anything like them.
5. Do not lower the character's rating based on the abilities of another unit to do the same job.
6. Recruiting other characters is irrelevant to this topic. So Chrom doesn't get extra points for recruiting libra or stuff like that.
7. All characters will be recruited.
8. The ratings will be based off of hard mode.

Anti-flame rules:
1. You will be given three strikes throughout the entire RTU about flaming and if you exceed three all your contributions up to that point and beyond it will be ignored.
2. Do not insult another person based on their opinion.(1 strike per occurrence)
3. Do not derail the thread with a useless argument in which you repeatedly make the same point. This not a debate thread. (1 strike per occurrence)
4. Do not try to start a flame war. (If in the opinion of myself or a mod this occurs you will receive 2 strikes.)
The above rules will be followed strictly in an attempt to keep this civilized.

Scores without bias
Brady: 1.29

Yen'fay: 1.50

Donnel: 1.78

Emmeryn: 1.90

Flavia: 2.14

Basilio: 2.43
Virion: 2.62

Gangrel: 2.80

Aversa: 3.43

Inigo and Owain: 3.74

Walhart: 3.84

Laurent: 3.96

Nah: 3.99
Ricken Priam and Noire: 4

Roy: 4.15
Gregor: 4.38

Elincia: 4.39

Say'ri: 4.73
Maribelle: 4.75
Kellam: 4.76

Ephraim: 4.78

Yarne: 4.83

Lyn: 5.04

Kjelle: 5.21
Miriel: 5.35

Henry and Gerome: 5.39
Lissa: 5.41

Nowi: 5.44
Gaius: 5.57

Eirika: 5.82

Cynthia: 5.97

Severa: 6.12

Alm: 6.17

Tiki: 6.37
Lon'qu: 6.45

Libra: 6.54

Tharja: 6.55

Leif: 6.91

Anna: 6.92

Cherche: 6.98

Olivia: 7.05

Lucina: 7.12
Vaike: 7.18
Frederick: 7.23

Seliph: 7.28
Chrom: 7.98
Panne: 8.11

Prince Marth: 8.12
Stahl: 8.2

Morgan: 8.24
Sully: 8.28
Sumia: 8.35

Micaiah: 8.58
Cordelia: 8.63
Male Avatar: 9.88
Female Avatar: :9.9

Scores with bias

Yen'fay: 1.46

Brady: 1.59

Emmeryn: 1.98

Donnel: 2.06

Flavia: 2.43

Gangrel: 2.77
Virion: 2.94

Basilio: 2.96

Aversa: 3.32

Walhart: 3.87

Roy: 3.92
Ricken: 4.02

Nah: 4.05

Inigo: 4.07

Owain: 4.12

Priam: 4.19

Laurent: 4.23

Noire: 4.68
Gregor: 4.74

Elincia: 4.78

Say'ri: 4.86

Lyn: 4.98
Maribelle: 4.99

Yarne: 5.08

Nowi: 5.19
Miriel: 5.26

Kjelle and Ephraim: 5.39
Lissa 5.56

Eirika: 5.68
Gaius: 5.80

Gerome: 5.84

Henry: 6.01

Tharja: 6.11

Severa: 6.31

Alm: 6.38

Cynthia: 6.45
Lon'qu: 6.67

Tiki: 6.71

Libra: 6.84

Anna: 7.10

Olivia: 7.18
Frederick: 7.23

Lucina: 7.26
Vaike: 7.5

Cherche: 7.56

Leif: 7.63

Seliph: 7.68
Chrom: 7.91

Panne: 8.07
Sully and Morgan: 8.14
Sumia: 8.23

Prince Marth: 8.29
Cordelia: 8.43
Stahl: 8.43

Micaiah: 8.52
Male Avatar: 9.53
Female Avatar: 9.8

For active discussion about the ratings and other things that come up please head over here

Edited by PKL
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Go go go PKL

Libra's awesome. If Lucius was manly, he still wouldn't be able to compete with Libra's badassery.

His growths for the most part are solid, with his STR and MAG going up quite steadily. His combat is pretty decent, but he could be on the slow side if he doesn't gain much SPD. If you find his combat to be lacking, then he makes a pretty awesome staff-bot. Instant physic staff access is pretty sweet, as is rescue staff access.

Overall, good staffbot if his combat is lacking, and if it isn't, he's pretty good.

7/10 seems fair.

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Libra gets some credit for being a healer that doesn't curl on an Enemy Phase. His C Staff is pretty set for Physics and C Axes means he can deal out some decent damage when needed. Bases are fairly solid and has a pretty good class set to choose from(Sorcerer, Sage, Dark Knight). Libra does wear off when he can't keep up with the team stat-wise, but he's still good for staffbotting.

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Libra is her his C rank staff which allows him to use physics right off the bat from Paralogue 2 (if it hasn't already been used up).

His combat is not bad and cant take quite a few hits. But his combat automatically pretty much sucks the moment enemies start doubling him and having him kill enemies will result in painfully slow exp growth.

Aside from that he's an overall great staff user who can last the whole game just by healing and rescuing in the back lines and is a good pair up for Tharja. 8.5/10

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Libra has manly base stats(IIRC ALMOST Twice the total stats of Lissa when she promoted at level 10, which is saying something), and he uses Staff at a solid C Rank, which means Physic at base. Also since he is still a mage, that means no desert punishment, although there are only one desert chapter left which is his own recruitment chapter, and Laurent if you do that.

Unimportant stuff:

That being said, when he joined, if you played rather slowly, Libra make a decent Pair Up fodder thanks to being a pre-promote, he can take in combat himself with a proper Pair Up, one of them being Gaius who appreciates his boost to reach level 10, and Libra can use his boost rather well.

Comes Valm Arc, he can take up some Hammer to kill stuff(well, assuming you have a leftovers Hammer around), and at proper level, he can reclass Sage to target the enemies lolres although he might need some Arms Scrolls to patch up his weapon ranks. However, overtime, Libra’s combat capability might falls off compared to his insane Part 1 performance.

If this is your taste, you CAN reclass him into Sorcerer and go Nosfertank. This is not reccomended thanks to his internal level though

Important Stuff:

Libra is arguably the best Staffbot in the game mainly thanks to his base 8 Range Rescue. Extremely useful in Assassination chapter, and even route to position or save your units.

A good example of this staff utility at works is, for example

- His joining chapter, Rescue Chrom to allow quick recruitment for Tharja and finish map one turn sooner

- The next chapter, to position your flier for faster finish.

- Gangrel, which he essentially have dominance over the Ward Staff for your main combat unit against the mobs.

- Chapter 19 - If you can't do a 1 Turn completion, Libra can Fort/Phys your whole team

- Chapter 21 - need some ferry bot to launch your unit over the other side for a 1 - 2 Turn completion

- Severa Paralogue - Nuff said

Combined with Olivia around, that also means Libra can grow relatively fast by rescue spamming and allowed several quick strategies to be used. And even after Anna joins(one chapter after him), Libra gets the healing share because C Staff, and a lot of time, you need 2 Rescue Bot. Approaching late game, some tricky chapter set ups might need you to use some Deliverer Bot/Cavs to ferry him around, and you can still perform those nifty tricks all the same.

One small, but relatively jarring downside for Libra, however is the fact that Bolt Axe arrived during Chapter 21, while as a comparison, Levin Sword(Anna’s equivalent) arrives at chapter 11 and you get another one from Severa’s paralogue

Basically, right after Libra’s jointime, Libra is IMO the lynchpin of the team, depending on how you played the game.


Bias to 8.3 because hes freaking awesome and is basically PENTWITHAXE

Edited by JSND
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Libra's pretty cool. She's He's a healer with a weapon, and starts off with C staves, meaning physic. Coming as the game's 2nd prepromote, Libra will generally come around a time where units are just starting to promote (level 20 promotes, at least) and unlike fredrick, has the stats to back it up. While Libra's combat may not be stellar, or even be worth using in the later chapters, he makes a solid healer that doesn't have to be watched after and can take a couple hits.

6.5/10 with no bias for 6.5/10

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Am I the only one who thinks Libra is horrible?

His offence is passable until Valm, where I guess he has hammers, but 40HP 11 def or whatever it is on hard mode is really not that great defensively, and it's not growing any time soon what with being a prepremote with mediocre offence. I've never tried second sealing him to an unpromoted magic class, but his speed is really not that great, and staves aren't very good in Awakening.

4/10 nobias

also Lissa Lon'qu and Maribelle are spelled wrong in the bias section of the op

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Combat-wise, he starts off good but he drops off pretty damn fast. Reclassing won't help him since it resets his weapon rank and cripples his exp growth (unless you reclass to unpromoted, which is meh). He has staves, which are nice but as you guys made clear in previous days, staff utility is only so-so in this game.


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Second best rescuer in the game to Anna, but it still says a lot about Libra because there are a lot of rescuebots in this game.

Combat is kinda ehh, and his speed is kinda ehh. That's his stats in a nutshell though: ehh.

Still though, he gives incredible utility and has passable offense, both of which are super cool in my books.


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Libra! My favorite pretty man!



Sorcerer reclass option.

Decent support pool.

Good bases.

Other than Sorcerer, reclass pool is really meh.

Speed is a bit on the bleh side.

I love me some Libra! Hes pretty and a good unit. As a healer, hes got pretty cool bases and junk. He can get with any first gen lady thats not spotpass or Sumia. Wiggy. (who wouldnt want some Libra, right?) As a Monk with Axes, he can spank some dudes who try to ram his pretty face in. Problem is, Libra's speed isnt amazeballs. So he may not dodge without a speed partner. His reclassing options arent fantastic either but he can go Sorcerer. That way he can gain something resembling defense and a lot of offense output.

Thing with Libra, is that his stats and even growths are a little too...balanced. He doesnt seem to excel at anything in particular outside magic and Res. Oh yeah...Res. Libra has MAD Res. Dude can laugh at mages and shit for hella days. Hes just all "lol the gods laugh at you and so do i! What was that? A fart?" Plus hes got some awesome cut in quotes. "I am your omega!" Ooooh shit son. "REPENT, SINNER!" Look out, we have a badass over here!


8/10 Dread Fighter Libra! :P:

Edited by Florina Stark
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I'm having a difficult time deciding here...his combat is decent for a while, but he really is prone to falling off without a lot of help. Healing isn't very special in Hard, so there's not much to say there. Rescue is pretty cool, but I find it difficult to justify a high rating based on that when there are multiple other viable Rescuers, even if only one other comes ready to start. He's another that I think performs better in Lunatic. His skills are nothing special as well.

6.5/10, but this is an odd case where I'd kind of prefer my score to encompass a wider range, like 6-8/10.

EDIT: "Repent, sinner!" is ecstasy.

Edited by Red Fox of Fire
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The androgynous priest is great as a staffbot and a magekiller at the same time. Sadly, his class mostly overlaps so the choice is pretty scarce for him, and he doesn't stood out like others. plus Dark Mage is one of his class sets. Blasphemy!

+1 bias, so 8.5/10. I love me some Libra.

I wish I could add more than 1 bias points...one isn't enough to show my love to him.

Edited by Noire
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Yo, PKL, if you need help on the mod end of things, lemme know!

I mistook Libra for a woman the first time I saw him. He's relatively tanky (for comparison, he's got roughly double Nowi's HP with about the same Defense and whoaRes), and his offense is passable with the Killer Axe he comes with. Unfortunately, outside of his instant utility, he's not going anywhere fast - after his relatively impressive HP growth, his next highest growth is Skill, at 55%. Promoted units also don't gain as much experience as unpromoted units, which works against him. Mage/Dark Mage can take advantage of his Magic, but it'll shove him back at E rank (at least Magic hits at 1-2 range).

7/10 (+1 bias included for being a successful trap)

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Decent starting out, I mean Physic's kinda nice. Except it kind of isn't because you don't really need staves. His stats don't really last into Valm too well unless you stuff some favoritism in.

4.5/10 no bias

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In a way it is your basic prepromote. Best description I could gave him is "Jack of all trades, master of none".

His role is highjacked by Anna, but that doesn't mean a lot.

Good points :

+Great base stats

+ C Staff rank

+ pretty tanky eatly on

Bad points :

- Medium/Mediocre growth

- the shallowest reclass options of every characters (Mage...)

Final Score : 7/10 + 0.5 Bias, because Battle Monk is awesome.

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Libra is awesome. The second she show's up, she's a monk with a killer axe. When you recruit her, you not only acquire this early killer axe, but you also get the best healer of the earlygame. Why? Because Libra starts off with good enough weapon ranks to use a range of staves, is far more durable than Lissa and Maribelle, and can actually hold her own in combat. I consider her to be the best early prepromote in the game because of this, as since you would be using him as your healer, he's bound to get experience his own way, and then you'll probably be reclassing him (his class lines DO intertwine with each other, but at least they offer dark magic and some decent skills) along with everyone else and he'll start getting better. She can heal for more than Anna can, too, so I consider him to be better as a prepromote healer.

As usual, healing isn't the most recquired thing in Awakening, but hell, in the earlygame where wyverns and warriors jump on you 24/7, this guy can still be helpful in more than one way, and is the odd case where she can gain more experience from healing than killing, because that's just how prepromotes are.

7.5/10, though if we're talking bias, 8.5/10, because his backstory is surprisingly deep for who he is, his supports with Virion and Gaius is hilarious, and he's a monk with axes.

On a side note, I've concluded that I also rated Gregor too highly. If we were still rating him, I'd probably lower that to 6 or 6.5.

Edited by The Fush
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* Early-game is above average.

* C Staff means he can immediately be used over Anna for Physic, at least until Anna gets C Staff herself.

* As a promoted staff user, he can be a Rescuebot off the bat. In fact, it makes him the second best staff bot besides Anna, something that should not be overlooked.

* Like Anna, he can immediately fight back once recruited, despite his staff usage.


* Bases, while above average for the earlygame, is below average otherwise.

* Growths are pretty average.

* In the end, he will be about average, performance-wise.

As far as units go, Libra does pretty alright. He joins prepromoted, but his class and magic allows him to replace your previous staffbots right off the bat, and he will be one of your better staffbots too. Latter on, his offense will fall behind, not helped by his average growths, but as a staff user, he can still go into battle and heal and rescue people. All in all, Libra's performance is average all around, but his uses will stay there throughout the whole game.

Rating: 6/10 (No bias. Libra doesn't have anything that make me like him or hate him.)

Libra joins as a staffbot who can fight, though the staffbot part eventually overtakes his offensive contribution, and he is outclassed by a certain someone regarding the former as well. Still, as a staffbot, Libra will do his job well, and he has his advantages, so he will always be useful in that capacity throughout the game.

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Am I the only one who thinks Libra is horrible?

His offence is passable until Valm, where I guess he has hammers, but 40HP 11 def or whatever it is on hard mode is really not that great defensively, and it's not growing any time soon what with being a prepremote with mediocre offence. I've never tried second sealing him to an unpromoted magic class, but his speed is really not that great, and staves aren't very good in Awakening.

4/10 nobias

also Lissa Lon'qu and Maribelle are spelled wrong in the bias section of the op

You're not. Count this as my vote as well.

He seems to start sucking bad after liek 4-5 chapters every single time. I've heard it said that he has some kind of "concrete durability" but if that's concrete durability I think people need to raise their standards.

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You're not. Count this as my vote as well.

He seems to start sucking bad after liek 4-5 chapters every single time. I've heard it said that he has some kind of "concrete durability" but if that's concrete durability I think people need to raise their standards.

Most of this note comes from staff ability, honnestly. Without it, it will be on par with Virion, or Gregor.

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Here goes Libro



C Staff Rank


Dat Resistance

Great father choice for magic childrens


Staves lose their relevancy later on in the game

Pre-promoted unit

Icky luck growths

Needs some tlc to catch up with the rest of the cast late game

Overall: 7.5/10

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Great staff user that can starts out with workable combat. He ends up lagging, but he should carry you through the entire game as your healer (should you choose to use him over Anna)


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Uh wow I think my rating will be a little higher then most on here.

Anyway Libra starts out very good as a prepromoted healer with good base stats. He has the staff utility including the rescue/phsycic stuff and when he joins his combat is very good. Axes and a reasonably good base strength ensures that he hits pretty hard.

His high resistance also makes him the ultimate mage killer. If I remember correctly the magic users in Gangrels chapter don't even damage him, with exception of the sage and hand axes make sure he can always counter them as well.

I just saw the base stats page and it looks like Libra has the best base resistance in the entire game, with the exception of lunatic Tiki. And he joins in chapter 9

After that the party switches over to Valm where Libra still has good combat. Hammers work wonders against the many many knights, generals and great knights and he still destroys enemy mages even though they don't tink him anymore. This is the point where he will greatly appreciate a speed boosting pair up like Gaius though

He will slow down a little after this though. His exp gain is a little low and 14 base strength with 40% growth won't carry him trough the whole game and neither will his speed. Fortunately Libra's reclass options are rather good for the main game. There is a lot of overlapping, but if he goes sage he'll keep his staff rank and his magic is pretty high so he can at least damage someone even with an E rank.

He still has his staff utility when his combat turns unimpressive so he'll remain a valuable unit troughout the entire game.

I don't know if he's actually that good, but I was quite impressed with Libra and thinks he deserves a 9/10 from me.

Edited by Sasori
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