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Best Way to Grind Safely


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What is the best way to grind safely after chapter 18x? I've been having trouble with the arena abuse because I get critted after a while and have to restart the chapter. My main units are Eliwood, Hector, Marcus (He's low level), Canas, Erk, Priscilla, Guy, Raven, Sain, and Kent.

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Once you have Ninian you can use the Nini's Grace Rescue + Drop trick to Arena Abuse pretty safely.

Use Nini's Grace on someone, have them fight in the arena(with the +10 Def from the Ring) when they win, rescue them, which prevents the +10Def from going away when the turn ends. Next turn, drop them, Dance so they can go to the Arena, rescue them again afterwards.


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i'm trying to think of a situation in which grinding would be necessary in this game

for the most part the enemies scale very little compared to your units

(unless you want link arena in which case carry on)

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There's one in Linus' chapter.

I believe Lloyd's chapter has one as well. Lloyd moves too though. If you have some tanky guys you can have 'em sit on the forts to stop him from getting to you.
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There's a trick to abusing the arena that requires some knowledge of the game's Random Number Generator to explain properly... The gist of it is that they aren't really Random Numbers; it's really an extremely long string of two-digit numbers that seem to be random, but from the beginning of any given chapter, those numbers are fixed. (For simplicity's sake, I'll continue to refer to it as the Random Number Generator, or RNG.) And among other things, those numbers are used to determine the type and level of the opponent that you fight in the arena.

Another thing you should know is that merely entering the arena and not starting the fight does not update your Suspend feature; it is therefore possible to enter the arena, make the wager, see whom you're going to fight, then reset the game before the fight actually starts, and if you resume your suspended game, you'll be right back where you were before you entered the arena.

(Resetting can be done either by turning your system off and on again, or by pressing the A, B, Start, and Select buttons all at once.)

Incidentally, if you then do the exact same thing you did before (enter the arena and make the wager), you'll find that your opponent will be exactly the same, because the RNG is at the exact same "place" that it was at before.

Now, a certain amount of Random Numbers are burned each time you enter the arena, whether you make a wager or not. So if you enter the arena, do not make a wager, enter the arena again, and this time do make a wager, you'll (probably) find yourself pitted against a different opponent. One way to exploit this is to keep making wagers, resetting, entering the arena X times, declining X-1 wagers, accepting the Xth wager... There are other ways to "burn" Random Numbers, but you'll learn about this in time, I'm sure.

The whole point of this is that you can pretty much force the arena to give you an opponent against whom you have Weapon Triangle Advantage. I've found it particularly profitable to pit my sword users against enemy axe users in this way.

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