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The result is:

Lon'qu!Nah!Morgan. Any Avatar Asset/Flaw set will work (I checked, they all have an overall modifier of 3). For this we're using Manakete!Morgan due to the INSANE stat boosts that come from it (+48 overall). So Lon'qu!Nah!Morgan's overall stats as a Manakete (non-LB) are:

HP 80

Str 41

Mag 36

Skill 40

Speed 41

Luck 46

Def 42

Res 41

Which makes for a rating of 287. Then, if you add in the Dragonstone+ boosts and Limit Breaker, you get:

HP 80

Str 62

Mag 52

Skill 55

Speed 55

Luck 56

Def 65

Res 60

Which makes for a rating of 405. Add All Stats + 2 to the mix and you get + 14, so a rating of 419 and the stats being:

HP 80

Str 64

Mag 54

Skill 57

Speed 57

Luck 58

Def 67

Res 62

Now, with two rallybots overall containing every single rally, this goes all the way up to:

HP 80

Str 74

Mag 64

Skill 67

Speed 67

Luck 72

Def 77

Res 72

Which makes for a rating of 493. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. If you use a Tiki's Tear, it goes all the way up to a rating of 507 and the stats being:

HP 80 (well technically 85 but HP isn't counted into rating so who cares)

Str 76

Mag 66

Skill 69

Speed 69

Luck 74

Def 79

Res 74

Now there's still 3 remaining skill slots for Morgan herself. Which means our only choice for actual stat gaining is spamming +2 Skills and also Defender, so let's assume we're doing Str and Def + 2, and let's also take into account Special Dance boosts here, making the stats:

HP 80

Str 81

Mag 69

Skill 70

Speed 70

Luck 75

Def 84

Res 77

And the rating is now 526. Then if you add Barracks surges (let's assume in Speed and Skill)

HP 80

Str 81

Mag 69

Skill 74

Speed 74

Luck 75

Def 84

Res 77

Making the rating 534. Then, if you pair up with a Grandmaster, Paladin, or classes that give pair up boosts like that, you get:

HP 85

Str 88

Mag 76

Skill 81

Speed 81

Luck 78

Def 87

Res 80

Making the final rating 571.

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Any pair up that has 4 Stats [i.E. Grandmaster] where one of the Stats is not Mov will add 37 Rating. Rating wise, this is the highest.

Just to add, although it should be obvious, make sure it's a promoted class/special class with 8 points of stats total. All promoted classes give either +8 stats total or +6 stats +1 mov. But since these boosts are all increased by 1/2 at C&B/A&S support respectively, you want a promoted class with four stats. Off the top of my head, asides from GMaster, there's also Paladin as an option, and I think Dread Fighter as well.

Edit: Also I'm not 100% certain Manakete will necessarily be best. Manakete caps are pretty mediocre IIRC, and while Dragonstone+ bonuses are big, remember that you pass up a +10 stat bonus from Nidhogg/Book of Naga and another +3 from a -faire (compared to a +2 stat). I'm gonna go check class caps, see if it can be beaten (it probably won't, but... you know, certainty and all that).

Edit 2: Yep, Manakete is still the best, beating out Bride by about 16 points (after factoring all bonuses into account)

Edit 3: Don't forget about Barracks bonus either.

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Exact numbers for what, pair up boosts?

For a four stat class, it's total +37 (+3 in three stats, +7 in four stats (dread fighter is same total but slightly different numbers). Four stat classes include Paladin, Grandmaster, War Monk, Manakete, Dread Fighter and Bride).

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I know this is a little old, but I had to share: you can get 10 more (581 total) by adding Pure Water and Ward. Other than that, everything else matches what I calculated too!

I would have NEVER remembered the Barracks bonuses; thanks for that.

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