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DLC Skills


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If you have a DLC skill on a unit, regardless of whether or not the receiver has that DLC, it will function.

However, if they do not have the appropriate DLC it will show up as Outrealm Skill, and will be lost if an MU who has it is recruited.

Classes [Dread/Bride] work Similarly, in that they continue to function regardless... appearing as Outrealm Class and using Tactician as their model. An MU in "Outrealm Class" cannot be recruited or added to the logbook of a player who doesn't have the appropriate DLC.

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What really? I was not equipping my streetpass team with DLC skills like Limit Break beacuse I thought it wasn't a popular download.

So all DLC skills function perfectly whether they have the DLC or not, except for the skill icon and recruiting?

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