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Sometimes I really have to copy Rey

Airship Canon

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And while I can't post videos.. I can post a pretty pic.

Of a terrible pairing killing each other.


**** Limit Breakers I have Lethality.

[PS. That team I swear was a trap. I looked at it, and saw the blonde Morgan, saw Lucina and Gerome next to each other on the team list....

And was like, dude paired MU/Lissa, and Lucina/Gerome. (So of course I'm going all out [bring on the Aggressors, Forged weapons, and Rallies!].)... I check his card. MU/Libra!Noire and Severa/Gerome. Unpaired Lucina. Still did an over the top facestomp-- took out the last Streetpass team on that file. Now I can delete it in peace.]

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I'd never willingly let Lucina support Gerome ever again after the first time.

That's like saying I don't ever pair Chrom with Olivia in any playthrough, ever.

Hint: I do.

You're taking this more seriously than I do... that's kind of a bad thing.

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Why is your Lucina not Great Lord

You're hurting my OCD.

Because Dark Flier/Sage. Most OP combo in the game.

lucina/gerome is the only good lucina pairing support-wise, lol

This is an example of the trope "Blatant Lies".

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